1.1.1    2007 July 7
         - Added a note in the pod that this module is deprecated in favor
           of Digest::SHA

1.1.0    2003 December 5
         - tweaked test scripts
         - added more examples
         - added rounds() method to be consistent with Digest::Haval256
         - added clone() method
         - module Digest::base is now required
         - now becomes a subclass of Digest::base
         - defines SHA2_USE_INTTYPES_H for compilation, by default,
           but please read either INSTALL or CAVEAT for a warning

         - deleted addfile() method, as Digest::base already
           implements it

         - base64digest() is deprecated; it will be removed in
           future releases
1.0.0    2003 July 30
         - initial release