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Revision history for Perl extension Devel::Modlist.

0.801	Fri Sep  5 02:34:20 PDT 2008

	Previous release missed some commits/files. Did not deliver the
	Module::Build support (new file Build.PL) or the author/abstract
	meta-data in Makefile.PL. had an outdated link for the LGPL 2.1 license, fixed.

0.8	Thu Sep  4 02:17:39 PDT 2008

	Added and documented support for a YAML output format. Also added
	explicit license information in the pod.

	Moved into a lib/Devel library to create a more traditional
	layout. Affects MANIFEST and Makefile.PL as well.

0.7	Tue Jun 13 16:01:32 MDT 2006

	The 0.6 release failed to deliver an updated README, ChangeLog, or
	the newly-added test-suites.

0.6	Wed May 31 20:47:26 MDT 2006
	Several changes: A fix to the handling of options passed in via
	environment variables; Restored use of "strict" pragma and notes in
	the docs about always removing it from the output; Updated use of
	CPAN mechanics for the "cpan" option.

	New test suites to test pod correctness and coverage.

	Extended the list of files to clean.

0.5	Sat Apr 27 02:36:46 PDT 2002
	- second beta

	Added support for options to be specified in environment variables,
	either "Devel::Modlist" or "Devel__Modlist" (in order of preference).
	See the man page for the details of using this.

0.4	Sat Jul 22 02:54:46 PDT 2000
	- first beta

	Added the options "cpan" and "cpandist" to do CPAN-based reduction.
	Assuming your Perl installation uses the CPAN module for management
	of modules, these options will reduce the list of modules such that
	only one representative of a given CPAN distribution file is shown.
	The "cpandist" option causes the displayed value to be the actual
	CPAN file, rather than just the shorted package name.

	Make use of File::Spec->splitdir when translating filenames into
	package names. This should avoid any problems on Macs, etc.

0.3	Wed Feb  2 00:41:59 PST 2000
	- third alpha

	Added patch from Alex Stewart ( to have the output
	refer to file paths rather than packages. This is useful for feeding
	to package management commands such as RPM, for dependancy checks.

	Tuned the "path" option, added the "stop" option (which ended up
	affecting a large part of the structure) and cleaned up the docs.
	Also decided to not use any pragmas so as to not add to the output
	should the user not have included them. Released to CPAN as 0.3.

0.2	Sat Feb 13 03:12:57 PST 1999
	- second alpha

	Changed the algorithm that removes core modules. Now decendant
	directories are no longer an issue. Added a new option, 'noversion',
	to suppress display of the version number.

0.1	Thu Feb 11 00:48:51 1999
	- first CPAN-ready version

	Basic package ready for public scrutiny; implements the basic
	functionality as well as the 'nocore' option. There is a test
	in Makefile.PL to warn about problems with nocore if your
	installprivlib is a direct ancestor of your installsitelib.

0.01	Fri Jan  8 01:06:17 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18

	Part proof-of-concept, part oops-I-volunteered. A Devel::* package
	to list loaded/used modules at script exit, for dep lists and such.