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Revision history for Perl extension Data::Faker.

    - No significant features, just small fixes.
    - Turn off redefine warnings ONLY around the timestr definition.
    - Specify the license ('perl') so it shows up in meta data.
    - Minor changes to test structure.
    - Fixed typo in Data::Faker::DateTime test (closes Bug #76209)
    - Fixed Pod errors and added tests for Pod and Pod coverage (closes Bug #82172)

    - Fixed the name of the 'hostname' plugin so 'email' works consistently. (closes Bug #50707)
    - Don't assume the name of the perl executable during tests (closes Bug #39937)
    - Ignore warnings from redefining timestr (used in both Data::Faker::DateTime and Benchmark)

0.08  Fri Jan 20 00:35:00 2012
    - Implemented the 'city' method for Data::Faker::StreetAddress. (closes Bug #65311)
    - Added a 'job_title' method for Data::Faker::Company.

0.07  Thu Jul 14 08:22:31 2005
    - Renamed to Data::Faker, probably a better choice in the first place.
    - Removed unused dependency on Date::Calc
    - Replaced 'our' with 'use vars', should work on just about any version
      of Perl now.

0.06  Wed Jul 13 15:19:00 2005
	- Fixed some packaging problems

0.05  Wed Jul 13 15:10:00 2005
	- Initial public release (as Text::FakeData)