Moved Tagnames from Tag.pm to Parser.pm so the addons won't break Reduced.
Fixed Bug in Value.pm so reftype is not ambigious.
Fixed Bug in include/extend/ssi so they won't autoescape the filename
Fixed missing exists in devar_var.
Made devar_var call __getitem__ if it's there.
Removed useless variable from {% for %} perl output
Fixed multiple keyword issue of https://sourceforge.net/tracker2/?func=detail&aid=2569310&group_id=249411&atid=1126348
Added parser switching while parsing (parse() not unparsed());
Fixed useless error while rendering empty output.
Fixed hickup in cunjunction with scalarrefs and the current directory
Improved cache, added reparse if needed.
Template.pm's param() now works exactly like HTML::Template's param().
Stored more stuff in Template.pm (parameter, parser, current directory)
Improved file-changed detection.
Added %NOCOMPILE to Addon.pm to skip addons that are not needed with compiled templates


Fixed bugs in Meta.YML.
Added some more tests.


Fixed bug in {% url %} with autoescaping
Added example (blog.pl)
Added Test::Pod::Coverage
Made Test::Pod::Coverage not fail.
Fixed bugs in META.yml
Added version to every module.


Extracted Parser/Template into seperate files
Made set variables with dots in them work
Skipped unicode test with perl 5.6.X


Fixed a single test that had problems on most systems.


Works now in perl 5.6.1.
Fixed requirements.
Added pod tests.
Fixed tests to be skipped on systems with a different time format. (MirBSD)
Added some more info to Meta.YML .


Fixed Documentation
Fixed tests to not use localtime..