1.858 13 May 2022

   * Update to license wording
      Fri May 13 07:50:35 2022 +0100

1.857 25 February 2022

   * Silence gcc12 'empty-body' warning

1.856 22 June 2021

   * Ensure that all *.bak files are cleaned up

1.855 13 October 2020

   * Stop shipping DB_File_BS for the NeXT operating system.

1.854 16 September 2020

   * Prefer direct notation over indirect (#4)

   * Make hint/BS snippets strict compliant.

   * trim whitespace

1.853 5 January 2020

   * Memory leak if ParseOpenInfo calls croak_and_free

   * Add Address Sanatizer suppressions file

   * Add prereq test

   * Documemtation updates

   * clang warning in ppport.h
     update to latest ppport.h

   * #125853 - RT links in Changes file are wrong
     Changes entry for 1.842 has both CPAN & Perl RT links.
     Use the full URL to avoid ambiguity.

1.852 21 April 2019

   * ParseOpenInfo() leaks if it croaks
     DB_File_type memory not freed when ParseOpenInfo croaks.

   * Fix whitespace in DB_File.xs

1.851 4 April Feb 2019

   * Fix typo in MANIFEST with .travis.yml file

1.850 10 Feb 2019

   * Added source to github

   * Added .travis.yml

   * Added t/meta-json.t & t/meta-yaml.t

1.843 2 November 2018

   * hints file (sourced from
     Highlighed by Sevan Janiyan <venture37@geeklan.co.uk>


1.842 14 July 2018

   * Document the MaocOS build failures & how MacPort can work around the issue.

   * Write all test db files into a directory created by File::Temp
     Protects against any possible races if running a parallel build.

   * #96357: DB_File destructor is not thread-safe
     Added CLONE_SKIP to DB_File.pm and included the test db-threads.t from the patch.
     Note - This only works with perl >= 5.8.7

1.841 2 Apr 2018

   * #124944 allow ppport.h-less builds in core

1.840 29 Dec 2016

   * #119569: Failed to install DB_File-1.839 into Linux

1.839 29 Dec 2016

   * #119557: DB_File.xs: unused-parameter warnings
   * #107642: unused arg

1.838 15 May 2016

   * #101342: R_SETCURSOR compiler warning
     #111726: Coverity finding: flagSet() test always false

1.837 9 Jan 2016

   * DB_File: database UTF-8 documentation
     RT #110248

   * Coverity finding: status variable ignored multiple times
     RT #111725

1.836 6 Jan 2016

   * Confirm build with BDB 6.2

1.835 23 Dec 2014

   * Silence more compiler warnings

1.834 11 Dec 2014

   * Makefile.PL: version check is missing a zero
     RT #100844

1.833 9 Dec 2014

   * More Silence compiler warnings

   * 1.832 breaks bleadperl C89 build
     RT #100812

1.832 8 Dec 2014

   * Silence compiler warnings

   * #96126: build failure in blead

   * C++ change from blead

1.831 15 November 2013

   * C99 comment is a nogo
     RT #90383

1.830 2 November 2013

   * Memory leaks when failed to open db
     RT #89589

   * DB_File uses AutoLoader for no reason
     RT #88258

1.829 7 July 2013

   * make realclean: removing all files
     RT #68214

   * Documented the issue where the error below

        BDB0588 At least one secondary cursor must be specified to DB->join

   * DB_File installs to wrong place for CPAN version
     RT #70420
     Makefile.PL prevents INSTALLDIRS on command line.
     RT #68287: Makefile.PL prevents INSTALLDIRS on command line.

   * typo fix
     RT #85335

1.828 7 May 2013

   * Minor change to build with Berkeley DB 6.x

1.827 25 Jan 2012

   * DB_File.pm - Don't use "@_" construct
     [RT #79287]

1.826 25 Jan 2012

   * t/db-btree.t - fix use of "length @array"
     [RT #74336]

1.825 24 Jan 2012

   * t/db-btree.t - fix use of "length @array"
     [RT #74336]

1.824 6 Aug 2011

   * Amendments to tests to work in blead
     [RT #70108]

1.823 6 Aug 2011

   * croak if attempt to freeze/thaw DB_File object
     [RT #69985]

1.822 12 March 2011

   * Link rot
     [rt.cpan.org #68739]

1.822 12 March 2011

   * Keep DB_File's warnings in sync with perl's
     [rt.cpan.org #66339]

1.821 10 January 2011

   * Fixed typos & spelling errors.
     [perl #81792]

1.820 28 March 2009

   * remove MAN3PODS from Makefile.PL to match core.

1.819 18 February 2009

   * t/db-recno.t fails if run in a path that contains spaces
     [rt.cpan.org #43288]

1.818 21 January 2009

   * Updated Makefile.PL for Strawberry Perl.
     Patch suggested by David Golden.

   * Remove IRIX notes from README. The page referenced doesn't exist

1.817 27 March 2008

   * Updated dbinfo

   * Applied core patch 32299 - Re-apply change #30562

   * Applied core patch 32208

   * Applied core patch 32884 - use MM->parse_version() in Makefile.PL

   * Applied core patch 32883 -  Silence new warning grep in void context warning

   * Applied core patch 32704 to remove use of PL_na in typemap

   * Applied core patch 30562 to fix a build issue on OSF

1.816 28 October 2007

   * Clarified the warning about building with a different version of
     Berkeley DB that is used at runtime.

   * Also made the boot version check less strict.
     [rt.cpan.org #30013]

1.815 4 February 2007

   * A few casting cleanups for building with C++ from Steve Peters.

   * Fixed problem with recno which happened if you changed directory after
     opening the database. Problem reported by Andrew Pam.

1.814 11 November 2005

   * Fix from Dominic Dunlop to tidy up an OS-X specific warning in

   * Silenced a warning about $DB_File::Error only being used once.
     Issue spotted by Dominic Dunlop.

1.813 31st October 2005

   * Updates for Berkeley DB 4.4

1.812 9th October 2005

   * Added libscan to Makefile.PL

   * Fixed test failing under windows

1.811 12th March 2005

   * Fixed DBM filter bug in seq

1.810 7th August 2004

   * Fixed db-hash.t for Cygwin

   * Added substr tests to db-hast.t

   * Documented AIX build problem in README.

1.809 20th June 2004

   * Merged core patch 22258

   * Merged core patch 22741

   * Fixed core bug 30237.
     Using substr to pass parameters to the low-level Berkeley DB interface
     causes problems with Perl 5.8.1 or better.
     typemap fix supplied by Marcus Holland-Moritz.

1.808 22nd December 2003

   * Added extra DBM Filter tests.

   * Fixed a memory leak in ParseOpenInfo, which whould occur if the
     opening of the database failed. Leak spotted by Adrian Enache.

1.807 1st November 2003

   * Fixed minor typos on pod documentation - reported by Jeremy Mates &
     Mark Jason Dominus.

   * dbinfo updated to report when a database is encrypted.

1.806 22nd October 2002

   * Fixed problem when trying to build with a multi-threaded perl.

   * Tidied up the recursion detection code.

   * merged core patch 17844 - missing dTHX declarations.

   * merged core patch 17838

1.805 1st September 2002

   * Added support to allow DB_File to build with Berkeley DB 4.1.X

   * Tightened up the test harness to test that calls to untie don't generate
     the "untie attempted while %d inner references still exist" warning.

   * added code to guard against calling the callbacks (compare,hash & prefix)

   * passing undef for the flags and/or mode when opening a database could cause
     a "Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry" warning. Now silenced.

   * DBM filter code beefed up to cope with read-only $_.

1.804 2nd June 2002

   * Perl core patch 14939 added a new warning to "splice". This broke the
     db-recno test harness. Fixed.

   * merged core patches 16502 & 16540.

1.803 1st March 2002

   * Fixed a problem with db-btree.t where it complained about an "our"
     variable redeclaration.

   * FETCH, STORE & DELETE don't map the flags parameter into the
     equivalent Berkeley DB function anymore.

1.802 6th January 2002

   * The message about some test failing in db-recno.t had the wrong test
     numbers. Fixed.

   * merged core patch 13942.

1.801 26th November 2001

   * Fixed typo in Makefile.PL

   * Added "clean" attribute to Makefile.PL

1.800 23rd November 2001

   * use pport.h for perl backward compatibility code.

   * use new  ExtUtils::Constant module to generate XS constants.

   * upgrade Makefile.PL upgrade/downgrade code to toggle "our" with
     "use vars"

1.79 22nd October 2001

   * Added a "local $SIG{__DIE__}" inside the eval that checks for
     the presence of XSLoader s suggested by Andrew Hryckowin.

   * merged core patch 12277.

   * Changed NEXTKEY to not initialise the input key. It isn't used anyway.

1.79 22nd October 2001

   * Fixed test harness for cygwin

1.78 30th July 2001

   * the test in Makefile.PL for AIX used -plthreads. Should have been

   * merged Core patches
        10372, 10335, 10372, 10534, 10549, 10643, 11051, 11194, 11432

   * added documentation patch regarding duplicate keys from Andrew Johnson

1.77 26th April 2001

   * AIX is reported to need -lpthreads, so Makefile.PL now checks for
     AIX and adds it to the link options.

   * Minor documentation updates.

   * Merged Core patch 9176

   * Added a patch from Edward Avis that adds support for splice with
     recno databases.

   * Modified Makefile.PL to only enable the warnings pragma if using perl
     5.6.1 or better.

1.76 15th January 2001

   * Added instructions for using LD_PRELOAD to get Berkeley DB 2.x to work
     with DB_File on Linux. Thanks to Norbert Bollow for sending details of
     this approach.

1.75 17th December 2000

   * Fixed perl core patch 7703

   * Added support to allow DB_File to be built with Berkeley DB 3.2 --
     btree_compare, btree_prefix and hash_cb needed to be changed.

   * Updated dbinfo to support Berkeley DB 3.2 file format changes.

1.74 10th December 2000

   * A "close" call in DB_File.xs needed parenthesised to stop win32 from
     thinking it was one of its macros.

   * Updated dbinfo to support Berkeley DB 3.1 file format changes.

   * DB_File.pm & the test hasness now use the warnings pragma (when

   * Included Perl core patch 7703 -- size argument for hash_cb is different
     for Berkeley DB 3.x

   * Included Perl core patch 7801 -- Give __getBerkeleyDBInfo the ANSI C

   * @a = () produced the warning 'Argument "" isn't numeric in entersub'
     This has been fixed. Thanks to Edward Avis for spotting this bug.

   * Added note about building under Linux. Included patches.

   * Included Perl core patch 8068 -- fix for bug 20001013.009
     When run with warnings enabled "$hash{XX} = undef " produced an
     "Uninitialized value" warning. This has been fixed.

1.73 31st May 2000

   * Added support in version.c for building with threaded Perl.

   * Berkeley DB 3.1 has reenabled support for null keys. The test
     harness has been updated to reflect this.

1.72 16th January 2000

   * Added hints/sco.pl

   * The module will now use XSLoader when it is available. When it
     isn't it will use DynaLoader.

   * The locking section in DB_File.pm has been discredited. Many thanks
     to David Harris for spotting the underlying problem, contributing
     the updates to the documentation and writing DB_File::Lock (available
     on CPAN).

1.71 7th September 1999

   * Fixed a bug that prevented 1.70 from compiling under win32

   * Updated to support Berkeley DB 3.x

   * Updated dbinfo for Berkeley DB 3.x file formats.

1.70 4th August 1999

   * Initialise $DB_File::db_ver and $DB_File::db_version with
     GV_ADD|GV_ADDMULT -- bug spotted by Nick Ing-Simmons.

   * Added a BOOT check to test for equivalent versions of db.h &

1.69 3rd August 1999

   * fixed a bug in push -- DB_APPEND wasn't working properly.

   * Fixed the R_SETCURSOR bug introduced in 1.68

   * Added a new Perl variable $DB_File::db_ver

1.68 22nd July 1999

   * Merged changes from 5.005_58

   * Fixed a bug in R_IBEFORE & R_IAFTER processing in Berkeley DB
     2 databases.

   * Added some of the examples in the POD into the test harness.

1.67 6th June 1999

   * Added DBM Filter documentation to DB_File.pm

   * Fixed DBM Filter code to work with 5.004

   * A few instances of newSVpvn were used in 1.66. This isn't available in
     Perl 5.004_04 or earlier. Replaced with newSVpv.

1.66 15th March 1999

   * Added DBM Filter code

1.65 6th March 1999

   * Fixed a bug in the recno PUSH logic.
   * The BOOT version check now needs 2.3.4 when using Berkeley DB version 2

1.64 21st February 1999

   * Tidied the 1.x to 2.x flag mapping code.
   * Added a patch from Mark Kettenis <kettenis@wins.uva.nl> to fix a flag
     mapping problem with O_RDONLY on the Hurd
   * Updated the message that db-recno.t prints when tests 51, 53 or 55 fail.

1.63 19th December 1998

   * Fix to allow DB 2.6.x to build with DB_File
   * Documentation updated to use push,pop etc in the RECNO example &
     to include the find_dup & del_dup methods.

1.62 30th November 1998

   Added hints/dynixptx.pl.
   Fixed typemap -- 1.61 used PL_na instead of na

1.61 19th November 1998

   Added a note to README about how to build Berkeley DB 2.x when
   using HP-UX.
   Minor modifications to get the module to build with DB 2.5.x
   Fixed a typo in the definition of O_RDONLY, courtesy of Mark Kettenis.

   Changed the test to check for full tied array support

   Updated the license section.

   Berkeley DB 2.4.10 disallows zero length keys. Tests 32 & 42 in
   db-btree.t and test 27 in db-hash.t failed because of this change.
   Those tests have been zapped.

   Added dbinfo to the distribution.

   Tied Array support was enhanced in Perl 5.004_57. DB_File now

   Fixed a problem with the use of sv_setpvn. When the size is
   specified as 0, it does a strlen on the data.  This was ok for DB
   1.x, but isn't for DB 2.x.

   If Perl has been compiled with Threads support,the symbol op will be
   defined. This clashes with a field name in db.h, so it needs to be
   #undef'ed before db.h is included.

   Documented the Solaris 2.5 mutex bug

   Merged 1.16 changes.


   Fixed a small bug in the test harness when run under win32
   The emulation of fd when useing DB 2.x was busted.


   Added DB_RENUMBER to flags for recno.


   Patch from Nick Ing-Simmons now allows DB_File to build on NT.
   Merged 1.15 patch.


    Fixed the test harness so that it doesn't expect DB_File to have
    been installed by the main Perl build.

    Fixed a bug in mapping 1.x O_RDONLY flag to 2.x DB_RDONLY equivalent


    DB_File can now build with either DB 1.x or 2.x, but not both at
    the same time.


   A harmless looking tab was causing Makefile.PL to fail on AIX 3.2.5

    Small fix for the AIX strict C compiler XLC which doesn't like
    __attribute__ being defined via proto.h and redefined via db.h. Fix
    courtesy of Jarkko Hietaniemi.


    Patch from Gisle Aas <gisle@aas.no> to suppress "use of undefined
    value" warning with db_get and db_seq.

    Patch from Gisle Aas <gisle@aas.no> to make DB_File export only the
    O_* constants from Fcntl.

    Removed the DESTROY method from the DB_File::HASHINFO module.

    Previously DB_File hard-wired the class name of any object that it
    created to "DB_File". This makes sub-classing difficult. Now
    DB_File creats objects in the namespace of the package it has been
    inherited into.


    Made it illegal to tie an associative array to a RECNO database and
    an ordinary array to a HASH or BTREE database.


    Minor changes to DB_FIle.xs and DB_File.pm


    Documented the incompatibility with version 2 of Berkeley DB.


    Documented the untie gotcha.


    Fixed fd method so that it still returns -1 for in-memory files
    when db 1.86 is used.


    Minor bug fix in DB_File::HASHINFO, DB_File::RECNOINFO and

    Changed default mode to 0666.


    Documented operation of bval.


    Fixed bug with RECNO, where bval wasn't defaulting to "\n".


    Minor namespace cleanup: Localized PrintBtree.


    Made all scripts in the documentation strict and -w clean.

    Added logic to DB_File.xs to allow the module to be built after
    Perl is installed.


    Minor documentation changes.

    Fixed a bug in hash_cb. Patches supplied by Dave Hammen,

    Fixed a bug with the constructors for DB_File::HASHINFO,
    DB_File::BTREEINFO and DB_File::RECNOINFO. Also tidied up the
    constructors to make them -w clean.

    Reworked part of the test harness to be more locale friendly.


    Documentation update.

    DB_File now imports the constants (O_RDWR, O_CREAT etc.) from Fcntl

    The standard hash function exists is now supported.

    Modified the behavior of get_dup. When it returns an associative
    array, the value is the count of the number of matching BTREE


    Merged OS/2 specific code into DB_File.xs

    Removed some redundant code in DB_File.xs.

    Documentation update.

    Allow negative subscripts with RECNO interface.

    Changed the default flags from O_RDWR to O_CREAT|O_RDWR.

    The example code which showed how to lock a database needed a call
    to sync added. Without it the resultant database file was empty.

    Added get_dup method.


    Fixed a core dump problem with SunOS.

    The return value from TIEHASH wasn't set to NULL when dbopen
    returned an error.


    DB_File has been in use for over a year. To reflect that, the
    version number has been incremented to 1.0.

    Added complete support for multiple concurrent callbacks.

    Using the push method on an empty list didn't work properly. This
    has been fixed.


    Added prototype support for multiple btree compare callbacks.


    When DB_File is opening a database file it no longer terminates the
    process if dbopen returned an error. This allows file protection
    errors to be caught at run time. Thanks to Judith Grass
    <grass@cybercash.com> for spotting the bug.


    First Release.