Revision history for Email-MessageID

1.406     2015-08-10 12:08:52-04:00 America/New_York
        - when Sys::Hostname::Long is available, use hostname_long, not

1.405     2014-05-09 22:28:43-04:00 America/New_York
          minor tweaks to how message-id local part is generated

1.404     2014-01-13 23:04:43-05:00 America/New_York
          no changes since previous release

1.403     2013-08-13 09:11:47 America/New_York
          [This might break your code]
          no longer a subclass of Email::Address!

1.402     2010-07-14
          improve documentation of in_brackets

1.401     2009-01-22
          add repo location to metadata

1.400     2008-10-02
          return MessageID objects, not Email::Address objects
          this lets us add in_brackets
          use Sys::Hostname::Long if available

1.351     2007-03-22
          packaging improvements

1.35      2006-07-11
          Fixed version required for Sys::Hostname (thanks BARBIE)
          plan tests (for compat with older harnesses)
          keep a unique per pid part to fend of encroaching collisions (rjbs)
          remove ineffective caching mechanism (rjbs)

1.31      2004-12-22
          Stopped using Time::HiRes. Instead, generate a pseudo-random string.
          Cache user portions of the address to ensure uniqueness.
          Add purge_users() method, undocumented currently. Experimental.

1.2       2004-09-27
          INCOMPATIBLE: Removed trigger code, just subclass to override