Revision history for Perl extension Data::Serializer
0.65 Sat Feb  1 2020
	Fix Test::Pod coverage failures
0.64 Fri Jan 31 2020
	Fix Test::Pod failures
0.63 Thr Jan 30 2020
	Actually fix the github repo link
0.62 Thr Jan 30 2020
	Add links to github repository
0.61 Thr Jan 30 2020
    Disable support for LoadBlessed in YAML objects.  See
    for details
0.60 Tue Aug 20 2013
    Move some non-critical tests from t/ to xt/ as they are not needed
    for verifying functionality of the module, merely ensuring a clean release.
    No changes to core Data::Serializer functionality with this release.

0.59  Thr Jun  16 2011
	XML::Simple utf8 testing disabled, looks like XML::SAX works with utf8, but XML::Parser does not
		Recommend against using XML::Simple if you need to work with utf8 until this is resolved
		Thanks to perl testers - Robert Buels in particular

0.58  Tue Jun  14 2011
	- Added utf8 to the decode in the JSON deserializing code.  Fixes
		Thanks to for finding the bug and supplying good tests and a suggested fix and to for the suggested ->utf8-> fix (which really was functionally identical to what colink recommended)

0.57  Mon Jan  17 2011
	- Updated remainder of test suite to armor against XML::Simple dependency problems that I first 
	  attempted to fix in 0.53.  Only modified tests, no change to module code
		Thanks to the cpantesters automated reporting for finding this.

0.56  Fri Jan  14 2011
	- Moved store/retrieve internals to Data::Serializer::Persistent (internals only)
	  This defers the inclusion of IO::File to happen only if store or retrieve is called
	- Added store/retireve to Data::Serializer::Raw

0.55  Fri Jan  14 2011
	- Added support for Bencode, Convert::Bencode, and Convert::Bencode_XS
	- Documentation updates

0.54  Thu Jan  13 2011
	- Added Data::Serializer::Raw as a lightweight means of providing a unified raw access to the underlying serializers
	  also improved caching of serializer object inside of Data::Serializer
		Thanks to Peter Makholm <> for the profiling done by Benchmark::Serialize

0.53  Mon Jan  10 2011
	- Modified tests for XML::Simple - it has sub-dependencies on either XML::Parser or XML::SAX
	  the test harness was posting a failure if neither of these were present.  Now it will treat XML::Simple
	  as if it weren't installed if it is missing it's own depenencies.  This version only modifies the test harness
	  no modification to module code.
		Thanks to the cpantesters automated reporting for finding this.
0.52  Mon Jan   3 2011
	- Simplfied object by removing %_internal references, base $serializer object is much simpler now.
	  This eliminated the need for an overridden DESTROY method, and should truly fix the memory leak
	  problem originally reported by, essentially it was confusing the Garbage collector  (Fix Bug#39592)

0.51  Wed Dec  29 2010
	- Modified JSON deserializer to handle corrupt input (Bug#63259)
		Thanks to for report and patch

0.50  Wed Dec  29 2010
	- Modified dedigest function to armor against corrupt input values (Bug#63258)
		Thanks to for report and patch

0.49  Tue Apr  15 2009
	- Modified XML::Simple serializer to support options
		patch supplied by John Alden <>

0.48  Tue Aug  20 2008
	- Cleaned up DESTROY method to not undef _fields (This was my error, not the submitted patch)
		Thanks to Dulaunoy Fabrice <> for showing me the error of my ways

0.47  Tue Aug  19 2008
	- Added explicit DESTROY method to prevent memory leaks in long running applications with circular references
		patch supplied by Dulaunoy Fabrice <>

0.46  Wed Apr  23 2008
	- Fixed Module::Build implementation, will now generate proper META.yml file

0.45  Wed Apr  23 2008
	- Removed support for Tie::Transient, the module is long gone.  If ever a standard
	  emerges for tagging data as transient then Data::Serializer will support it.  
	- Added utf8 call to Data::Serializer::JSON 
		patch supplied by Makamaka <> in response to complex bug discussion 
		that started under Crypt::CBC 

0.44  Thu Dec  13 2008
	- Added 'raw' flag to constructor, allows for more convenient
	  raw access to underlying serializers
	- retrieve altered to read in full contents of file specified, this change could be disruptive
	  if you were using retrieve in a non-standard way, so be aware of it.
	- store and retrieve when the raw flag is set will do what you would expect
          and store and retrieve serialized data from files in their raw underlying
          serializer format with no Data::Serializer markup included
	- Removed last usage of Autoloader (decided it isn't worth the irritation of keeping it)
	- Updated Data::Serializer::Cookbook to reference the raw flag and de-emphasis the use of raw_ methods.

		Thanks to Charles Gowing <> for noticing that retrieve with portable set to 0 was quite
                broken.  That led to revisiting the 'raw' concept and improving it.  Now does work with portable set to 0 (using raw
		set to a true value is likely a better choice however).

0.43  Wed Dec  19 2007
	- Converted to utilizing Module::Build to support recommended options
	- Added recommended module list
	- Added build_requires list 
	- Added use warnings calls to all modules
	- Patched to support JSON 2 by Makamaka <> (Thanks Makamaka!)
	- Removed Autoloader from sub-modules 
		-sub modules are tiny two method affairs that really don't need autosplit - and Module::Build makes it a pain
	- Removed 'require Exporter' from sub modules, as they weren't using them in anyway (just cleaning up)

0.42  Fri Oct  26 2007
	- Added support for Compress::PPMd
		Thanks to Strzelecki Ɓukasz <> for recommending the addition
		as well as supplying relevant code samples.

0.41  Wed May  17 2007
	- Bowing to peer pressure and adding in the Test::Pod stuff in production, this means adding a prereq of Test::More
	- Updated Data::Serializer::Cookbook
	- Added an examples/ dir to the distribution
	- put a copy of the Cookbook in the examples dir via pod2text as README
	- Would be happy to add user submitted examples (send to

0.40  Wed May  16 2007
        - Updated contact information to be, this is a purely cosmetic change

0.39  Mon Mar  5 10:39:00 MST 2007
	- Left "use File::Slurp" inside of from some testing, removed this needless dependency

0.38  Mon Mar  5 09:15:00 MST 2007
	- Modified Data::Serializer::Storable to always use nfreeze, whether portable flag is set or not
		Thanks to David Sepiashvili <> for pointing out the original logic wasn't very useful
	- Removed tests for self references in JSON::Syck, as they are no longer supported - if you try to use them with current
	  versions of JSON::Syck it will error out.  
		Thanks to David Cantrell <> of the cpan-testers for finding this problem, and helping to track
		it down.

0.37  Wed Mar 22 11:10:52 MDT 2006
	- Added use strict statement to Data::Serializer::Cookbook to make CPANTS happy (not really important)
	- renamed internal transient method to be _transient (should be deprecated completely one of these days)
        - documented compressor method (noted that it isn't currently supported, just a placeholder) 
	- Added tests for Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage - test are disabled for
          distribution as I don't want to add a Test::More dependency to 
          Data::Serializer at this point.
	- Nothing important changed, so this version was not publicly released

0.36  Thu Mar 16 10:10:04 MDT 2006
	- Added support for JSON, JSON::Syck, and YAML::Syck

		Thanks to Naoya Ito <> for writing the patch
		and making my job very easy.

0.35  Wed Nov 03 07:37:31 MDT 2005
	- Anchored token extractor
  	  When portable was disabled, binary type data could confuse the token extractor and break
	  the ability to deserialize data.  

		Thanks to Carl Eklof <> for reporting this via RT (  
	 	and also for suggesting the fix	

0.34  Mon Oct 17 12:02:04 MDT 2005
	- Fixed Serialized scalars from Data::Dumper
  	  Previously would only serialize scalar references, now will serialize scalars too

		Thanks to Chris <> for reporting this via RT (  

0.33  Wed Sep 28 16:37:50 MDT 2005
	- Added support for Data::Taxi

	- Minor documentation changes
0.32  Tue Sep 27 15:49:45 MDT 2005
	- Fixed bug with declaring 'options' for an underlying serializer
		Thanks to for finding and supplying the
		patch to fix it.	
0.31  Tue Sep 27 12:10:11 MDT 2005
	- Fixed bug in the test suite introduced in .30

		Thanks to the cpan-testers for identifying this quickly

0.30  Thu Sep 15 08:49:28 MDT 2005
	- Modified call to Digest module to bring it up to current.
	- Changed default digester to SHA-256

		Thanks to Mark Shelor <> for sending
		out the notice that sha1 is now considered vulnerable.

	* If you explicitly want to use SHA1 that will still work, but be
	  advised that is no longer considered secure.  This only impacts
          serialization if you are using it with encryption.

0.29  Mon Feb 07 18:42:14 MDT 2005
	- Modified constructor to test exists rather then defined allowing 
	  features to be disabled in the constructor.
	- Modified deserialize to check if values are true, not just defined 
		to enable features also fixed a bug in deserialize for tokenless 
		deserializations where compressor was checked instead of 
		compress to determine if the data needed to be decompressed
	- Cleaned up a couple bugs that prevented it from compiling when 
		autosplit was disabled

		Thanks to John Alden <> for detailed bug reports, 
		and excellent recommendations.

0.28  Mon Dec 06 13:08:42 MST 2004
	- Test qw compatibility bug in older perl versions fixed:
	  From the 5.6 perldelta:
		The qw// operator is now evaluated at compile time into a true 
		list instead of being replaced with a run time call to split(). 
		This removes the confusing misbehavior of qw// in scalar context, 
		which had inherited that behavior from split().

	  To keep the module compatible with older version of perl the test was
	  changed to explicitly return a list and thus circumvent this limitation
	  of qw in older versions of perl.	
	    Thanks to for having multiple perl versions in 
	    the cpan testers results to make finding the compatibility problem possible.

0.27  Mon Dec 06 08:51:53 MST 2004
	- Fixed version bug in test suite
	  Routine in test suite that tested storing to open filehandles was
	  using open() in a fashion incompatible with earlier versions of perl.
	  Converted it to use IO::File instead.
	    Thanks to the cpan testers for catching this one, in particular

0.26  Fri Dec 03 11:49:34 MST 2004
	- Modified Data::Serializer::Data::Dumper 
	  removed the '2.08' requirement from use statement, this is handled in
	  the Makefile.PL so was redundant anyway.  Was causing problems with
	  build in perl 5.8.6
	    Thanks to Ian <>

      Tue Oct 05 15:30:02 MST 2004
	- Modified Data::Serializer::Storable to use nfreeze when 
	  the portable flag is set.  This should help make the use of Storable 
	  within Data::Serializer actually be portable when you ask it to be.
	    Thanks to Nick Edwards <> for requesting the feature

	-Modified Data::Serializer::Data::Dumper to handle self-references correctly.
	 Was not correctly handling the serializing of self-referencing data structures.
	   Thanks to Ticha <> for finding the bug, and to
	   Gurusamy Sarathy <> (Data::Dumper author) for suggesting
	   the fix. 

0.25  Sat Jun 01 06:38:13 MST 2004
	- Fixed misbehaving sloppy reference passing in test harness.
	  (Bug only visible in win32)  
            Thanks to =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=22Murat_=DCnalan=22?= <>
	    For debugging and providing the patch to get this to work.

0.24  Sat May 29 14:22:42 MST 2004
	- Fixed bug in new 08-Store-Retrieve.t test
	    Now using File::Spec to correctly build path for test
            Thanks to =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=22Murat_=DCnalan=22?= <>
	    For being on the ball in catching this bug.

0.23  Fri May 28 17:21:11 MST 2004
	- Added store and retrieve functions for simple persistence
	    Thanks to 
	      Nick Stutterer <>
	      =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=22Murat_=DCnalan=22?= <>
	     For requesting this useful feature.
	- Updated cookbook persistence example

0.22  Fri Mar  5 16:39:36 MST 2004
	- Split up and organized test suite
	- Added support for XML::Simple
	- Created Data::Serializer::Cookbook

0.21  Tue Feb 24 16:57:19 MST 2004
	- Added support for PHP::Serializer
	- Added support for XML::Dumper
	- Added raw_serialize and raw_deserialize methods
	    allows direct access to underlying serializers
            useful to import/export data between aps that don't
	    understand Data::Serializer (like say serialized 
            PHP data)
	- Added test for serializing scalars

0.20  Fri Feb 13 17:32:02 MST 2004
	- Improved test suite to test combination of features
	- cleaned up bug in handing of 'non-portable' serialized data

0.19  Fri Feb 13 14:46:30 MDT 2004
	- Modified makefile to include dependancy on Digest::SHA1
		Thanks (again) to Florian Helmberger <>
                  for finding this discrepancy.

0.18  Fri Feb 13 11:17:24 MDT 2004
	- Added support for MIME::Base64 for 'ascii armoring' serialized
	- Minor modifications to pod documentation

0.17  Thu Jul 11 15:10:41 MDT 2002
	- Added support for YAML as a new serializer
		Thanks to Florian Helmberger <> for writing 
		  the relevant patch to do this.

0.16  Tue Jul  9 08:33:46 MDT 2002
	- Added support for Config::General as a new serializer
 	- Added method 'options' for passing arguments to underlying serializers
	  currently only supported for Config::General
	- Converted installation tests to use ExtUtils::Tbone (included)
	- Added more robust testing of all serializers and features
		Thanks to Thomas Linden <> who wrote a patch
	          adding support for Config::General to Data::Serializer
                  and for suggesting the addition of the options method

0.15  Mon Jul  1 13:32:46 MDT 2002
	- Correct Makefile.PL testing bug
          In particular we tested for Crypt::CBC and assumed Crypt::Blowfish
          would also be installed.  This is obviously not the case.  We do not 
          want to force this as a dependency as encryption is a feature, not a 
          requirement for serializing data structures.
	    Thanks to 'Automated Perl Test Account <>'
0.14  Mon Jul  1 08:43:42 MDT 2002
	- Corrected typo's in pod documentation
          Thanks to Florian Helmberger <>

0.13  Mon Jan 14 12:49:10 MST 2002
        - Added support for Tie::Transient
            Thanks to recomendation from brian moseley <>)

0.12  Mon Jan 14 12:23:28 MST 2002
        - Cleaned up installation tests

0.11  Tue Jan  8 13:28:43 MST 2002
        - Removed build dependencies for all but Data::Dumper
            Thanks to recomendation from brian moseley <>

0.10  Mon Jan  7 13:00:24 MST 2002
        - Added Support for Data::Denter

0.09  Fri Nov  2 08:14:07 2001
	- Cleaned up documentation

0.08  Mon Oct 16 07:54:32 2001
	- Fixed bug in digest verification 
        - Fixed 5.005_03 compatibility bug 
            Thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa <>

0.07  Wed Oct  5 11:42:20 2001
	- changed token system to be more flexible
	- added compression
	- cleaned up 'portability' option
	- updated documentation
	- updated tests

0.06  Wed Oct  4 16:27:02 2001
	- added Encryption

0.05  Wed Oct  4 14:30:13 2001
	- added t/ tests

0.04  Wed Oct  4 12:35:44 2001
	- added documentation

0.03  Wed Oct  4 11:32:10 2001
	- added serializer_token to assist deserialization

0.02  Tue Oct  3 15:32:19 2001
	- completed generic serializer/deserializer interface

0.01  Tue Oct  3 11:11:36 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19