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1.8:	Workaround for older perl
	- Josh Clark suggested substr workaround needed by 5.004

1.7:	Optimisation Release:
	- increased speed by 17% (on i386, FreeBSD, Perl 5.8.2)
	- re-enabled speed test (set number of counts with $ENV{MD5_SPEED_TEST})

1.6:	Reworked OOP Interface:
	- added reset() and clone() (to be compatible with Digest::MD5)
	- add() and addfile() now save memory
	- added more tests
	- added tools/md5 (BSD compatible md5(1))
1.5:    Don't rely on (1 << 32) being 1 on 32 bit machines.
	Get rid of ``no integer'' pragma and inline rotate left
	Version 1.5 outperforms version 1.4 approximately by
	factor 2.

1.4:	Removed obsolete sum() function (hint from Guido Flohr)
	round() function is now dynamically generated,
	different code for 32bit and 64bit architechtures.
	Global 'use integer' (except for rotate_left()).
	Faster than 1.3.	

1.3:	Patch for the object interface from Gisle Aas.
	The module works as a fallback for Digest::MD5 now.
	Replaced 'use constant' with inline functions.
1.2:	Fixed a bug in the padding routine.
	Different sum routines, so Perl 5.6.0 works now.
	Using 'use integer'.
1.0:	Fix for big endian machines.