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2.06    2024-03-07

    - Fix Mountain Standard Time (Mexico).

    - Mark Samoa Standard Time and Central Asia Standard Time as known bad time zone for testing until Microsoft releases time zone updates.

    - Change minimum version of DateTime::TimeZone for testing.

2.05    2021-08-05

    - Add new time zones for Yukon Standard Time and South Sudan Standard Time.

    - Change minimum version of DateTime::TimeZone for testing.

2.04    2019-04-20

    - Add new time zone for Qyzylorda Standard Time.

2.03    2018-11-28

    - Add new time zone for Volgograd Standard Time.

2.02    2018-09-03

    - Correct time zone for America/Port-au-Prince to use hyphens. Patch by Jonathan Luckey. RT #127017.

    - No longer treat any time zone as a known bad time zone as all tests now pass.

2.01    2018-04-09

    - Add new time zone for Sao Tome Standard Time.

    - Mark Morocco Standard Time as a known bad time zone for author testing due to the
      way Microsoft implements time changes for Ramadan when testing future times in August.

2.00    2018-02-27

    - Remove Namibia Standard Time and Turks And Caicos Standard Time from the list
      of known bad time zones now that Microsoft has released updates to those zones.

    - Calculate Windows times in tests using using TZI registry value for time changes
      before comparing to the same time changes calculated in IANA.

1.99    2017-12-13

    - Add new time zone for Sudan Standard Time.

    - Calculate Windows time offsets from TZI value rather than Display.

    - Month displayed in test results changed to match month being tested.

    - Add known bad time zones for author testing as Microsoft has not fully adopted
      changes for Namibia Standard Time and Turks And Caicos Standard Time. The zones
      will work correctly, but the test won't recognize that times are the same
      in both IANA and on Windows.

1.98    2017-04-26

    - Adjust tests to calculate daylight time offsets in different months to avoid
      making those calculations during Ramadan, as Daylight Savings Time is suspended
      in Morocco during Ramadan.

1.97    2017-04-15

    - Add new time zone for Magallanes Standard Time.

1.96    2017-03-16

    - Add new time zones for Saratov Standard Time and UTC+13.

1.95    2017-01-15

    - Fix tests to handle daylight savings time changes for durations other than
      one hour (Lord Howe Island in Australia shifts the clock only thirty minutes).

1.94    2016-09-19

    - Add new time zone for Omsk Standard Time.

    - Removed known bad time zone for author testing as time is now fixed.

    - Updated documentation to reflect newer operating systems.

1.93    2016-08-13

    - Run certain tests only during automated testing to avoid user test failures
      should time zones change before the module is updated.

    - Build changes to improve CPANTS Kwalitee score.

1.92    2016-08-12

    - Correct test failure when running as Administrator on Windows when using older
      versions of DateTime::TimeZone. RT 116909.

    - Added time zone as a known bad zone until Microsoft fixes updates. This affects
      author testing only and not functionality.

1.91    2016-07-01

    - Correct mappings of a few time zones.

1.90    2016-06-27

    - Fix test failure when registry was writable, but extra data existed after the
      time zone key.

1.89    2016-06-27

    - Many new time zones and updates from May 2016 and June 2016 DST and time
      zone updates for Windows.

    - Fix test warnings when testing from non-admin shell using readonly registry values.

    - Remove Chile time zone as exception to prevent author test from failing.

1.88    2016-04-16

    - Add support for new time zones in Russia.

    - Fix test failure when new time zone exists but is not handled in library.

    - Mark Chile time zone as not being updated yet by Microsoft to prevent
      author test from failing.

1.87    2016-01-11

    - Fix files missing warning on install.

1.86    2015-12-13

    - Add support for new time zone in North Korea.

    - Reorganize tests so that many tests can run with only read access to the
      registry. Currently, most testers have all tests skipped because they are
      not running as an Administrator during testing.

    - Add internal method to read Windows to IANA hash so as to enable testing for
      those with only read access to the registry.

1.85    2015-06-27

    - Change compile test to an author test due to possibility of
      DateTime::TimeZone::Local not being present. Patch by Dave Rolsky.

    - Change environment variable for author testing in main test script to
      be consistent with conventions.

    - Include extra modules when reporting prerequisites from testing.

1.84    2015-06-22

    - Require testers to have minimum version of DateTime::TimeZone::Local
      before any tests are run.

1.83    2015-06-22

    - Remove prerequisite to DateTime::TimeZone::Local and DateTime.

    - Update tests to run conditionally on presence of DateTime::TimeZone::Local
      and DateTime.

    - Require maintainer tests to work only on a recent build of DateTime::TimeZone.

    - Rename references to Olson to IANA as the current maintainer of the tz database.

    - Modify prerequisite versions for some modules.

1.82    2015-02-19

    - Add support for upcoming Windows time zone update for March 2015, which
      will have a new time zone for Mexico.

    - Require latest DateTime-TimeZone-Local to ensure Windows mappings
      map to existing IANA time zones.

1.81    2015-02-18

    - Required Win32-TieRegistry v0.27 to fix failures on Perl 5.20.1.
      RT #100334 & 102178.

    - Fix failures on Windows 2008 when newlines appear following null
      character in time zone name.  Patch in main code by Stuart Watt and for
      test by Tom Koelman.  RT #68607 & 70989.

    - Fix maintainer test to appropriate test time zones in current time, not
      historical time.

1.80    2014-11-16

    - This is the initial release creating a separate distribution for
      DateTime::TimeZone::Local::Win32. As a result, additional changes specific
      to the Windows platform should be made more often.

Earlier changes are a subset of the Win32-related changes from DateTime-TimeZone.

1.78    2014-11-05

    - Fix warnings from Perl 5.8.8 and before. Apparently it doesn't like when
      $SIG{__DIE__} is set to undef. Patch by Peter Rabbitson. GitHub PR #88.

1.77    2014-11-04

    - Updated the mapping of Windows -> IANA time zones. Patch by David
      Pinkowitz. RT #10025.

    - Replaced Class::Load with Module::Runtime, and replaced eval with Try::Tiny.

1.55    2012-11-30

    - Updated mapping from Win32 to Olson time zone names. Patch by Andrey
      Makhnutin. RT #81456.

1.36    2011-08-29

    - This release is based on version 2011i of the Olson database. This release
      includes a new zone for South Sudan (Africa/Juba) and changes for Samoa,
      Kaliningrad (Russia), Alaska, Hawaii, Newfoundland/Labrador (Canada), and
      Resolute Bay.

    - Require ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.58+. This fixes an installation problem on

1.31    2011-03-18

    - Updates for Win32 time zones. Patch by David Pinkowitz.

1.19    2010-05-10

    - This release is based on version 2010j of the Olson database. This release
      creates a new zone for Mexico (America/Bahia_Banderas).

    - Dateline time zone on Win32 now always maps to a fixed -12:00 zone. Patch by
      David Pinkowitz.

1.17    2010-04-10

    - Updated Win32 to Olson name translation mapping. Patch by David
      Pinkowitz. RT #56445.

1.07    2009-12-24

    - Fixed for local time zone determination on Win32. Our tests broke after the
      December 2009 Cumulative Time Zone Update from Microsoft. Patch by David
      Pinkowitz. RT #52978.

0.98    2009-09-11

    - Fixes for Win32 time zones. Added handling for new Windows time zones,
      thanks to Jim Brunette. This should fix test failures on some Win32 systems.

0.85    2009-03-16

    - This release is based on version 2009c of the Olson database. The
      only changes in this release are for Cuba.

    - Fixes for Win32 with Microsoft's December time zone update. This
      updated added a zone for Mauritius that wasn't accounted for in the
      DateTime::TimeZone::Local::Win32 module. Reported by David
      Pinkowitz. RT #43535.

    - Added a hack to fix some brokenness with Module::Build::Compat that
      causes the compatibility Makefile.PL to fail on really old
      ExtUtils::MakeMaker versions (6.17 and older). RT #43605.

0.8301  2008-11-07

    - Test fixes only. The 19local-win32 tried to skip tests when they're
      run without write access to the registry, but this was done in a
      very broken way.

0.83    2008-10-27

    - This release is based on version 2008i of the Olson database. The
      major changes in this release are for Argentina.

    - Updated the docs on how the local time zone is determined for
      various platforms.

0.7904  2008-08-30

    - Added three more Windows time zone names to the Windows -> Olson
      mapping. This should fix test failures on up-to-date Windows
      boxes. Patch by David Pinkowitz. RT #38735.

0.79    2008-07-29

    - This release is based on version 2008e of the Olson database. The
      major changes in this release are for Mauritius and Central Europe
      (historical changes only).

    - Fixes for the local TZ tests on Win32. Thanks to David Pinkowitz for
      pointing out my mistake.

0.7701  2008-06-03

    - Many fixes and improvements to the tests for local time zone
      handling on Windows. Based on a patch from David Pinkowitz.

    * There are no code changes in this release besides these test

0.77     2008-05-27

    - This release is based on version 2008c of the Olson database. The
      major changes in this release are for Morocco, Mongolia, and

    - More Windows changes from David Pinkowitz. Determining the local
      time zone on a Win32 system should now work regardless of the
      system's locale. Previously it only worked for English language
      systems. RT #36201.

0.76     2008-05-18

    * Dropped support for Perl 5.005.

    - Made the Win32 local time zone bits work on Vista and Server
      2008. Patch by David Pinkowitz. RT #35733.

0.75     2008-04-25

    - A stray STORABLE_attach method in DT::TZ::Floating caused freezing
      and thawing a floating timezone with Storable to fail
      badly. Reported by Kostas Chatzikokolakis.

    - Changed the local time zone detection on Win32 to only require read
      access to the registry. Patch by David Pinkowitz. RT #35273.

0.6904   2007-11-09

    - Updated the Windows -> Olson conversion table, though it's still
      English-only. Added some more Win32 tests to hopefully help diagnose
      a test failure report from a Win32 tester.

0.6903   2007-11-08

    - The Win32::TieRegistry prereq was requiring version 1.0, which
      doesn't exist. I meant to require just any version. Reported by
      CJM. RT #30580.

    - No code changes in this release.

0.6902   2007-11-05

    - Fixed many sloppy uses of eval blocks which would leave $@ set after
      calling various DT::TZ methods/functions. This could cause unrelated
      error checking to find $@ set to something and log an error or
      die. Reported by Kat.

0.6901   2007-11-02

    - Add Win32::TieRegistry to our prereqs if we're on Win32. Reported by
      Ruud H.G. van Tol.

0.61     2007-02-18

    - Lots of internal changes in the code used to determine a system's
      local time zone.

    - As a result, we now have a much better method for doing this on
      Windows systems, by looking at the registry. See
      DateTime::TimeZone::Local::Win32 for details.