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Revision history for Perl extension DirDB.

0.01  Mon Jun  3 15:59:28 2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
		-A -X -n DirDB
0.05 11 Nov 2003  dln
	added saving of hash references
	added check for "$rootpath LOCK$key" to go away in FETCH 
	added tying of stored hashrefs
0.06 18 Nov 2003 dln
	added recursive return of deleted directories into hashrefs

0.08 8 Dec dln
	moved Storable function to DirDB::Storable
	more documentation

0.09 27 Jan 2004
        remove Storable from dependency list in makefile

0.10 10 Mar 2004
        add BLESS metadata.  When set, a hashref will be blessed
	accordingly.  And it will be set when a blessed hashref is stored.

0.12 15 Jan 2008
	explicitly closing dirhandles that caused test failures on cygwin/5.8.8