Revision history for Perl extension DBIx::Log4perl.

0.26  Wed July 18 2012


  Add DBIX_L4P_LOG_SQL mask and changed DBIx::Log4perl so when
  DBIX_L4P_LOG_SQL | DBIX_L4P_LOG_DELAYBINDPARAM are used together you
  ONLY get SQL and parameters logged.

0.25  Thu July 5 2012

  [Bug Fixes]

  Fixed RT 78226 - clone method takes attribute hash but it was
  not passed on to DBI or logged.

0.24  Fri January 17 2012

  Added a pod entry for dbix_l4p_logmask which I'd accidentally

  Fixed bug in fetch when DBIX_L4P_LOG_OUTPUT was enabled which failed
  to pass the handle to the debug function - thanks to Jimmy Grimberg
  for noticing and giving me enough information to track it down.

0.23  Wed October 13 2010

  Minor tweak to simple test and lib to ensure temporary files are removed
  even if full test not run.

0.22  Mon July 5 2010

  Changed simple.t test to avoid using piped Log::Log4perl::Appender::File
  and use recreate instead.

  Fixed bug in fetchrow_hashref if DBIX_L4P_LOG_OUTPUT was set. Thanks
  to Jimmy Grimberg for spotting this.

0.21  Wed March 3 2010

  I did not have a good day yesterday - lesson to be learnt, do not
  release new versions to cpan late at night. Fixed bug introduced
  whilst attempting to fix rt 55143 (should only effect people using
  execute_array and tuple status).

  Minor pod formatting changes/fixes.

0.20  Tues March 2 2010

  Fix rt 55143 where execute_array was logging array tuple status at
  INFO level instead of DEBUG level. Thanks to Eric Zylberstejn for
  finding the problem and providing the fix.

  Add the DBIX_L4P_LOG_DELAYBINDPARAM constant to delay logging of
  bind_param until execute.

0.19  Tues February 9 2010

  0.18 introduced a bug which stopped the catching and reporting of
  raised errors in DBI.

0.18  Mon January 22 2010

  Minor speedups in bind_param, bind_param_inout and execute methods.
    Thanks to Devel::NYTProf.

  Minor speedups in _unseen_sth.
    Thanks to Devel::NYTProf.

  Fix rt 53755 (fetchrow_array ignoring calling context). Thanks to
  Bill Rios for spotting this and identifying the problem.

  Log attributes passed to the connect call.

  When outputting the result of a selectall_* it didn't show the
  connection number.

  Add support for clone.
  NOTE: This changes introduces incompatibilities from previous
        versions as all attribute names have changed to become lower

0.17  Wed December 9 2009

  Fixed problem with no logging output when upgrading to Log::Log4perl
  1.26 and Perl 5.10.0. Was setting the log level before calling

0.16  Thur October 1 2009

  Fixed rt50134 reported with a fix by David Gasson. The get_info method
  was not returning the value it got from the driver.

0.15  Wed June 24 2009

  Added the DBIx_l4p_ignore_err_regexp attribute.

0.14  Tues March 24 2009

  Fixed a few small bugs in SYNOPSIS section.

  Added logging of CallBacks existence in the error handler
  log the db::STORE method (when we can)

  Small optimisation in the way _unseen_sth is used in

  When outputting the ParamValues in the error handler they were
  sorted on parameter name which is confusing since the parameter 10
  (or :p10) comes after 1 (or :p1). Changed the output to name the
  parameter market as well.

0.13  Thur November 6 2008

  Fixed bug in last_insert_id which was missing the level argument
  leading to various errors when logging last_insert_id.

  After looking at DBIx::Log4perl usage from an application I use
  through Devel::NYTProf I have reduced the time spent in
  DBIx::Log4perl a little.

  Fixed a few typos in the pod - thanks to Will Sheppard.

  Some time in the past the connect log message lost the ',' between
  the DSN and the username.

  Many tweaks to the pod.

  Now sets Data::Dumper::Quotekeys to 0 to avoid quoting hash keys
  when using Data::Dumper for log output.

  The logging of execute method calls now includes the SQL if execute
  was called with parameters.

0.12  Thur July 17 2008

  Code added to 0.11 to show statement number does not handle the
  selectrow_xxx and selectall_xxx methods when called with an already
  prepared statement handle. It does now.

  DBIx::Log4perl::st::bind_param log output was missing a closing
  bracket and also missing the connection number.

  The DBIx::Log4perl error handler did not cope with the fact that
  some statements (those magicked into existence by DBD::Oracle using
  ORA_RSET i.e., a cursor returned from a function or procedure) do
  not have any recorded SQL. This led to use of unitialised value in

  Fix finish method bug when used on a statement handle returned as
  an output bound parameter in DBD::Oracle. The log handle was not
  always set (see notes on similar fix in 0.11) which can lead to
  unitialised value errors.

0.11  Thur April 17 2008

  DBIx::Log4perl did not support the use of statement handles returned
  as output bound parameters in DBD::Oracle because it had not seen
  them created and hence had not injected the log handle into them.

  DBIx::Log4perl was changed to only retrieve Oracle dbms_output if
  the logging handle has debug enabled but unfortunately it was
  continuing to enable dbms_output regardless of logging mode. As a
  result, once dbms_output was enabled, the Oracle dbms_output buffer
  starts filling and once full your procedures die.

  DBIx::Log4perl no longer sets $Log::Log4perl::caller_depth to 2 in the
  BEGIN because the depth depends on the method you are in. Instead
  Log::Log4perl::caller_depth is set in each method.

  Database methods and statement methods are now logged with one or more
  numbers (in brackets) indicating which connection or statement handle
  is being used. e.g.,

  DEBUG - connect(0): DBI:CSV:
  DEBUG - connect(1): DBI:CSV:
  DEBUG - connect(2): DBI:CSV:
  DEBUG - do(0): 'drop table fred'
  DEBUG - prepare(0.3): 'insert into fred (id, name) values(?,?)'
  DEBUG - $execute_array(0.3) = [undef,1,'one'];
  DEBUG - $bind_param_array(0.3) = [1,1];
  DEBUG - $bind_param_array(0.3) = [2,'one'];
  DEBUG - finish(0.3)

  which shows 3 connections numbered 0, 1 and 2 and the prepare etc
  methods are all called in connection 0 using statement 3 i.e.,
  where there is one number it is a connection and where there are
  two e.g., (0.3), the first is the connection and the second the

  A modest speed up when using DBIx::Log4perl and some categories of
  logging are disabled.

  Connect method could use uninitialised dsn/user if they are not set
  in the connect call e.g. DBI:CSV:

0.10  Tues January 29 2008

  The disconnect code was not checking that our private handle in the
  dbh was valid before using it to log a disconnect message. It was also
  not checking the logger handle was valid.

  In execute_array protect against concatenating a possible undef in
  the log message.

  Changed BEGIN in DBIx::Log4perl to set Log::Log4perl::caller_depth to 2
  so that when Log4perl logs where the message was output it ignores the
  lowest 2 levels of the stack which are probably DBIx::Log4perl - thanks
  to Michael Scoltock for pointing that out. If you really want the original
  behavior do a $Log::Log4perl::caller_depth = 0 after connecting.

  If DBIX_L4P_LOG_DBDSPECIFIC was enabled the execute method could
  make a lot of calls to DBD::Oracle's dbms_output_get method even
  though logging was not enabled.

  Minor change to _dbix_l4p_debug to speed it up when logging is not

  In DBIx::Log4perl::st::execute speed it up when debug logging is
  disabled, DBIX_L4P_LOG_DBDSPECIFIC is enabled and we are using

  Do not output any log for Oracle dbms_output before checking we
  got some.

0.09  Fri February 23 2007

  Dump to 0.09.

  Add new DBIX_L4P_LOG_DBDSPECIFIC constant and add it to the default logging.
  If DBIX_L4P_LOG_DBDSPECIFIC is set (it is by default) and the driver is
  DBD::Oracle then enable dbms_output.
  Change the statement execute method to retrieve DBD::Oracle dbms_output
  buffer and write to the log file under DEBUG level.

  Change some dies to croaks where we want the error to be reported in
  the application's context - e.g. wrong number of args passed in.

  In execute method fix a small bug using logical and instead of
  bitwise and to check whether we are logging errors.

  In bind_param_inout, don't log if the caller is DBD::something as
  this is an internal call from a DBD e.g. when you call
  func('dbms_output_get') in DBD::Oracle it prepares/executes and bind
  parameters and we don't want this logged.

0.08  Fri September 1 2006

  Bump to 0.08.

  Fix minor bug in pod "$dbh - DBIx::Log4perl->connect(..." should
  be "=" not "-".

  Fix bug in pod with DBIx_l4p_class.

  In execute_array handle case where it does not insert/update anything
  so we report the number of affected rows as 0.

  In execute_array we add an ArrayTupleStatus if one was no provided so
  the later code which looks for ArrayTupleStatus being set is redundant.

  Further fixes to execute_array due to misreading the DBI
  specification. execute_array returns undef for error or the number
  of tuples executed.  DBIx::Log4perl was incorrectly assuming the
  execute_array return was the number of affected rows. NOTE most DBDs
  don't return the correct values anyway - see note in

  Added support for new array context supporting execute_array to be
  added in DBI 1.53.

  Fix bug in Makefile.PL causing DBI_PASS to be ignored during testing.

  Default test table to "drop_me_dbixl4p"

  Disable PrintError in simple.t when test table is being dropped in
  case it does not exist.

  Log ArrayTupleStatus in execute_array calls.

  Fix issue 23500. File::Spec::tmpdir might not return a
  directory on Windows. Test before attempting to use it.

0.07  Tues July 25 2006

  Fix bug in execute_array which did not handle scalars in parameter
  list for execute array. e.g.

	        \@p1_list, # OK
	        $p2 # was not handled properly

  Added support to execute_array to automatically add an
  ArrayTupleStatus if one was not specified so DBIx::Log4perl can log
  errors in execute_array.

  Fixed bug in execute_array where comparison with logging mask
  was && instead of &.

  Fixed bug in execute_array which did not handle passing undef
  attributes as first argument to execute_array.

  Added missing support for finish method in DBI.

  Added missing support for prepare_cached method in DBI.

  Added missing support for get_info method in DBI.

0.06  Fri Jun 23 2006

  Added example captured error and description to POD.

  Fix problem where attribute DBIx_l4p_logmask was not documented
  properly and was not acted upon.

  execute_array was logging errors even when not asked to.

  Fix problem where error handler was not put in place unless some
  attributes are passed in the connect method.

  Fix unitialised string in ne in the do method if the do method in
  the driver failed.

  Changes to Captured error output:
    reformatted to be more readable
    differentiate DBI::lasth Statement from SQL on other handles
    Collect sub statements off and dbh and output any values and
      ParamValues at the end.
    Fix bug dereferencing Statement from private__DBIx_Log4perl handle
      instead of the dbh.
    Add Kids and ActiveKids output
    ParamValues for some methods where the statement was already
      destroyed e.g. a failed do, were not output in the captured
      error because they were not saved.

  Change error handler to display true number of sub statements
  (ChildHandles) under a dbh instead of the index of the last child
  handle i.e. show 0 not -1 for none. Add missing newline in output.

  Avoid problem in global cleanup with
  "(in cleanup) Can't call method "FETCH" on an undefined value" message
  when disconnect not called.

  Avoid logging of do method calls showing prepare/execute and affected

0.05  Fri Jun 16 2006

  Fixed a few typos in the pod.

  Fixed bug in DBIx::Log4perl::prepare which was causing a non-Null
  statement handle to be returned when the driver's prepare method
  failed. When this handle was then used to execute a statement
  DBI would spot it was not a proper handle and complain with:

    dbih_getcom handle HASH(0x8c995d8) is not a DBI handle (has no magic)
    at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/DBIx/Log4perl/ line 61

  and you might have seen something like the following on stderr for
  your Perl application:

    SV = RV(0x89a8e70) at 0x8e19950
    REFCNT = 1
    RV = 0x8c995d8

  Fixed issue in the error handler which does not handle ParamValues
  hash keys having undefined values.

  Fixed issue in _dbix_l4p_debug which was stopping calls to
  $sth->execute without any arguments being logged.

  Fixed typo in test skipped message in simple.t

0.04  Sun May 21 2006

  Additional tests mentioned in 0.03 omitted from MANIFEST

  Add requirement on Test::more 0.62 because we are using
  Test::Mores' BAIL_OUT.

  Updated README to include instructions on defining your database

0.03  Sat May 20 2006

  If a statement is executed with $sth->execute and it changes rows
  then log the affected rows.

  Added more tests and support for setting DB login details.

0.02  Mon Apr 24 2006

  Internal error handler changes:
    The message passed to the internal error handler was never written to
      the log file.
    The $dbi Statement attribute was not being logged to the log file

  Add new dbix_l4p_logdie method

  README changes

  Don't output "execute: undef" is execute is called with no args,
  just output "execute:"

  Add $DBI::lasth->{Type} and $DBI::lasth->{Statement} output to

  When do called, save SQL in Statement. This is because if an app
  calls do for an insert/update/delete and the operation succeeds (in
  DBI terms) BUT the app knows it has logically failed (e.g. inserted
  0 rows when it expected 1) the app may call dbix_l4p_logdie and we
  want the SQL to be visible.

0.01  Mon Apr  3 16:10:52 2006
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-A -X --compat-version=5.8.4 --use-new-tests -v 0.01 -n DBIx::Log4perl