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Revision history for Perl extension Date::Object.

0.06  2005-01-05
      - Fixed bug on method set() that forgot to set the new internal value of time.
      - Force reset of key time when set_local(), set_zone() and set_gmt() are called.

0.05  2005-01-05
      - Fixed sub_day bug.
      - Added method set() where is possible to reset parts of the date.
      - Methods set*, add*, sub* will return the object to allow chain calls.

0.04  2004-10-16
      - Added storable support.

0.03  2004-08-20
      - Fixed comment placeholder when $#_ found.
      - Added support to create a Date::Object with input "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss" format.

0.02  2004-06-29
      - Fixed leap years method.
      - Added key access of the attributes.

0.01  2004-03-19 01:08:48
      - original version;