Revision history for Perl extension Data::Iter.

0.01  Sun Apr  4 08:01:47 2004
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-n Data::Iter -X

	(muenelan) Refactored a lot.
	- No more global variables like @result, last_counter (reasons for known bugs with get, getvalue).
	- deprecated getvalue (use $i->get(..)->value instead)
	- New: GETNEXT points to the next iterator
	- changed value() and key() functions bug: because if $_[0] was not true when and <undef> was set, changed it to 'if @_';

	- added exportable transform_array_to_hash() function
	- fixed bug in Data::Iter::Sort function (was using cref for sort instead of functions names)