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2.07 Tuesday 11th April, 2023
        Fix compatibility with bleadperl
        Small Pod and Distribution cleanups contributed by Tom Hukins based on other rt.cpan tickets

2.06 Wednesday 16th January, 2013
       Corrected some pod syntax RT#56456
       Handle the new padrange op added in 5.17 RT#81704

2.05 Thursday 8th April, 2010
	Don't call B::PADOP->gv.  Work by by Florian Ragwitz

2.04 Tuesday 16th February, 2010
	Use CxTYPE macro rather than directly inspecting cx->cx_type

2.03 Tuesday 8th January, 2008
	Rerelease from a linux host to avoid hateful OSX and its
	hateful resource forks

2.02 Friday 28th December, 2007
	Make use of INT2PTR macro for great justice! (or 64-bit stuff,
	it's hard to tell)

2.01 Thursday 27th December, 2007
	Translated the XS and C into perl using B.  Though the perl looks
	much like C this gives a chance to make it more perlish in the future.
  	There's a tiny bit of XS left to expose some internals to perl space.
	Dropped compatibilty for older perls (PadWalker doesn't work 
	there anyway)

0.11 Sunday 9th July, 2006
	Fudge around the segfaults in 5.8.x ithreaded builds by
	not looking up what the package variable is.

0.10 Wednesday 5th July, 2006
	Use strlen rather than playing with SvLEN/SvCUR to determine
	the length of identifiers in the pad.  It's a theoretical
	segfault waiting to happen, but one that isn't tickled by the
	current test suite.  Fixes failures under perl 5.8.8 as
	reported by clkao.

0.09 Sunday 5th October, 2003
	Split Changes out from HISTORY pod section.
	Port to Module::Build
	We can now determine constant values in called_with.
	Partial fixes for

0.08 2003-03-28
	Added caller_vars as a synonym for called_with
	Added caller_args

0.07 2002-11-21
	Fix to called_as_method from Rafael Garcia-Suarez to handle
	$foo->$method() calls.

0.06 2002-11-20
	Added called_as_method routine

0.05 2002-07-25
	Fix a segfault under ithreads.  
	Cleaned up some development cruft that leaked out while

0.04 2002-07-01
	Decode glob params too.

0.03 2002-04-02
	Refactored to share the upcontext code from PadWalker 0.08