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Revision history for Perl extension Data::Types.

0.17  2019-02-23T12:35:00
      - Fixed pod error as reported by CPANTS. (MANWAR)

0.16  2018-12-03T17:10:00
      - Added minimum perl version as suggested by CPANTS. (MANWAR)

0.15  2018-11-19T11:00:00
      - Merged PR #6 (pod changes), thanks @EmilLuta.

0.14  2018-10-15T11:10:00
      - Addressed issue #5, raised by @icklekitten. (MANWAR)

0.13  2018-05-26T09:00:00
      - Fixed warning "Can't stat bin: No such file or directory". (MANWAR)

0.12  2018-05-25T07:45:00
      - Added Makefile.PL file as suggested by README. (MANWAR)

0.11  2018-05-24T11:30:00
      - Updated home page url, pointing to (MANWAR)
      - Updated repository details since the move. (MANWAR)
      - Updated issues url since the move. (MANWAR)
      - Removed entry MANIFEST from .gitignore. (MANWAR)

0.10  2018-05-24T11:30:00
      - Fixed broken email address.
      - Fixed invalid documentation examples spotted by fschlich.

0.09  2011-06-20T03:15:50
      - Moved repostitory to [GitHub](
      - Switched to a "traditional" `Makefile.PL`.

0.08  2008-05-05T19:01:10
      - Added Test::Pod to the "recommends" parameter in Build.PL.
      - Added Module::Build to the "build_requires" parameter in Build.PL.
      - Updated copyright.
      - Added a link to the Subversion repository.
      - Updated the POD test to take advantage of Test::Pod 1.20 or later.

0.07  2008-01-22T18:27:22
      - Added Module::Build to the "configure_requires" parameter in
        Build.PL. This should help prevent failures on systems that don't
        already have Module::Build installed and run Makefile.PL. Reported by
        Slaven Rezic.
      - Added Test::Simple to the "build_requires" parameter in Build.PL.

0.06  2006-05-23T00:45:44
      - Added POD tests.
      - Backwards compatibility change: Whole numbers now include 0. This is
        more inline with accepted mathmatical definitions. See, e.g.,
      - Added is_count() and to_count() to match whole numbers exclusive of
        zero. These functions match the previous behavior of is_whole() and
      - Fixed a typo in my email address.

0.05  Tue Aug 26 01:21:03 2003
      - Switched to Module::Build.

0.04  Thu Jul 25 05:09:13 2002
      - Added reference to Arthur Bergman's new "types" pragma for Perl
        5.8.0. Thought I'd done it in 0.03, but I guess not.

0.03  Mon Jul 22 21:05:26 2002
      - Fixed to_float() tests so that comparison is more precise. Necessary
        for compatability with Perl 5.8.0 (and probably better, anyway).
      - Reorganized structure of distribution to reflect more modern standard
        for CPAN modules.

0.02  Thu Jan  3 22:06:42 PST 2002
      - Added second argument to to_string() that will truncate the string.
      - Fixed Regular expression in is_int() so that it doesn't match '+' or
        '-'. Thanks to David Alban for the spot.

0.01  Wed Jan  2 12:13:19 PST 2002
      - original version.