Revision history for Perl extension DateTime::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary.

0.17  Septidi 17 Germinal CCXXIX, jour du mélèze, 227th anniversary of the beheading of Fabre d'Églantine, Danton and Desmoulins (or Tuesday 2021-04-06)
        - fix the kwalitee errors of version 0.16.

0.16  Septidi 17 Germinal CCXXIX, jour du mélèze, 227th anniversary of the execution of Fabre d'Églantine (or Tuesday 2021-04-06)
        - add an Italian and a Spanish locales (thank you again Gérald)
        - a few documentation fixes.

0.15  Quintidi 25 Prairial CCXXVII, jour de la tanche,  219th anniversary of the Marengo victory and of Kléber's assassination (or Thusday, 2019-06-13)
        - fix a few typos in the feasts names (thank you Gérald)
        - add a few entries in the "SEE ALSO" chapter (thank you Gérald)
        - tidying up the documentation, for example replacing http:// by https:// whenever possible

0.14  Primidi 11 Frimaire CCXXV, jour de la cire, 212th anniversary of Napoleon's crowning, 211th anniversary of the Battle of Austerlitz (or Thursday 2016-12-01)
        - fix a few typos
        - Makefile.PL no longer uses Module::Build
        - add Params::Validate as a prerequisite

0.13  Octidi 18 Brumaire CCXXV, jour de la dentelaire, 217th anniversary of Bonaparte's coup (also known as Tuesday 2016-11-08)
        - fix RT ticket 117246: compatibility with perl-5.25, add a backslash to escape a literal brace in a regexp

0.12  Octidi 28 Frimaire CCXXIII, jour de la Truffe (also known as Thursday 2014-12-18)
        - add the GPL-mandated comments in all Perl code files
        - fix RT ticket 100311: produce real UTF-8 strings, instead of Mojibake ISO-8859 which
          will accidently display in a UTF-8 terminal as a proper string.
        - playing the CPANTS game (when appropriate): use strict and use warnings in all Perl code
        - improve coverage in tests (and remove some dead code)
        - fix RT ticket 61228: check the various localized strings (feasts and "on_date")

0.11  Octidi 18 Brumaire CCXXI, jour de la dentelaire, 213th anniversary of Bonaparte's coup (also known as Thursday 2012-11-08)
        - French locale: replacing the "4" and "5" "possible genre" indicators for feasts by "0" 
        or "1". The only indicator I am still not sure of is for "bagarade", but let us get rid 
        of "4" and "5".
        - testing dates with big years (>= 1000)
        - fix the %EY and %Ey date specifiers when outside of the Roman number range (1--3999)

0.10  Nonidi 9 Thermidor CCXX, jour de la mûre, 218th anniversary of Robespierre's downfall (also known as Thursday 2012-07-26)
        - a few documentation fixes
        - use the oe ligature where appropriate
        - check the English translations for feasts
        - checking the "now" constructor

0.09  Sextidi 26 Messidor CCXIX, jour de la sauge (also known as Bastille Day, Thursday 2011-07-14)
        - Fix the long running bug shown by 45_lastday.t when using an interpreter 
        configured with long double (closing ticket 61230)
        - Add still more tests.
        - A few minor modification in the "on_date" data
        - A few typos in the documentation (partial resolution of ticket 61228, but I am
        sure some other typos exist).
        - Remove the semi-support of the old parameter "language". Anyhow, it was
        rejected by Params::Validate.
        - add encoding POD directive, hoping the documentation will look better on the web

0.08  Tridi 3 Thermidor CCXVIII, jour du melon (Wednesday 2010-07-21)
        - strftime uses "%*" as an alternative to "%Ej" (closing ticket 17231)
        - various spelling errors in the "on_date" method
        - new 46_lastday.t test script, to analyse the spurious errors found by some CPAN testers
        - requires Roman 1.22 or later, because some CPAN Testers reported that could not be built without a Build.PL or a Makefile.PL
        - Add a few tests, including a test file for DT::C::FR::Locale::{en,fr}
        module methods
        - Fixed a bug with default date / time / datetime formats
        - Fixed a bug with the English short feast
        - Change from ISO-8859 to UTF-8

0.07  Duodi 22 Fructidor CCXII, jour de la noisette (Tuesday 2004-09-07)
        - I used to believe that a capturing split would allow for one set
        of capturing parentheses which would capture the whole delimiter.
        I did not know that you can capture only a part of the delimiter if you want.
        My knowledge of Perl is fixed, together with the on_date method
        and the _load_event subroutine.
        - Add _raw_feast private method.
        - Add several methods for compatibility with DateTime: day_of_week,
        wday, dow, week_number.
        - Add the %{method} specifier for strftime
        - In the Locale::xx modules, add some methods for compatibility with 
        DateTime::Locale: month_names, am_pms, day_names, full_date_format, etc.
        - Still more propaganda in the on_date method
        - Insert empty lines in the on_date method, so the today example script
        can now wrap the text
        - The "ce_jour" method is removed, use the "on_date" method with 
        a parameter set to "fr" instead.
        - Check the few possible values for the locale and the time-zone.
        - Add a few tests.
        - The eg/result directory contains the year 213 calendar now.
        - The decimal equivalent of the 1..12 clock is the 1..10 clock, 
        not 1..5. This is because it represents the numbers printed on clockfaces.
        - The decade method returns a 2-element list, just like DateTime's
        week method. And by the way, the decade method is aliased to week.

0.06  Septidi 27 Frimaire CCXII, jour du liège (Wednesday 2003-12-17)
        - add test for nanoseconds... and fixed nanosecond related bug
        - add basic support for Locale, with two languages: French and English
        - add much more shameless propaganda for the French Revolutionary armies

0.05  Décadi 30 Fructidor CCXI, jour du panier (Tuesday 2003-09-16)
        - removed the reference to Makefile.PL in README
        - pod fixes thanks to Iain Truskett
        - add minimal support for nanoseconds (so conversion Greg → FR → Greg will not
        lose the precision)
        - add much stuff for the events that occurred in Vendémiaire
        - replace the CCXI calendars by CCXII calendars in the eg/result directory.

0.04  Primidi 11 Thermidor CCXI, jour du panis (Tuesday 2003-07-29)
        - the _offset_from_local_time was unduly commented out. Fixed.
        - removed Makefile.PL. Or rather, replaced by a file suggesting that
        the user adopts Module::Build instead of ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

0.03  Primidi 11 Floréal CCXI, jour de la rhubarbe (Wednesday 2003-04-30)
        - I had forgotten the prerequisite in Makefile.PL. Fixed.
        - A few words about in README, too.

0.02  Décadi 10 Floréal CCXI, jour du rateau (Tuesday 2003-04-29)
        - altered Makefile.PL so the existence of Build.PL will not cause problems.
        - negative dates (prior to 22 September 1792): I do not know whether
        they give proper results (year 0? leap year?) but at least you can
        convert back to Gregorian and get the same result.
        - added a few tests and examples

0.01  Nonidi 9 Floréal CCXI, jour de la jacinthe (Monday 2003-04-28)
        - initial version.

Revision history for Perl extension Date::Convert::French_Rev.

0.05  Nonidi 9 Floréal CCXI, jour de la jacinthe (Monday 2003-04-28)
        - last version compatible with Date::Convert, next one will
        be in the DateTime::Calendar namespace, compatible with
        - I had always believed that the additional days were not called
        Primidi, Duodi etc. But I have found a document where they are
        called Primidi etc. The bug in the module is fixed.

0.04  Tridi 13 Fructidor CCX, jour de l'épine-vinette (2002-08-30, Friday)
        - reorganise the directory structure along Matt Sergeant's tips
        - include the 4000-modulus rule for leap years (according to emacs-21.2)
        - reorganise the absolute → FR conversion
        - rephrase the README file
        - add the  prerequisite for Date::Convert  in Makefile.PL (the
        use statement and the @ISA array are not sufficient)
        - add a few examples in the eg/ subdirectory
        - fix a few bugs: $_ was squashed by date_string, the month value
        was not checked
        - compatibility with diagnostics-1.2

0.03  20 Thermidor CCIX (2001-08-07, Tuesday)
        - rewrite the Changes file, with proper dates
        - it seems that the 4th additional day should rather be "jour
        de l'opinion"
        - reformat the code

0.02  19 Prairial CCIX (2001-06-07, Thursday)
        - add the prerequisite for in Makefile.PL
        - extend the "SEE ALSO" section

0.01  4 Prairial CCIX (2001-05-23, Wednesday)
        - original version; created by h2xs 1.19