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Revision history for Data-XHash

0.09	2012-09-27
	Reimplement SCALAR to pass Perl 5.6.2 testing.

0.08	2012-09-21
0.07	2012-09-21
0.06	2012-09-21
	Finding and fixing silly typos. Triple ugh!

0.05	2012-09-21
	Updated data structure and code for performance enhancement.
	Added previous_key method. FIRSTKEY and NEXTKEY are now implemented
	separately from first_key and next_key and use an internal iterator
	for faster keys(%$tiedhref).

0.04	2012-09-01
	Added missing TIEHASH methods (DELETE, EXISTS, etc.) to POD.
	No code changes.

0.03	2012-08-31
	Added missing store() alias for STORE() and can_ok tests for all
	methods. Added merge() method, tests, and docs.

0.02	2012-08-27
	Made some small changes to the documentation and added the
	foreach method and associated tests.

0.01    2012-08-26
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.