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Revision history for Perl extension Data::HashArray 

1.03 Sun Jul 13 2014
	- Adjusted DISTNAME to not include "dist/" prefix (somehow, some of the files were not getting indexed by PAUSE. Could it be because of the "dist/" prefix?)
1.02 Sun Jul 13 2014
	- Improved maintainability. No change in code or functionality.
	-   * Enhanced MANIFEST.SKIP (taking into account git, Eclipse, Mac OS X)
	-   * Put the module under version control (git) 
1.01 2013
	- Supressed "unitialized" warnings

1.0	 Sat Jul 05 2008
	- Changed the documentation to reflect the name change.
	- Created test cases.
	- First distribution on CPAN
0.20 Sat Jul 05 2008
	- Created by copying from XML::Pastor::NodeArray (refactoring)