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Devel::ModInfo::Property - Defines a particular value in a Perl module that can be accessed and possibly updated


Not meant to be used outside the ModInfo system.


Devel::ModInfo::Property has no real corollary in actual Perl code. It is a logical construct which defines a dicrete value in a Perl module that can be accessed and perhaps updated via either direct access to the Perl variable, or via accessor/mutator combinations.

An example would be if you defined a lexically scoped variable in your module that you wanted to make available via a "get_value" method and make updatable via a "set_value" method. You might name the property "Value" and define the two methods as the read_method and write_method, respectively.

There is no run-time Perl syntax support for any ModInfo constructs, certainly not ones that do not even exist in Perl. Properties and other ModInfo features are mainly for design-time inspection of the interfaces defined by Perl modules.