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Revision history for Device-Neurio

0.01    June 18, 2014
        First version, contains first 5 API calls available for beta testers
0.02    June 23, 2014
        Improved POD documentation
        Added checking for required parameters
        Added support for optional parameters
0.03    June 23, 2014
        Added pre-requisite of LWP::UserAgent to Makefile.PL
        Added more detailed error messages on failures
0.04    June 25, 2014
        Added error checking for Granularity
        Added error checking for Frequency in Energy_Stats
        Added general comments to code
        Added details of data structures in POD
0.05    skipped since I burned this during my initial attempts to upload
0.06    skipped since I burned this during my initial attempts to upload
0.07    June 25, 2014
        Adjusted Makefile.PL with specific requirements
0.08    June 25, 2014
        Updated README
        Updated Device-Neurio.t with only the 'use' test
        Added EXPORT section
0.09    June 29, 2014
        Added support for page and perPage parameters
0.10    July 01, 2014
        Added references to documentation for ISO8601 for time specification
0.11    July 19, 2014
        Update documentation
        Added option for debug printouts
        Moved all the URLs to $self
        Added a function to dump the contents of $self
0.12    July 24, 2014
        Added decoding of the HTTP code and reason for most recent request
        Added functions to fetch last code and last reason
        Moved common code to __process_get
0.13    Sept 07, 2014
        Corrected a bug in __process_get()
        implemented the storing of "code" and "reason" from the most recent API call
        Added support for new 'Appliance' API features
        Changed the names of existing 'Samples' functions to follow a more consistent naming scheme
        Updated documentation
0.14    Oct 19, 2014
        Added separate functions for fetching events per appliance or per location
        Added support for 'since' option when getting appliance events by location
0.15    Oct 31, 2014
        Added calculation of execution of Fetch commands
        Added funciton to retrieve time of last execution
0.16    Sept 06, 2015
        Added DESTROY function
        Added Debug function to support debug logging
        Removed unnecessary validation of parameters that is performed by the REST interface
        Corrected fetch_Appliances_Events_by_Location
        Added 'put', 'patch', 'post' and 'delete funcitons
        General cleanup of documentation