Revision history for Perl module Devel::ModInfo

2.04 2014-04-24 NEILB
    - Realised there will probably be a lot of -I's going on in smokers,
      so adding those directories to the .PL scripts...

2.03 2014-04-22 NEILB
    - Still lots of fails, try using $^X in the #! path...

2.02 2014-04-22 NEILB
    - The .PL scripts were all setting the #! path to Config{startperl},
      which I think was causing a lot of failures due to Parse::RecDescent
      not being found.

2.01 2014-04-21 NEILB
    - Needed to install a new version of Pod::Checker to find the pod error
      that MetaCPAN was griping about :-(

2.00 2014-04-21 NEILB
    - Had to bump the version number because some of the sub-modules
      previously had a version number 1.3
    - Added MyModule to no_index -- it's an example in ex/

0.06 2014-04-21 NEILB
    - Fixed abstract in pod to follow convention
    - Moved all modules into lib/Devel/
    - Added "use warnings" to all modules.
    - Added consistent $VERSION to all modules.
    - All prereqs in PREREQ_PM, and added CONFIGURE_REQUIRES and TEST_REQUIRES
    - Reformatted Changes as per CPAN::Changes::Spec
    - Fixed pod errors
    - Added github repo to metadata and pod
    - Tweaked things so 'make clean' will remove the right things
    - Specified license type as 'artistic_1' in doc and metadata
    - pod and code no longer use indirect method call notation
    - Min perl version set to 5.6.0

0.05 2002-08-18 JTILLMAN
    - Added README
    - Added COPYING (Artistic License)
    - Added License Statement to all code files
    - Changed versioning convention on all code files
    - Added modinfo2embpod.PL to the MANIFEST

0.01 2002-08-17 JTILLMAN
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.19