Revision history for Perl extension Data::Table::Excel.
0.5 Thu May  1 08:45:45 PDT 2014
  Use Spreadsheet::ParseXLSX instead of Spreadsheet::XLSX
  (Spreadsheet::XLSX does not handle some cell values correctly)

  Modify excelFileToTable, xls2tables and xlsx2tables, so that
  sheet_name and sheet_index can be a str or an int, instead of an array reference

0.4 Sat Apr 26 13:32:43 PDT 2014
  Add methods: is_xlsx, xls2xlsx, xlsx2xls
  excelFileToTable, xls2tables and xlsx2tables will return a new columnHeader array

0.3 Wed Feb 20 20:41:17 PST 2013
  Fix an exception in excelFileToTable when a spreadsheet has no data

0.2 Wed Aug  8 20:31:33 PDT 2012
  Remove inheritance from AutoLoader
  Remove methods from exporter by default

0.1 Mon Jul 23 12:35:56 PDT 2012
  Clean up code and documentation.
  Added support for .xlsx
  Ready for CPAN release

0.01 Fri Jan  4 00:47:42 PST 2008
  First version