Revision history for Perl extension Data::TreeDumper::Renderer::DHTML.

0.08  Sunday Dec 7 13:30:00 2008
	FIXED: properly close ul+li after last element to allow proper display of consecutive data dump

0.07  Saturday Oct 22 20:00:00 2005
	FIXED: RT 15191, no address displayed when node is not terminal
	CHANGED: Refactored node rendering code
0.06  Mon Aug 22 22:00:00 2005
	FIXED: possibility to have multiple dumps in a single page and still have the expand collapse buttons working
	ADDED: example for multiple dump
	ADDED: a working, though simple, search functionality
	CHANGED: the documentation accordingly

0.05  Mon Oct 11 20:00:00 2004
	FIXED: Javascript element was not taken into acount (I have to learn to test better!)
	ADDED: output example (dhtml_test.html)
	FIXED: Error in validaty text

0.04  Thu Sep 30 20:00:00 2004
	ADDED: Expand and collapse buttons
	ADDED: TD link is now a real html link
	FIXED: HTML source indentation
	FIXED: W3C validation
	PROTOTYPE: very simple search
	ADDED: example

0.03  Mon July 1 21:30:00 2004
	FIXED: replaced <pre> with <span>
0.02  Mon Jun 28 22:30:00 2004
	FIXED: unique IDs
	FIXED: separate dump from style
	FIXED: tag to lower case
	FIXED: use of unique class
	CHANGED: glyphs are output byt the renderer instead for relying on browser
	CHANGED: use <pre> instead for &nbsp;
	ADDED: Attempt to support older browsers
0.01  Sat Jun 26 23:29:05 2004
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-X -n Data::TreeDumper::Renderer::DHTML