1.27    2019-11-05  DCANTRELL  Fix bug when options are passed as a persistent
				 hash from calling code and not an anonyhash
				 (Sam Kington)

1.26    2019-09-18  DCANTRELL  Minor code quality improvements from Alberto
                               Reinstate check for cwd being inaccessible
                                 (Daniel Collins)

1.25    2013-04-15  DCANTRELL  Add Gianni Ceccarelli's tests and patch
                                 to Use refaddr & reftype to "do the right
                                 thing" when comparing objects that overload
                                 numification and stringification

1.24    2014-04-05  DCANTRELL  Bump the required JSON.pm version for
                                 tests - something's a bit broken around
                                 about v 2.53

1.23    2013-09-26  DCANTRELL  Add David Muir Sharnoff's tests for
                                 really big data structures (but not yet
                               Check for taint-mode less insanely, thanks
                                 to Ilmari;
                               Don't delay loading File::Find::Rule (see
                                 RT 87554)

1.22    2010-02-12  DCANTRELL  Previous release was in error.  Instead, fix
                                 the problem, circular structures now
                                 compare equal, no matter what the starting
                                 point (see RT 52836)

1.2102  2010-02-01  DCANTRELL  Add doco about structural vs data equivalence
                                 (see RT 52836)

1.2101  2009-05-05  DCANTRELL  Add full licence text; -I fix in taint tests
                                 to cope with paths with a space in 'em
                                 (thanks to MATISSE, see RT 45676)

1.21    2008-08-21  DCANTRELL  Extra tests added in 1.20 now skip with
                                 really old JSON

1.20    2008-08-21  DCANTRELL  Added test for bug reported by Saritha
                                 Nalagandla (no bug found, but you can never
                                 have too many tests!)
                               Fixed bug in PERL5LIB splitting in taint test
                                 (thanks to ADAMK, see RT 38319)

1.19    2008-05-12  DCANTRELL  Can now compare structures with repeats in 'em
                                 like [\$z, \$z] (bug reported by Todd Hepler)
                               Minor code tidying

1.18    2008-01-15  DCANTRELL  Got rid of prototypes;
                               File::Find::Rule now only loads when needed;
                               Plugins can be ignored with a null import() list;
                               Explicitly documented the auto-export;
                               Got rid of diagnostics pragma

0.17    2007-08-07  DCANTRELL  Added POD test
                               Fixed buggy POD :-)
                               Fixed problem with taint testing when PERL5LIB
                                 is set (thanks to Andreas Koenig for finding
                                 the bug)
                               Minor doco fiddling
0.16    2007-02-27  DCANTRELL  Taint test and detection made less stupid
0.15    2007-02-25  DCANTRELL  Skip taint tests on perl 5.6 and earlier
0.14    2006-11-01  DCANTRELL  Fixed deeply nested objects (see rt.cpan #6966)
0.13    2004-11-09  DCANTRELL  Oops, left in some debugging output
0.12    2004-11-09  DCANTRELL  Fixed recursion detection bug - wasn't decrementing
                               counter properly!  (thanks to Jenda for the bug
0.11    2004-06-02  DCANTRELL  Now taint-safe - in taint mode there's no plugins
                               (thanks Gabor Szabo for reporting the bug)
0.10    2004-03-13  DCANTRELL  Replaced recursion detection with Rusty Conover's
                               much better implementation.
0.09    2004-02-23  DCANTRELL  Added deep recursion detection.
0.08    2004-01-20  DCANTRELL  Added options, and ignore_hash_keys
0.07    2004-01-07  DCANTRELL  Bugfix to avoid loading same plugin more than
                               once.  S::P plugin renamed so it would work with
                               this bugfix.  Clean-up of code.  Fix minor doc-bug
                               in lib/Data/Compare/Plugins.pod.
0.06    2004-01-06  DCANTRELL  Added plugins, moved Scalar::Properties support
                               into a plugin (plugins were Jim Cromie's idea)
0.05    2003-12-30  DCANTRELL  Applied mike@very.puzzling.org's patch for
                               comparing compiled regexps
0.04    2003-12-24  DCANTRELL  Applied aef's patch to correctly compare refs to
                               refs to stuff
0.03    2003-12-23  DCANTRELL  Added special-case handling for Scalar::Properties