Revision history for Perl extension Email::Simple

2.216     2018-06-06 11:47:52-04:00 America/New_York
        - no changes since v2.215

2.215     2018-05-04 16:21:28+10:00 Australia/Melbourne (TRIAL RELEASE)
        - do not re-fold folded lines (Marc Bradshaw)

2.214     2017-09-08 14:21:20-04:00 America/New_York
        - the method header_raw_prepend is now available on emails and headers

2.213     2017-01-11 09:21:54-05:00 America/New_York
        - no changes since v2.212

2.212     2016-12-18 20:05:09-05:00 America/New_York (TRIAL RELEASE)
        - add an $index arg to ->header to get the nth header (thanks, Pali

2.211     2016-11-12 09:39:09-05:00 America/New_York
        - fix a fencepost error in headers and header_names that led to a
          spurious undef in return and to a warning (thanks, Pali Rohár)

2.210     2016-03-05 12:16:16-05:00 America/New_York
        - fix a bug where folding treated the string "0" as an empty string
          (thanks, Pali Rohár)

2.209     2015-10-11 22:57:04-04:00 America/New_York (TRIAL RELEASE)
        - avoid opportunity for pathological backtracking behavior on
          malformed messages

2.208     2015-07-20 20:34:04-04:00 America/New_York
        - same as v2.207
        - ...but bump perl required to v5.8

2.207     2015-07-04 14:23:36-04:00 America/New_York (TRIAL RELEASE)
        - fold headers passed to header arg in create method

2.206     2015-03-26 23:30:51-04:00 America/New_York
        - the changes from 2.204 are back (and re-listed here), but now with
          the added benefit of not breaking Email::MIME; see the git repository
          for the sordid details
        - provide header_raw and header_raw_set for consistent behavior between
          Email::Simple and Email::MIME; also, header_raw_pairs

2.205     2015-03-26 14:54:45-04:00 America/New_York
        - undo changes from 2.204 until safe Email::MIME upgrade path is

2.204     2015-03-25 22:50:49-04:00 America/New_York
        - provide header_raw and header_raw_set for consistent behavior between
          Email::Simple and Email::MIME; also, header_raw_pairs

2.203     2014-02-14 21:56:14-05:00 America/New_York
        - translate vertical whitespace in headers into horizontal whitespace,
          with a warning

2.202     2013-09-04 09:48:33 America/New_York
          repackage with Dist::Zilla; update repo and bug tracker

2.201     2013-04-16
          no changes

2.200_01  2013-04-09
          preserve the original header layout unless changed

2.103     2013-04-09
          fix a bug in header unfolding where "0\n 1" could be unfolded to "01"

2.102     2012-07-13
          recognize crlf correctly even if there is no body (thanks, Christian

2.101     2011-12-23
          remove instruction to use ::Creator instead of just ->create

          documentation improvements (thanks, Michael Stevens)

2.100     2009-11-03
          merge Email-Simple-Creator into Email-Simple distribution

2.005     2009-01-22
          add repository metadata

2.004     2008-06-25
          publicize default_header_class method
          remove the long-deprecated

2.003     2007-07-19
          improve tests, for 5.5 compat
          remove conditional circular prereq on Email::MIME, replace it with a
          warning and delay

2.002     2007-07-14
          change initialization order to unbreak Email::MIME
          do not return ->body from ->body_set to simplify subclass behavior

2.001     2007-07-13
          fix t/perl-minver.t to properly skip if T::MV not installed
          retroactively set 2.000 release date!

2.000     2007-07-13
          huge improvement to speed of bodyless message parsing
            pointed out by Dan Dascalescu; thanks!
          more documentation of header class
          new Header crlf defaults to real CRLF
          fix tests to avoid requiring 5.6

1.999     2007-03-20
          fix bug 25496: deletion of headers affected the wrong range,
            sometimes deleting too many headers -- thanks, Nicholas Oxhoej!
          fix bug 24922: errant space in last header of CRLF-delim email
            thanks, Barry Downes and Alex Vandiver

1.998     2007-02-07
          If you run Email::MIME, you MUST be running Email::MIME 1.857 or
          require Email::MIME 1.857 in Makefile.PL only if an older
            version is already installed
          boldly moving forward with refactored headers and
          greatly reduce memory footprint
          add crlf method to allow other modules to avoid ->{mycrlf}
          fix broken header-junk test

1.996    2006-11-27
  - do not wrap Content-Type field; it can cause Outlook to go nuts
    while this is a special case, it does not make E::S incorrect, as folding
    long headers is allowed (for aesthetics) and not mandated

1.995    2006-10-19
  - tentative refactoring of headers

1.992    2006-10-05

  - fix a number of bugs when setting multiple headers, which would often
    refuse to set more values than were currently present
  - added a test for prepending (rather than appending) headers; while E::S
    does not yet support this, the header behavior will be easier to replace in
    future versions, and this is a forward-looking test

1.990    2006-09-05

  - ->header('foo') returns false if there is no foo header (formerly '')
  - croak if an undef value is passed to new()

1.980    2006-08-17

  - fix _fold() to add a missing line ending [RT #20764] (Brian Cassidy)

1.970    2006-08-17

  - bring ->headers method into Email::Simple
  - ->header_names and ->header_pairs

1.96    2006-07-28

  - output headers in predictable order
  - give tests more meaningful names
  - improved test coverage

1.95    2006-07-21

  - update PEP url
  - reorganize dist

1.94    2006-07-03

  - Fix folding of long headers with \r as line ending (thanks Adam Worrall)
  - add tests for message with no body

1.92    2004-11-11

  - Update dependencies.
  - Update test suite to support proper Test::More syntax.

1.91    2004-10-27

  - Tests use alarm(), skip those tests on MSWin32.
  - body() is initialized to '' if it isn't defined.
  - Author changes.

1.9   Fix our own damned line-wrapping.

1.8   Do our own damned line-wrapping

1.7   Sample, don't assume, what CRLF we're using.
      This means that mail with funny crlfs is round-trippable.

1.61  fixes to test suite.  there was a 5.6ish open my $fh which led to
      test failures under 5.00503

1.6 - fixes to test suite.  We were using no_plan which fails on
      older versions of Test::Harness

1.5 - fixes more warnings during ->as_string calls

      Documents more strongly that Email::Simple is intended for use
      with RFC2822 messages only

1.4 - fixes a warning emitted during ->as_string calls
      fix for header unfolding
1.3 - Many fixes from Richard Clamp <>
1.2 - Text::Wrapper->Text::Wrap

0.01  Thu Feb 13 15:07:01 2003
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
    -b 5.5.3 -AX -n Email::Simple