Revision history for Devel-TraceUse

2.097 2023-01-04 BOOK
    - Take into account extra frames introduced in @INC hook handling
      by Perl 5.37.7 (YVES)
    - Declare Perl 5.8 as the minimum version requirement

2.096 2018-12-30 BOOK
    - Properly separate different attempts at loading the same module
    - Override CORE::GLOBAL::require to ensure the hook is always first
      (so `use lib` won't hide the module loaded right after it)
    - Refactorized some of the internals
    - Updated some links in the documentation

2.095 2016-12-04 BOOK
    - Improve detection of (Debian patch)
    - Minor documentation fixes

2.094 2016-03-20 BOOK
    - Disabled extra debugger features rather than working around them
      (fix RT #89600, contributed by Graham Knop (HAARG))
    - Added SEE ALSO section with a discussion of the main modules
      on CPAN for determining dependencies. (NEILB)
    - Tweaked formatting of this file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec, in the
      process ensuring all dates are UTC (like CPAN & PAUSE). (NEILB)
    - Simplified the data structure and the caller() call
    - Packaged using Dist::Zilla (thus closing RT #106893)

2.093 2014-06-26 BOOK
    - fixed the test script to properly deal with sitecustomize and proxies
      in all possible combinations (thanks a lot to Christan Walde (MITHALDU)
      for his help with testing under Windows!)

2.092 2014-04-03 BOOK
    - auto-dereferencing only works since 5.14
    - move the xt/ tests back in t/, guarded by RELEASE_TESTING

2.091 2014-03-29 BOOK
    - documentation fixes (thanks to Ioan Rogers (IOANR))
    - test fixes (related to Module::CoreList)

2.09 2013-02-16 BOOK
    - added a proxy-reporting feature, that lists modules/subroutines
      found to load other modules --but no change to the tree output yet--
      (thanks to Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN))

2.08 2012-09-13 BOOK
    - fixed the module's encoding to match the =encoding POD directive

2.07 2012-09-13 BOOK
    - Added support for "perl -c": dump tree at CHECK phase if -c is set
      (contributed by Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN))

2.06 2012-01-14 BOOK
    No code change, but:
    - More thoroughly remove @INC from the error output
    - do not open output test files as utf8
    - fix a warning when using a dev version of Module::CoreList

2.05 2011-04-18 BOOK
    - new 'output' option to redirect TraceUse result to a file
      (fully implemented by Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN) at the Perl QA
      Hackathon 2011)

2.04 2011-04-16 BOOK
    - use ${"$package\::VERSION"} instead of $package->VERSION to
      avoid the validation in ->VERSION to choke on modules using (RT #65284)

2.03 2010-09-21 BOOK
    - The 'hidecore' option will hide core modules in the output
      (initial patch by David Leadbeater)
    - moved author tests to xt/

2.02 2010-07-07 BOOK
    - Added the module version (if available) to the output
    - Improved test suite for Win32 and

2.01 2010-05-11 BOOK
    No code change, but:
    - improved test suite to work with Win32 and
      (many thanks to Apocalypse (APOCAL) for Win32 testing)
    - work around indexing

2.00 2010-03-25 BOOK
    Complete rewrite by Philippe Bruhat (BooK):
    - build a more correct load tree, including modules loaded at runtime
    - report failures to load a module
    - report modules loaded but not attached to the loading tree
    - do not compute compilation time (it was wrong anyway)
    - extensive test suite

1.00 2006-07-11 CHROMATIC
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.