Revision history for Dancer-Plugin-SimpleCRUD 

1.16    2018-10-25
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Support for using Dancer::Plugin::DBIC for database connections
        - Support ENUM types under DBD::MariaDB (thefatphil)

1.15    2018-05-06
        [ SECURITY ]
        - Some calls to _ensure_auth() were previously incorrect, meaning that
          certain routes were not actually protected by the `auth` option.
          See PR #109 for full details.  Any users of D::P::SimpleCRUD who use
          the auth option to require a login / certain roles to access it are
          urged to upgrade immediately.  Also, sorry.

1.14    2017-05-22
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - Fix double prefixes when Dancer prefix is in effect (GH-36) (bigpresh)

1.13    2017-05-21
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - Allow editing record 0 (GH-100) (bigpresh)
        - Edit handler now throws 404 if asked to edit non-existent record,
          rather than just empty form (bigpresh)

1.12    2017-02-12
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Add support for sql 'like' searches (joshrabinowitz)

1.11    2016-11-17
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Add column_class feature to specify CSS classes for custom_columns

1.10    2016-10-28
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Add search options for Less Than, Less Than or Equal To, 
          Greater Than, and Greater Than or Equal To (joshrabinowitz)
        - Searches default to equality test of key_column (joshrabinowitz)
        - /widgets/add?field=value sets field value in form (joshrabinowitz)
        - Improved tests check html generated from sqlite (joshrabinowitz)
        - Update dependency versions in Makefile.PL (joshrabinowitz)
        - Allow records to be editable and not addable, and vice-versa 
        - New hooks: delete_row_pre_delete, delete_row_post_delete 
        - Allow display of any column to be customised, and allow customised
          columns based on DB columns to be sortable (based on the raw value in
          the DB)  (joshrabinowitz)

        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - EXLOCK => 0 when creating temp file for SQLite DB tests - to avoid
          test failures on *BSD systems (Issue #80, thanks to eserte)

1.00    2016-09-05
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Allow where_filter to be a coderef, for runtime determination
          of criteria
        - Better document hook support & other doc improvements
        - where_filter extended to cover other routes
        - CSS classes on tables (jackson-tim)
        - custom_columns can now be ordered
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - avoid accidental URL injections (joshrabinowitz)
        - Require CGI::FormBuilder 3.10 to avoid uninitialized
          var warnings (joshrabinowitz)

0.99    2016-08-11
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Add where_filter option, for easy display and 
        editing of subsets of tables.  (joshrabinowitz)

0.98    2016-07-26
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - allow searching for 0 (joshrabinowitz)
        - improve search descriptions (joshrabinowitz)
        - make searchtype option menu stick (joshrabinowitz)
        - basic tests (joshrabinowitz)

0.97    2016-07-23
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Allow for searching on non-alphanumerics (joshrabinowitz)
        - Add support for Does Not Contain / Does Not Equal searches 
        - Show query in search box in search results (joshrabinowitz)
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - More careful about url/html injections (joshrabinowitz)

0.96    2016-07-22
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - Fix uninitialized value errors when re-sorting and downloading
          searches (joshrabinowitz)
        - less cryptic error message when you specify a non-existent table
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - view route (/prefix/view/:id) (msouth)

0.95    2016-07-21
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - Fix uninitialized value errors when paginating searches
        - Fix issue with markup in POD (joshrabinowitz)
        - Disallows expansion of sprintf format strings in urls.

0.94    2015-07-30
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Note that you should provide your DB config to D::P::D - as a result
          of confusion of a newbie on IRC - thanks for letting me see that the
          instructions just assumed that point was obvious, when it wasn't

0.93    2014-10-29
        [ SECURITY ]
        - Don't repeat search queries back to the browser without escaping, for
          that way lies XSS.

0.92    2014-03-06
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - Make the key_column feature work properly.  Thanks to tobyink on IRC -
          we referred to params->{$key_column} which worked by accident if your
          key column was 'id' (default), but if you'd changed it, it wouldn't
          match the 'id' param from the route.  Also, be more robust about
          looking for params from the desired source.

0.91    2013-07-25
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - New hooks: add_edit_row_pre_save, add_edit_row_post_save (msouth)

        - Foreign keys can now point to a field in the same table (msouth) 
        - Selects can now derive optgroups from acceptable_values  (msouth)
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - Added uri_for() around _construct_url() calls that go to browsers
          (helps with Plack::Builder-mounting of apps at prefix).  Use
          use_old_url_scheme: 1 in plugin config if you want the old 
          behavior (msouth)
        - Foreign key join is now left join (helps with nullable foreign keys) (msouth)

0.90    2013-05-04
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - A few places missed using the Dancer prefix that may have been in
          force at time of route creation, thanks to chenlin rao for reporting
        - Let the user supply default values for fields (msouth)
        - Fix bugs causing dependence on D::P::A::E even when not configured to
          use auth (msouth)

0.80    2012-12-12 - the Michael J South release
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - New custom_columns feature, allowing you to transform columns on the
          fly using HTML::Table::Database transformations - thanks to Michael
          (msouth) for contributing this, and sorry it took so long to merge!

0.71   2012-12-06 - the Rahul Kotamaraju release
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - Handle Dancer prefix setting changing after simple_crud() is called
          (reported by Rahul Kotamaraju in RT #73620)
        - Work properly with named database handle - previously, if you supplied
          a named DB connection to use, it would be used in some places but not
          everywhere - there were some naked database->... calls without the
          connection name passed.  This was also reported by Rahul in RT #73620
          - thanks to Rahul for the reports, and sorry the RT ticket sat unseen
            for so long!

0.70    2012-11-28
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Add new add_edit_row hook which fires just before a row is
          added/edited, so the data can be modified if desired.  Thanks to Rene
          on IRC for the idea.  (More hooks planned in future versions.)

0.61    2012-07-19
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - Fix issue with UTF-8 in the POD

0.60    2012-06-22
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Update example app to demonstrate the new basic foreign key support
          added in the last evrsion

        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - Bug fixes to prevent fiery explosions in certain circumstances when
          the JOIN for foreign key values results in ambiguous column names

0.50    2012-02-05
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - New basic foreign key support, allowing you to specify that certain
          columns are foreign keys, and describe which table they refer to, and
          which keys in the foreign table should be used as the key and the
          label, respectively.
        - Use new -auto_pretty_headers option added to HTML::Table::Database so
          that headers in display are automatically made a little nicer (for
          example, "first_name" -> "First Name")
        - Don't throw a warning if DB isn't MySQL.  I've tested this with SQLite
          fairly extensively and it works fine, and it tries to use standard SQL
          which should work anywhere.

0.40    2012-01-16
        - New input_types option, to override the type of input used for some
          fields, if the default choice isn't suitable.

0.30    2011-10-18
        New features all kindly contributed by Assaf Gordon - thanks!  :
        - New 'sortable' option to make tables sortable
        - New 'paginate' option to paginate data display table
        - New 'downloadable' feature to allow data to be downloaded in various
        - New 'query_auto_focus' option, to automatically set focus to the
          search field
        Awesome contributions, thanks!

0.20   2011-10-07
        New 'editable' option, for display-only usage - requested a long time
        ago by @saberworks in Issue 12.


        Documentation fix for editable_columns / display_columns)
         - thanks mlbright (Martin-Louis Bright)
        Allow coderefs to be passed to acceptable_values option (useful if
        you're generating acceptable values on the fly, say, based on another DB
        Use uri_for() to construct URLs, fixes Issue 15 by jasonjayr

0.10    20111-06-05
        Fix documentation on editable_columns;
        Implement not_editable_columns (was documented, not implemented)

        Add display_columns setting, to display which columns are shown when
        listing records.  (PR-9 from saberworks - thanks!)

0.05    2011-05-25
        Pay attention to the app's prefix setting.  Thanks to saberworks for
        reporting this (GH-6)
        Fix bug with calling database->quick_update wrongly, preventing rows
        from being updated... silly :|

0.04    2011-05-11
        Avoid uninitialised var warnings if table is empty.
        Thanks to Justin Case in RT #68120 for reporting this and providing a
        patch to fix it - cheers!

0.03    2011-05-09
        Added support to search when in the listing page;
        Code refactoring - thanks to ambs for both!

        Remove dependency on SQL::Abstract, use the convenience methods now
        provided by Dancer::Plugin::Database instead.  Thanks to Jonathan
        Berber for prompting this via RT #68040, reporting that setting
        SQL::Abstract's quote_char to a backtick causes the generated queries to
        be invalid for PostgreSQL.

0.02    2011-03-06
        Discard render_with_layout bodgery in favour of using
        engines('template')->apply_layout().  Thanks to ambs for this.
        Various other bug fixes.

0.01    2010-12-21
        Initial beta-quality release.