Revision history for Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper

1.317     2013-08-31 23:44:32 America/New_York
          update repo and bugtracker information

          no significant changes, but please see a note on the future:

1.316     2009-01-22
          add repo location metadata

1.315     2008-07-08

          improve docs, improve handling of nested multipart
          thanks to DROLSKY and to the guys at Best Practical

1.314     2007-10-02
          bug fix: bump up prereq on Email::MIME::Modifier
          (fixes a scalar deref issue, reported by JESSE)

1.313     2006-11-25
          resolve bug 19988, make content-type check for inline text case-insens
          packaging improvements

1.311     2006-08-01
          no code changes
          update Makefile.PL to be more mine-able

1.31      2004-12-23
          Rebuilt to use the Perl Email Project more effectively.
          Change author.
          WARNING: Interface will probably change in next release to
                   return parts as Email::MIME objects!

1.3       Wed Aug 25 12:26:34 BST 2004
          force_filename option

1.2       Sun Jul 11 17:24:34 BST 2004
          Work OK on things that aren't even MIME messages.

1.1       Sat Jul  3 17:52:40 BST 2004
          We never checked the ->body! Horrors!

          first CPAN release.