2.04     2014 December 1

         The 2.03 release claimed in META.yml that it was 2.00, and we
         were including MYMETA* files in the distribution tarball. Fix
         both of these, reported in RT #99322.

         Include a reply I got from Paulo S.L.M. Barreto in
         upstream/README. I.e. he wasn't interested in applying the
         minor patches I had to the upstream code since it's entirely
         of historical interest at this point.

         Added a link to the GitHub repository & bugtracker to

2.03     2014 October 5

         Get rid of redundant NEED_newRV_noinc macro. This was added
         when I updated ppport.h in 1.0.9 but the subsequent release
         (1.0.10) I stopped using the newRV_noinc() function. After
         bisecting on a ppc64 machine calling that function turned out
         to be the reason for the segfaults reported in RT #84143.

2.02     2014 October 5

         Fix some C compilation warnings due to upstream/nessie.h
         redifining a macro that was defined in hv_func.h. Most of
         these macros & typedefs weren't used at all, so I've just
         removed them.

         Get rid of warnings about unused variables with selective use
         of PERL_UNUSED_VAR. I could also just move to PPCODE for some
         of this stuff, but meh..

2.01     2014 October 4

         Get rid of M::I autoinstall cancer which requires
         CPAN.pm. I'd just nuke M::I entirely if it wasn't Saturday

2.00     2014 October 4

         Apparently I suck at version numbering. 1.0.10 is sorted as
         less recent than 1.0.9 by PAUSE. Just bumping to 2.00 and
         using more CPAN-ish versions to fix this. No other changes.

1.0.10   2014 October 4

         Fix warnings both in the upstream code and our own code,
         mainly to do with casts.

         Remove an unused call to newRV_noinc() from the "new"

1.0.9    2014 October 4

         Now includes the upstream Whirlpool.c and nessie.h
         as-is. There should be no functional changes, but this makes
         the module easier to maintain.

         Also moved the loading of the C code to BEGIN time, again,
         should have no functional changes.

         The ppport.h file was updated to the latest upstream release
         and suggested changes applied to Whirlpool.xs.

         Bump Module::Install to the latest upstream version.

1.0.8    2009 October 18

         Like 1.0.7 but with an updated MANIFEST

1.0.7    2009 October 18

         Fixed RT#50620 reported by KENTNL. The Digest.pm standard
         says that on ->hexdigest the checksum must be reset. But this
         module wasn't doing that. Oops!

1.0.6    2007 July 07
         Fixed typo in script/whirlpoolsum POD

         use utf8 for author name in Makefile.PL

         inc/: Upgraded to M::I 0.67

         Fixed release dates in release by avar, released in 2007, not 2006

1.0.5    2007 January 30
         Fixed typo in pod (oops!)

         Changed to a Module::Install-based build system

         Updated README file

         PODed INSTALL

         whirlpoolsum(1) utility

         removed examples/ directory, the Digest docs and t/ should be more than enough

         Updater ppport.h with Devel::PPPort

         Relicensed from GPL => GPL/Artistic, see COPYING for rationale.

1.0.4    2007 January 24
         - Added a clone() method that clones the state of the current object and
         - returns the cloned object.

         add and addfile now return current the object so ->add( "foo" )->digest
         works like it does in other digest modules.

         Added a b64digest method that is an alias for the base64digest method.

         Removed (add addfile reset) from @EXPORT_OK, 

         Updated the LICENSE section to the recommended FSF GPL notice

         b64digest no longer returns a trailing ==

1.0.3    2004 August 18
         Modified hashsize() to return number of bits, instead of bytes
         (to become consistent with Digest::SHA of Mark Shelor)

1.0.2    2003 July 29
         Minor code cleanup

1.0.1    Optimized even more
         Refined "files.pl" example script by including error-checking

1.0.0    2003 June 07
         Initial release