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Revision history for Perl extension Request.

0.01  Sat Feb 24 13:12:05 1996
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.16
0.03  Renamed to DataFlow
0.04  Renamed to Data::Flow
0.05  Made new() use two arg version of bless to allow subclassing.
0.06  'process' was misdocumented.  Correct, and add 'oo_process' which
      matches the old docs for 'process'.
0.07  Add aget() and oo_output method
0.08  oo_output and SYNOPSYS example made correct. 
0.09  New inference type 'self_filter'.
      New method already_set().
      Move test to ./t.
      Undocumented method unset().
      Allow 'prerequisites' to be supplied alone if it sets the value.
1.00  Test suite was relying on presense of cat.
      Make test suite strict.
1.01  v1.00 was erroneously based on obsolete v0.06.
1.02  Test suite was STILL relying on presense of cat.