0.83     2020-08-09

- Switched to GitHub issues.

0.82     2019-03-03

- Removed use of Class::Factory::Util. That distro is poorly maintained (by
  me) and it has some issues with its use of Module::Build. This distro
  (DateTime-Format-Builder) really doesn't need to use Class::Factory::Util.

0.81     2013-04-02

- Fixes to pass tests with DateTime 1.00.

0.80     2010-03-14

- Remove the 00sig.t test, which seemed to cause random failures based on CPAN
  testers reports.

- Lots of cleanup in test code.

- Future releases will all increment by 0.01 (0.81, 0.82, etc).

- No code changes.

0.7901   2007-09-01

- The memory-cycle.t test will fail if you have PadWalker and the
  current Devel::Cycle (1.07) installed. I forgot I had patched my
  local Devel::Cycle to fix this bug.

0.79     2007-08-30

- Fix several circular references in
  DateTime::Format::Builder::Parser. This would be triggered by any
  standard usage of DT::F::Builder. Reported by Carl Franks. RT

0.7807   2006-05-29

- Fix a test failure in on_fail_regex.t on Win32 (bug in the test code).
  Reported by Ben Thul.

0.7806   2004-09-09

- When DateTime::Format::Builder::Parser loaded worker classes, it
  ignored modules located under relative paths. This was fixed by using
  Class::Factory::Util for this functionality instead.

0.7805   2004-11-08

- DateTime::Format::Build::Parser caused an exception when run in taint
  mode. Reported by Curtis Hawthorne.

0.7805   2004-11-08

- DateTime::Format::Build::Parser caused an exception when run in taint
  mode. Reported by Curtis Hawthorne.

0.7804   2004-07-07

- No code or doc changes, just change the code in examples to ensure
  that PAUSE does not index it.

0.7803   2004-02-13

- Localize $_ before calling File::Find, otherwise it will be written
  over for caller. Patch from Leon Brocard.

0.7802   2004-02-13

- Add dependency on DateTime::Format::Strptime.

0.7801   2004-01-26

- New maintainer - Dave Rolsky

- Switched to a different build/install sysstem (Module::Build instead
  of Module::Install)

0.78     2003-12-01

- Fix multigroup bug in Dispatch

- Add Tivoli example.

0.77     2003-08-14

- Correct package name for Quick.

- Augment license conditions.

- Fixed timezones in fall.t and quick.t tests.

0.76     2003-08-10

- Fallthrough example and test added.

- Quick parser added to simplify fallthrough stuff.

- Rejigged internals to allow for on_fail argument to multi-parsers.

0.75     2003-06-29

- Silly MANIFEST.SKIP entry caused dispatch stuff to be skipped.

0.74     2003-06-28

- Dispatch Parser class added, which allows us to make groups of parsers
  and hop quickly to them.

- length parameter can now be an arrayref, hence we can have a parser
  belong to more than one length group.

- Version numbers are all identical now.

- Regex Parser can call custom constructors.

- Wrapped method only regards undef as a failure.

0.73     2003-06-24

- Exit parser more quickly if able.

- Multiple same length parsers accepted.

- Fixed some perl 5.005 testing problems.

0.72     2003-05-28

- Minor tweaks for the 'private' tag in META.yml

0.71     2003-05-23

- Massive doc (re)writing.

- Examples tidied up.

- Tutorial refactored.

- Users of generic.pm get to subclass now rather than coderef.

0.69     2003-04-28

- DateTime::Format::Strptime is now supported.

- To support the previous item, massive refactoring.

- Minor API changes that shouldn't affect anyone.

0.64     2003-04-27

- Callbacks are given 'args' and 'self' keys.

- Callbacks can be arrays of callbacks.

0.62     2003-04-20

- Fixed erroneous call to on_fail()

- Added 'verbose' debugging capability.

- Added 'constructor' option to create_class/import.

- Avoid overwriting developers' own new() functions.

- Complain if asked to overwrite methods.

0.60     2003-04-12

- Fixed missing '\' from a few '\d' in the docs.

- Added ICal.pm example.

- Added import() feature, to save lots of typing.

- Completely revised documentation.

- croak is same length is given twice.

- Assorted refactoring, retouching.

0.25     2003-03-29

- Minor code cleanups.

- Bug fix; 'extra' params were being ignored.

- Doc fix; 'extra' params with 0 are not recommended.

0.24     2003-03-25

- First release!

- Split POD into separate file.

- Preprocess option for method building works.

- Postprocess option per parser works.

- Specification lists can now have coderefs in there.

0.23     2003-03-25

- Improved ancillary files.

- Added basic use case test for new classes.

- Assorted API changes.

- create_class infers package name.

- also creates specified methods rather than assumed ones.

- Assorted POD updates. Still not complete.

- Rejigged to only have an array of hashrefs. Simpler.

- No inference of length/key stuff.

- zero is now extra and is thus semantically different.

- Preliminary pre/post processing per parser provided.

0.22     2003-03-21

- Initial (pre-actual release) version.