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Revision history for Device-ELM327

0.01  27 March 2012
      First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
0.02	28 March 2012
      Improved POD formatting. Replaced UTF-8 characters with ASCII.
0.03  29 March 2012
      Fixed typos in POD.
      Renamed ShowReadbleParameters to ShowReadableValues.
      Fixed problem in Makefile.PL with underscore character in
      $ExtUtils::MakeMaker::VERSION. Used regex to strip it.

0.04  7 May 2012
      Added support for command 02 (freeze frame data).
      Fixed bugs in command 05, but more work is required.
      Added support for command 06 for CAN systems.
      Tidied up FindAvailableCommands.
0.05  13 May 2012
      Added low level support for commands 03, 07 and 0A.
      Command 05 now displays the correct result and limit values.

0.06  18 May 2012
      Improved error handling for GetResult.
      Fixed a bug in the command 06 code.
      Removed obsolete commands.

0.07  20 May 2012
      Added conditional serial module name to PREREQ_PM in Makefile.PL.
      Added text to explain boolean results.

0.08  27 May 2012
      Increased $max_ports_to_search to 64.
		Revised the error values returned.
		Removed obsolete DisplayTroubleCodes function.
		Added POD for undocumented functions and reordered functions.

0.09  16 October 2013
      Investigated bug #89287. Have not managed to replicate, but added
      extra diagnostic text to ShowTroubleCodes.
      Fixed a bug in the handling of results for commands 03, 07 & 0A.
      Added checking for and reporting of negative response codes and
      handling for 78 (Request Correctly Received - Response Pending).

0.10	3 April 2014
		Changed $port_name in the constructor to $port_details and added
		code to the OpenPort function to split out and use baud rate, 
		parity, data bit, stop bit and handshake values if supplied.
		Previous functionality is still supported (port name or "") and
		it is possible to just pass a baud rate value if that is the only
		parameter that needs to change from the default values.
		This fixes bug #93551 which asks for a way to set the baud rate.

0.11	7 April 2014
		Fixed bug #89287. Debug data allowed me to trace the problem to 
		the code that handles packets in SAE J1979 format.
		Also fixed a problem with processing the sensor 13/1D commands.

0.12	28 April 2014
		Fixed bug #95030. This was caused by a semantic change to qw() 
		that was made in Perl 5.18.

0.13  4 January 2015
      Implemented the code in the patch supplied by Jason McCarver to 
      make the ReadResponse function more robust (bug 96006).

0.14  5 January 2015
      Fixed bug #101289. Rebuilt the module using my old development
      machine with Perl 5.10.1 and MakeMaker 6.55_02, rather than 
      Perl 5.18.2 and MakeMaker 6.66 which are on my current machine.