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Revision history for Perl module Devel::Git::MultiBisect

0.01 Wed Oct 12 19:33:35 2016
    - original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.55
    - first CPAN upload: Nov 01 2016

0.02 Tue Nov  1 14:14:37 EDT 2016
    - Correct POD formatting errors in Devel::Git::MultiBisect.

0.03 Fri Nov  4 11:34:10 EDT 2016
    - In examples/, add annotation for use of

0.04 Wed Nov  9 10:09:08 EST 2016
    - Comment out module import used only for debugging.

0.05 Fri Nov 11 20:19:19 EST 2016
    - Makefile.PL: use Devel::CheckBin to determine git's presence.

0.06 Sat Nov 12 20:32:53 EST 2016
    - Opts:  Use Perl 5 %Config's 'make' as starting point for 'make_command'.

0.07 Wed Nov 16 10:03:57 EST 2016
    - tests: Per discussion in, use \Q
      and \E to better handle string interpolation within patterns. Eily++;

0.08 Sun Nov 20 09:11:55 EST 2016
    - Exclude from Windows.

0.09 Fri Dec 28 09:27:44 EST 2018
    - Mostly a maintenance release intended to prepare for addition of
      functionality for build-time multisection in upcoming release.  Use of
      get_current_branch() discontinued.

0.10 Sat Dec 29 12:11:47 EST 2018
    - Combine four test files into one to avoid problems where tester
      (especially a CPANtester) has envvar HARNESS_OPTIONS set to j2 or 
      greater.  The four test files in question each touch the submodules
      in t/lib/.  Parallel testing disturbed these in unexpected ways.
      Thanks to Slaven Rezić and Andreas König

0.11 Fri Jan  4 09:52:27 EST 2019
    - Introduce Devel::Git::Multisect::BuildTransitions:  Functionality for
      identifying places where different build-time errors occurred in the
      Perl 5 core distribution.  Considerable refactoring (e.g.,
      Devel::Git::Multisect::Init) to avoid repeated code.

0.12 Mon Feb 11 19:00:29 EST 2019
    - Minor documentation and metadata changes only.

0.13 Fri Dec  6 13:10:28 EST 2019
    - BuildTransitions:  Enable multisection for changes in build-time

0.14 Tue Mar 31 08:47:56 EDT 2020
    - Add example program: xt/  No change in 

0.15 Sat Aug 21 16:02:02 UTC 2021
    - Enforce requirement of Perl 5.14

0.16 Wed Aug 25 23:33:44 UTC 2021
    - No change in functionality.
    - Testing no longer relies on git submodules shipped to repository or
      within CPAN distribution.  Instead, testers must do separate checkouts
      of certain GitHub locations, place paths to those checkouts in 
      environmental variables and invoke those envvars before running tests.
      (See for details.)

0.17 Mon Aug 30 13:26:42 UTC 2021
    - Devel::Git::MultiBisect::BuildTransitions::multisect_builds() now accepts 
      "{probe => 'stderr'}" as its argument.  This will enable the user a way to
      track any changes in the STDERR output generated while running 'make', e.g.,
      changes in warnings generated by Perl scripts invoked by 'make'.

    - Devel::Git::MultiBisect::Auxiliary::get_current_branch() has been removed.  It
      had not been used anywhere in the distribution in several years.

    - 'workdir' is no longer used either as a command-line switch processed by
      Devel::Git::MultiBisect::Opts or as an attribute inside any
      Devel::Git::MultiBisect::* object.  It was found to be superfluous.

0.18 Mon 30 Aug 2021 03:38:23 PM EDT
    - No change in functionality; only correction to plan in one test file.

0.19 Wed 01 Sep 2021 08:20:55 AM EDT
    - No change in functionality; requiring Data::Dump for testing.

0.20 Sun 12 Sep 2021 09:21:07 PM EDT
    - Devel::Git::MultiBisect::Opts: introduce attributes 'compiler' and
      'probe'.  These will enable us to write programs in which all parameters
      needed for any of the three variants of 'probe' in
      can be supplied via command-line switches; see

    - In programs using Devel::Git::MultiBisect::BuildTransitions, the value
      for 'probe' should now be provided in the list of arguments passed to
      new() rather than in a hashref passed to multisect_builds().  The latter
      approach is deprecated and will be removed in early 2022.  The new approach
      enables us to pass all essential arguments as command-line switches.

    - Introduce helper function

0.21 Tue Apr 23 05:11:47 PM EDT 2024
    - Devel::Git::MultiBisect: introduce method 'set_outside_targets()' to
      handle case bisection exercises a test file located outside the git
      checkout of the source code.