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Revision history for Perl extension Digest::MD4.

*** 2000/08/26 Version 1.0

Built by adapting MD5, code from RFC 1320. Some test data from 

*** 2001/07/28 Version 1.1

Fixed compatibility with Digest::HMAC. add and reset now return
their context, suggested by 
Tim Meadowcroft <>. Thanks Tim.

*** 2003/10/30 Version 1.2

Rebuilt from Digest::MD5 1.30, to acheive Digest:: spec compatibility

*** 2003/11/28 Version 1.3

Fixed compile errors reported while being built unders windows cywin with Perl 5.8.2

*** 2004/09/13 Version 1.4

Fixed Makefile problems on some versions of perl 5.8.0

*** 2004/11/17 Version 1.5

ActivePerl version adds hexhash() for compatibility
Contributed by Gisle Aas

*** 200?/??/?? Version 1.6

Fixed example output in doc in Reported by

*** 2013/03/14 Version 1.7
Removed defunct code that caused incorrect error message when building on 64 bit platforms, patch by

*** 2013/03/14 Version 1.8
Fixed a test error in files.t. Corrected the comment to do with the reason in
verison 1.7

*** 2013-03-22 Version 1.9
Updated author and distribution location details to