Revision history for Perl extension Date::Discordian.

0.01  Prickle Prickle (Zaraday), Bureaucracy 5 YOLD 3166, 10:37pm
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19

1.00  Prickle Prickle (Zaraday), Bureaucracy 5 YOLD 3166, 11:00pm
	- Initial release to CPAN

1.01  Setting Orange, Bureaucracy 6 YOLD 3166, 12:10am
	- Decided that returning an array made no sense at all.
	- Added leap year checking

1.02  Sweetmorn, Bureaucracy 7 YOLD 3166, 10:50pm
	- Matt added the Holyday handling
	- Made time the default argument
	- Additional documentation

1.03  Sweetmorn, Bureaucracy 7 YOLD 3166, 11:28pm
	- Updated documentation a little

1.04  Boomtime, Bureaucracy 48 YOLD 3166, 12:02am
     - Added inverse_discordian function

1.26  Pungenday, Confusion 57 YOLD 3167, 22:15:48
    - It seemed important to give this a new, entirely meaningless
      version number. 1.26 Seems like a good one. Law of fives: 1 - 2
      + 6 = 5. 
    - Added much more thorough testing.
    - Moved to Date::Leapyear for the leapyear calculations. This
      increases the Eristic factor of this code, since its
      dependencies are now spread over more modules. Look out for
      Date::Calc in the next version.
    - I would put more quotes from the principia in the code and in
      the documentation, but (and I know this is a heresy) I don't
      have a copy with me, and I am temporarily unconnected from that
      source of all Chaos, the Internet.
    - But mostly, there's no good reason for this release, except that
      I'm trying to put off doing real work.

1.34  Pungenday, Aftermath 36 YOLD 3167
    - There were actually several releases today, but they all had
      essentially the same purpose. We can now get discordian dates for
      dates outside of the Unix epoch. This is very big stuff, as
      everyone needs to know that the Battle of Hastings was on Setting
      Orange (Mungoday), Chaos 5 YOLD 2232.
    - There were also some bug fixes - mostly fencepost sorts of things
      (boundaries between seasons, boundaries between years), and some
      other odd things related to bugs in Date::ICal (q.v.) - mostly
      pointed out by Jean Forget <>, the author of
      Date::Convert::French_Rev. Thanks, Jean.
    - Note that this version requires the latest Date::ICal. There are
      some strange problems with earlier Date::ICal's, including an
      inability to deal with Decembers any time in the 17th or 18th
      century. Seems like the hand of Eris was in that one.