Revision history for Email-Folder

0.860     2016-03-05 21:26:55 Europe/Prague
          add messageid method
          do not cut last line of last email
          support for pipe

0.859     2014-09-16 18:29:32-04:00 America/New_York
        - all the changes in this release contributed by Pali Rohár
        - support for mboxcl and mboxcl2
        - add ability to read from a filehandle
        - add next_from and next_messageref methods

0.858     2014-01-07 10:54:18-05:00 America/New_York
          typo fixes in docs (thanks, Florian Schlichting)

0.857     2013-08-05 18:16:44 America/New_York
          eliminate extra Pod tests

0.856     2013-08-05 18:12:09 America/New_York
          avoid duplicating headers when data is malformed (#31132)

          make MH folder reader work on VMS

0.855     2009-07-26
          fix pod tests

0.854     2007-12-23
          fix a bug in which the last header of a mbox message could be lost

0.853     2007-03-23
          packaging improvements

0.852     2006-08-22

0.851     2006-08-01
          use ExtUtils::MakeMaker, to standardize PEP
          add pod coverage tests and improve coverage

0.85      Tuesday 4th April, 2006
          Fix clobbering of $_ in
          Put FH in binmode to fix non-ascii mails on Windows

0.84      Friday 17th December, 2004
          Added in ability for subclasses of Email::Folder::Mbox to override
          IO::File creation.

          Added in information about Perl Email Project

          Added Email::Folder::MH by Ricardo SIGNES

0.83      Sunday 9th May, 2004
          Rerelease without a broken manifest ( $6049)

0.82      Monday 22nd March, 2003
          Add Email::Folder::Ezmlm to the dist.

          Switch to a trad Makefile.PL

          Slow down the release numbering a bit.  I'd like to be stable at
          the point of 1.0 or so.

          Added ->reader as an accessor to the Email::Reader subclass

          Added ->tell to ::Mbox, and seek_to as an option

0.8       29th May, 2003
          mboxcl2 handling is now a little more paranoid, and will recover from
          bad values

 now expects the From_ line to match either of
              /^From (?:Mon|Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri|Sat|Sun)/
              /^From \S+\s+(?:Mon|Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri|Sat|Sun)/
          (based on mutt mbox.c/from.c)

          Document that ->messages is a one-shot operation.

0.7       Tuesday 27th May, 2003
 can grok mboxcl2

          INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Email::Folder::Mbox now takes line endings as
          an explicit option rather than trying to guess.

0.6       Sunday 11th May, 2003
          Rename the files in the test maildir so we can unpack in Win32 systems
          Release with a auto-generated Makefile.PL, for users

0.5       Tuesday 29th April, 2003
          Add iterator interface, plus move the backends to be classes

0.4       Thursday 24th April, 2003
          Add line-ending detection to Email::Folder::MBox
          temporarily disable signing, as it's confusing

0.3       Tuesday 22nd April, 2003
          Just another release of 0.2, now that CPAN repects my authoritay!

0.2       Tuesday 22nd April, 2003
          Lose the (hidden) dependency on UNIVERSAL::require

0.1       Initial version
          Very rough idea