1.96    2023-02-04

- Add Devel::AssertOS::MacOSX::v13

- Add Devel::AssertOS::OSFeatures::Systemd

1.95    2022-10-29

- Add Devel::AssertOS::HWCapabilities::Int{32,64}

1.94    2022-07-27

- Add Mac OS 12 (Monterey)

1.93    2022-04-25

- No functional changes, just changes to where dependencies are declared

1.92    2022-04-24

- Fix bugs in new alias and case-insensitivity features which meant everything
  broke in taint-mode. The new features now no longer work in taint-mode but
  everything else should.

1.91    2022-04-21

- Fix tests for platforms where the OS is detected as something that is
  a family, but not as anything more specific, such as Fedora Linux

1.90    2022-04-20

- Matches are now case-insensitive

- Add support for OS aliases

- Deprecated the list_* functions being context sensitive, they now warn
  when called inappropriately. They will stop being context-sensitive some
  time after April 2024.

1.87    2021-05-25

- Add support for Devuan Linux

1.86    2021-05-20

- Belatedly add doco on Debian family to Families.pod

- Add Mac OS 11 (Big Sur)

1.85    2020-10-15      Add Linux::Raspbian and Linux::Ubuntu;
                        Add Linux::RealDebian for *actual* Debian Linux;
                        Add Linux::UnknownDebianLike for anything else that's like Debian;
                        Linux::Debian has become a family that includes all the above

1.84    2020-10-05      Add some more versions of MacOS;
                        Note change of name Mac OS X -> MacOS, but don't
                          change the module name for backward compatibility;
                        Add MSYS (reported by perl in MinGW environments)

1.83    2020-02-15      Remove dependency on Data::Compare, which in turn
                          depends on non-pure-perl XS in Clone.pm

1.82    2020-02-15      Fix build bug affecting perl 5.8 when AUTOMATED_TESTING
                          is set (https://github.com/DrHyde/perl-modules-Devel-CheckOS/pull/23)

1.81    2018-01-23      Restore 5.6 and 5.8 compatibility;
                        Cope better in tests when @INC is humungous

1.80    2017-05-24      Fix bug where tests would fail if
                          AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 on perl 5.26 and higher;
                        For some reason that made it break on 5.8.9,
                          but I don't really care

1.79    2016-10-30      Fix another minor bug

1.78    2016-10-30      Fix an isue that made it uninstallable on some
                          systems (https://github.com/DrHyde/perl-modules-Devel-CheckOS/issues/16)

1.77    2016-10-21      Add MacOSX:v10_11 and ..._12

1.76    2015-03-13      Add GNU Hurd

1.75    2015-03-08      Add Minix and iOS;
                        Correct ancient typo in Apple family that no-one
                          has ever noticed because no-one uses 'classic'
                          Mac OS;
                        Various 'kwalitee' improvements from Dale Evans

1.74    2015-03-04      Add Linux::Debian;
                        Add MacOSX::v10_* (up to 10_10);
                        Add perl 5.6.2 support
                          all the above thanks to Dale Evans

1.73    2014-08-01      Add support for Android

1.72    2014-04-16      Add support for Bitrig, an OpenBSD fork;
                        Check $^O case-insensitively as some OSes
                          aren't particularly consistent

1.71    2013-01-27      Bugfix, better tests for negative assertions,
                          also from Yanick

1.7     2012-11-20      Add support for negative assertions in
                          Devel::AssertOS, thanks to Yanick Champoux

1.64    2011-04-25      Add support for GNU/kFreeBSD

1.63    2010-05-29      $^O for VOS is sometimes VOS, sometimes vos;
                        VOS supports POSIX shell redirections

1.62    2010-05-21      Add OS X 10.5 platform and EBCDIC family

1.61    2009-04-25      Better code coverage in tests;
                        Fix bug in script - not copying all members of
                          a family, only those it checked up until the
                          OS it's running on

1.6     2009-04-21      Only ask to confirm what this platform is in
                          Makefile.PL if AUTOMATED_TESTING is set;
                        Add MidnightBSD

1.55    2009-04-16      This time with the damned changes - really
                          shouldn't be doing releases at 1 am :-)

1.54    2009-04-16      And more irritating little changes, this time
                          to make tests pass on 5.6.2

1.53    2009-04-15      Grargh!  5.10.0 doesn't fully populate %INC
                          if a module dies when we use() it. HATE.
                          So need another way to find the files in the
                          scripts.  Grr. Hate. Kill.

1.52    2009-04-15      Scalar context bug fixed in script, thanks to
                          Mike Kelly
                        Tests and misc fixes for script

1.51    2009-04-14      OS "families" can tell you what their members are;
                        Update Extending.pod to explain that

1.50    2008-11-11      No bugs found in 1.49_01, bumping to 1.50
                        The "shrill demented choirs of wailing shells"

1.49_01 2008-11-05      add Haiku (thanks to Ingo Weinhold)
                        BeOS has a POSIXish shell
                        Makefile.PL can now explain what some of the
                          OSes and OS families are (thanks to Michael
                          Schwern for suggesting it)
                        The "only honest man to ever enter parliament"

1.46    2008-10-27      fix bug on Windows

1.45    2008-10-22      add QNX, QNX::v4, QNX::Neutrino
                          (thanks to Matt Kraai)
                        add Realtime family
                        doco about families
                        add licence text files
                        families now use documented interface instead
                          of embedding $^O values all over the place

1.44    2008-09-26      add D::A::MirOSBSD ($^O eq 'mirbsd')

1.43    2008-03-12      use-devel-assertos now prints some status updates;
                        Break up 'package Devel::CheckLib' in inc/ so
                          distributions including it don't get marked
                          as 'unauthorised'

1.42    2007-11-20      Applied Seth Blumberg's patch to make
                          list_platforms work on not-Unix;
                        Documented that ...::OSFeatures::* is reserved;
                        Added D::A::OSFeatures::POSIXShellRedirection

1.41    2007-11-07      Aaargh, fixed broken Makefile.PL

1.4     2007-11-07      Fix use-devel-assertos to update MANIFEST

1.3     2007-11-07      Support multi-level OSnames

1.2     2007-10-14      Made prompts in Makefile.PL clearer;
                        Added use-devel-assertos script;
                        Makefile.PL now requires 5.005 instead of use

1.1     2007-10-04      Oops, forgot to 'use Exporter'!

1.0     2007-10-02      Remove File::Spec::Functions;
                        Test that we can load the OSes we detected.
                          This is totally paranoid cos we already
                          did it in Makefile.PL to detect them, but
                          mumble mumble case insensitve mumble

0.92    2007-10-01      More portability fixes

0.91    2007-10-01      Fix filesystem portability stuff using 'catdir'

0.9     2007-09-30      First release candidate