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Revision history for Perl extension Device::NeurioTools.

0.01    June 28, 2014
        First version, contains documentation only
0.02    June 28, 2014
        added code for basic functions
0.03    July 01, 2014
        added support for timezones
0.04    July 02, 2014
        changed constructor to accept a Neurio object
        removed the Connect method
0.05    July 13, 2014
        added methods for 'power consumed', 'power generated' and energy consumed'
0.06    July 19, 2014
        changed 'rate' methods to 'flat_rate' to accomodate TOU methods coming
        updated documentation
        added option to support debug printouts
        added method for 'get_power_consumed'
0.07    Oct 19, 2014
        Added functions to calculate cost for 2-tiered ToU (still under development)
        Added funcitons for ISO8601 calculations
        Added funciton to get Appliance ID
0.08    Sept 06, 2015
        Added DESTROY Function
        Added get_number_of_appliances Function
        Added get_cycle_ID Function
        Modified get_appliance_ID Function
        Changed print statements to use Logging function