Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Run

0.049     2023-04-29 15:32:05Z
  - fix some test failures on MSWin32 due to path separators (Graham Ollis,

0.048     2019-02-09 02:48:27Z
  - more fixes for MSWin path canonicalization

0.047     2018-05-01 01:39:08Z
  - added new formatting code %o to represent the source dir

0.046     2017-07-24 02:08:24Z
  - now logging a warning when using %d in [Run::BeforeBuild], or %a in a
    non-release plugin, where these values are not yet defined

0.045     2017-05-30 00:04:46Z
  - fix MSWin32 test failures where path separators do not come out as

0.044     2017-03-29 00:14:00Z
  - once again streaming command output as each line is produced, rather than
    buffering until the process ends (this behaviour was changed in 0.040)

0.043     2016-02-15 04:20:20Z
  - new [Run::BeforeArchive] plugin

0.042     2015-08-04 03:44:33Z
  - properly chomp carriage returns from output on MSWin32

0.041     2015-08-03 02:18:18Z
  - fix logic used for extra diagnostics during quiet fatal errors (0.040)

0.040     2015-08-02 02:20:25Z
  - drop use of Path::Class, when Dist::Zilla is new enough
  - if a dying command causes the build to fail and the command diagnostics
    were not shown, show them before dying, to aid debugging (reverted in
    0.044, as it did not behave as intended)

0.039     2015-06-18 05:59:06Z
  - fix test failures when using a perl with whitespace in its path
  - document the execution order of the various command options
  - guard plugin variables from leaking into the eval string's scope

0.038     2015-05-22 04:01:27Z
  - new 'quiet' configuration option

0.037     2015-05-14 07:04:34Z
  - resolve failures on Dist::Zilla 5.035 caused by the release_status code
    still being in flux at that time

0.036     2015-05-08 21:48:32Z
  - fix unintended consequence of changes in Dist::Zilla 5.035 where asking
    for the distribution's trial status might cause other plugins to run
  - prevent tests from failing when TRIAL or RELEASE_STATUS is set in the

0.035     2015-03-31 03:09:04Z
  - fix tests to avoid setting a newly-immutable config variable directly
    (David Golden, PR#11)

0.034     2015-02-09 04:56:26Z
  - better [Run::Clean] implementation that does not run afoul of MSWin32's
    poor garbage collection habits

0.033     2015-02-07 23:18:03Z
  - new [Run::Clean] plugin

0.032     2015-01-13 21:42:01Z
  - work around test failures with OSX system perl (RT#101483; see also
    perldoc perlmacosx)

0.031     2015-01-13 02:18:53Z
  - switch to using $^X for %x, rather than $Config{perlpath}, to avoid
    mismatches for OSX system perl (RT#101483)

0.030     2015-01-10 21:04:59Z
  - fix failures in new fatal_errors test on MSWin32 by avoiding executing

0.029     2015-01-05 01:59:05Z
  - added new "fatal_errors" option (defaults to true, as always)

0.028     2014-11-24 02:35:12Z
  - now properly evaluating formatting codes inside 'eval' lines

0.027     2014-11-12 01:41:50Z
  - new formatter code added: "%t", for indicating a trial release (PR#9,
    Thomas Sibley)

0.026     2014-09-06 06:42:06Z
  - all test reports are green! release the hounds!

0.025     2014-08-18 03:36:32Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - fix use of path separator in test to avoid more failures on MSWin32
  - fix use of :crlf mode in test to avoid yet more failures on MSWin32

0.024     2014-08-16 00:36:01Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - fix use of path separator in test to avoid failure on MSWin32
  - new "eval" option, for executing Perl code

0.023     2014-08-06 05:33:20Z
  - convert uses of Path::Class to Path::Tiny
  - dump config into metadata when [MetaConfig] used, but the
    'censor_commands' option can be used to avoid this

0.022     2014-07-24 15:36:32Z
  - more complete metadata and author tests

0.021     2014-02-23 23:31:47Z
  - Lazy load runtime dependencies. Thanks Olivier Mengué!
  - unroll author pluginbundle, to remove some unneeded and broken

0.020     2013-04-21 00:02:21Z
  - Switching to [@Author::GETTY] dzil bundle
  - Adding .travis.yml for travis-ci

0.019     2013-04-15 14:52:25Z
  - Delay evaluation of some vars (like dist version) until needed.
    Thanks, Tatsuhiko Miyagawa!

0.018     2013-03-02 17:46:39Z
  - Added new options, cleaned up documentation

0.017     2013-02-17 04:20:54Z
  - Fix silly bug in tests for non-unix platforms

0.016     2013-02-13 14:49:47Z
  - Add 'run_no_trial' option for running commands
    only when it is not a trial build/release.

0.015     2013-02-04 00:25:50Z
  - Copy examples for all runners to Synposis on main page

0.014     2013-01-19 03:21:24Z
  - Add Run::AfterMint plugin for running commands after making a new dist.

0.013     2011-11-09 13:23:08Z
  - Fix Pod spelling error pointed out by Debian Perl Group (rt-72278).

0.012     2011-11-06 00:30:03Z
  - Add '%x' for perl path (similar to $^X)
  - Use strict and warnings in each module
  - Test fixes

0.011     2011-10-28 15:25:04Z
  - Explicitly stringify '%a' to keep String::Formatter happy.
    Make sure it's tested.
    Closes rt-72008. Thanks to Olivier Mengué (dolmen) for reporting.

0.010     2011-09-10 18:06:33Z
  - Define '%p' as the OS path separator in case anybody ever needs
    cross-platform dist.ini commands
  - Enable the tests for the Run::Test plugin
  - Make tests cross-platform

0.009     2011-09-07 14:34:14Z
  - added the [Run::Test] plugin

0.008     2011-08-09 16:31:33Z
  - Stream command output incrementally instead of waiting
    until the command is done. (RWSTAUNER)
    Closes gh-4.  Thanks to SamuraiJack for the suggestion.

  - Show correct exit status on command failure.

0.007     2011-08-08 03:30:39Z
  - Define other (constant) string format conversions (%n, %v);
    Retain positional %s for backward compatibility. (RWSTAUNER)

0.006     2011-05-21 00:58:17Z
    - Fixed wrong bangpath

0.005     2011-04-29 20:54:18Z

0.005     2011-01-21 10:21:08Z

0.004     2010-12-14 20:19:54Z
    - Minimal pod changes

0.003     2010-12-14 02:18:00Z
    - Complete Change of API

0.002     2010-12-13 17:07:27Z

0.001     2010-12-12 03:14:54Z
    - First release