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Release 0.03
  * Have tracked down the cause of connection problems in Windows. It turns
  out I believe to be a bug in Win32::SerialPort where the baudrate is not
  being set correctly. A bug has been raised which I assume will be fixed in
  the next version. See
  * The read_ax25_frame method in Device::TNC has been renamed to read_frame as
  this not an AX.25 frame at this point. It's already been decoded by the TNC.
  Though all the fields are containded in the frame except the FCS.

Release 0.02
  * Fixed a bug that caused most of the data in the INFO field to be ignored.
  * Now the full INFO field for the captured frame is being included.
  * The Device::TNC::KISS module can now read frames from a raw KISS log file.
  * The FCS bits at the end of AX.25 frames are not present in the frames I
  collect using my TNC-X. Thus I cannot parse this data and return it in the
  structure returned by read_ax25_frame for now the field has been removed.

Release 0.01
  * Initial creation.
  * Has been tested with a TNC-X under Linux (2.6.16 kernel) and Windows 2000.
  * There is a bug on Windows where the KISS TNC doesn't open properly for some
  reason. To work around this I've found that if you connect to the TNC using
  UI-View and the quite UI-View the TNC can be used after that. I have not been
  able to track down the cause of this issue however.