Version 0.88
	* Fixed to work with MySQL 5.0.45

Version 0.87

* Added isPrintable();
* replaced call to mysql_change_db() which changed its arguments with a call to thd->set_db();

Version 0.86

* Updated mysqld options to reduce cache sizes, memory footprint drops to 13 megabytes;
* Fixed bug where strings containing ascii NULL characters were not handled properly;
* set() and new() methods are available for Item-s;
* Added tests case for item creation and modification;
* Added more new() constructors for items and a test in items.t
* Table aliases are not printed if identical to table name
* Added --read_only to the list of default libmysqld options
* Cleaned up /examples and removed .pl scripts from root dir
* Fixed memory leak in nested joins

Version 0.85

* Autogenerated column alias are no longer returned to the caller, only genuine "AS alias" are.

* SQL_CACHE takes precedence over SQL_NO_CACHE when print()-ing a query, because SQL_NO_CACHE may be added automatically
by MySQL and in this case must be overridden by aSQL_CACHE option in the actual query.

* Made note in the documentation that SQL_NO_CACHE can appear even if it was not specifed in the SQL, if the SQL contains
uncachable constructs.

Version 0.84

* Fixed massive memory leak

Version 0.83

* Fixed massive memory leak

Please see for a complete change history