# Revision history for Perl extension Encode.
# $Id: Changes,v 3.20 2023/11/10 01:10:50 dankogai Exp dankogai $
$Revision: 3.20 $ $Date: 2023/11/10 01:10:50 $
! t/Aliases.t t/CJKT.t t/Encode.t t/Encoder.t t/Unicode.t t/at-cn.t
  t/at-tw.t t/enc_data.t t/enc_eucjp.t t/enc_module.t t/enc_utf8.t
  t/encoding.t t/fallback.t t/grow.t t/gsm0338.t t/guess.t t/jperl.t
  t/magic.t t/mime-header.t t/mime-name.t t/perlio.t t/rt113164.t
  t/rt65541.t t/rt76824.t t/rt85489.t t/rt86327.t t/truncated_utf8.t
  t/utf8strict.t t/rt.pl
  Fix indirect syntax accordingly to (but not by pulling):
! bin/enc2xs
  Pulled: enc2xs: Fix indirect syntax
! bin/encguess
  Pulled: encguess: remove duplicate "the"
! bin/enc2xs
  Pulled: Fix spelling in comment
! t/gsm0338.t
  Pulled: fix gsm0338 test compatibility with perl < 5.8.8

3.19 2022/08/04 04:43:23
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm /t/Aliases.t
  Add ISO-8859-8-I as an alias of ISO-8859-8

3.18 2022/06/25 02:05:01
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm t/mime-header.t
  Pulled: Encode::MIME::Header: Fix base64 word decoding
! t/Unicode_trailing_nul.t t/truncated_utf8.t
  t/utf32warnings.t t/xml.t
  Skip so Github Actions are happy

3.17 2022/04/07 03:06:40
! bin/enc2xs t/enc_data.t t/enc_module.t t/encoding.t t/jperl.t
  Pulled: Fix Issue #144, spurious warnings from -Wc++-compate,
   and a few related nits
  add t/utf32warnings.t which was missing
! t/taint.t
  Pulled: Skip taint tests if your perl was built without taint support
! Unicode/Unicode.pm
  Pulled: fix link to Unicode standard
! t/Unicode_trailing_nul.t
  Pulled: Use note() instead of diag()

3.16 2021/10/13 08:29:13
! Makefile.PL
  Pulled: Only add -Werror=declaration-after-statement for 5.035004 and earlier

3.15 2021/10/08 15:29:23
! Encode.xs
  Revert Encode 3.13 (commit 2397881) which should have been done w/ pull 161

3.14 2021/10/08 00:30:35
! Encode.xs
  Pulled: Fix memory leak in function encode_method()

3.13 2021/10/05 23:48:27
! Encode.xs
  Apply the patch of RT#139622 to fix a memory leak on FB_CROAK

3.12 2021/08/09 14:17:04
! Encode.pm
  Address CVE-2021-36770

3.11 2021/07/23 02:26:54
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
+ t/Unicode_trailing_nul.t
  Pulled: Ensure that UTF-16 decode always includes a trailing NUL.
! Unicode/Unicode.pm t/Unicode.t
  Pullled: Fix links
! lib/Encode/GSM0338.pm
  Address RT#136586
  Just applied perltidy and 'make ci'

3.10 2021/05/18 07:42:45
! JP/JP.pm
  Fix POD Typo
! Encode.pm
  Replace non-ASCII apostrophes w/ \x27, which were introduced in #155

3.09 2021/05/14 10:44:18
! Encode.pm t/Encode.t
  Addressed: find_encoding returns Internal encoding
  `Unicode` is no longer a valid encoding name.
! Encode.pm
  Merge pull request #155 from FGasper/utf8_docs_detail
    then retouch and re^2touch

3.08 2020/12/02 01:28:17
! Makefile.PL
  Addressed: Encode requires Test::More 0.81_01 - this warns
! bin/encguess
  Pulled: Fix typo
! t/gsm0338.t
  Pulled: Remove old disabled tests from t/gsm0338.t
! lib/Encode/GSM0338.pm t/gsm0338.t
  Pulled: GSM0338: Enable PerlIO and fix code to not require
    line buffering #151

3.07 2020/07/25 12:59:29
! lib/Encode/GSM0338.pm t/gsm0338.t
  Pulled: GSM0338: Fix encoding module to be compatible with
    latest  GSM 03.38 standard

3.06 2020/05/02 02:32:27
! bin/enc2xs
  address RT#132471: Will not work in 5.32 going forward
  remove the use of lib/unicore/Name.pl
! encoding.pm
  Bump version from 2.22 to 3.00 to address RT#132377

3.05 2020/03/18 04:56:12
! Encode.pm
  Address Tiny change for Encode.pm from David Levine
    We do some compiled perl, and @INC is not always defined,
    so it throws a warning.
! lib/Encode/Guess.pm
  fix RT#131359: Encode::Guess: incomplete error messsage

3.04 2020/03/10 22:29:50
! Encode.pm
  Bump version to make bleadperl happy

3.03 2020/03/02 04:34:34
! Encode.pm Encode.xs
  pulled: Stop using deprecated function
! Encode.xs
  pulled: Silence unused var warnings from Encode

3.02 2019/12/25 09:23:21
! t/whatwg-aliases.t
  drop RELEASE_TESTING since Pumpking also uses it.
! bin/enc2xs
  Pulled: enc2xs: Add environment variable to suppress comments
! t/enc_utf8.t
  Pulled: fixup enc_utf8.t for ONLY_PRAGMA_WARNINGS
! Encode/encode.h
  Pulled: Fix linker errors

3.01 2019/03/13 00:26:18
! Encode.xs
  patched: Warning: Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry
! Encode/encode.h
  Pulled: Fix compile error and warning

3.00 2019/01/31
! Encode.pm
  VERSION bumped to 3.00 to make PAUSE happy

2.100 2019/01/31 04:26:40
!  Encode.xs MANIFEST
+  t/xml.t
  Pulled: Do not access SV* buffer if we have not called SvPV_force()
  remove utf8messages.t which is already deleted from the repository.

2.99 2019/01/21 03:13:35
! Unicode/Unicode.xs Unicode/Unicode.pm
  VERSION++'ed as Perl core needed.
! encengine.c
  Pulled: protect do_encode from NULL dst

2.98 2018/04/22 09:02:00
! Encode.pm Encode.xs Encode/encode.h Unicode/Unicode.xs encengine.c
t/decode.t t/enc_eucjp.t t/utf8messages.t t/utf8warnings.t
- t/utf8messages.t
+ t/utf32warnings.t
  Pulled: Introduce new Encode check flag Encode::ONLY_PRAGMA_WARNINGS
2.98 2018/04/22 09:02:00
! t/truncated_utf8.t
  Resolved: RT125131: truncated_utf8.t TODO test pass in blead
! Encode.xs
  Pulled: Remove XS functions _bytes_to_utf8() and _utf8_to_bytes()
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
  Pulled: Automatically compute length in attr() macro
! Encode.xs
  Pulled: Fix compile warnings on 64bit MS VS2017

2.97 2018/02/21 12:14:33
! Encode.xs
  Pulled: New perls that fixes

2.96 2018/02/11 05:35:26
! Encode.pm encoding.pm Unicode/Unicode.pm
  VERSION++ to make bleadperl happy

2.95 2018/02/08 00:26:15
! Encode.pm Encode.xs Encode/encode.h Unicode/Unicode.pm
  Unicode/Unicode.xs encengine.c
  Pulled: new perls

2.94 2018/01/09 05:53:00
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  Fixed: deep recursion in Encode::find_encoding when decoding
  bad MIME header
! Encode.pm
  Pulled: Include more information about Encode::is_utf8() that it
  should not be normally used
  Pulled: Remove misleading documentation about UTF8 flag

2.93 2017/10/06 22:21:53
! lib/Encode/MIME/Name.pm t/mime-name.t
  Pulled: Add "euc-cn" => "EUC-CN" alias to Encode::MIME::Name
! encoding.pm
  Pulled: Propagate fatal errors from the encoding pragma back to the caller
  Resolves rt #100427
! lib/Encode/CN/HZ.pm lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  Pulled: Uninitialized value fixes #122
! Makefile.PL
  Pulled: Fix -Werror=declaration-after-statement for gcc 4.1.2

2.92 2017/07/18 07:15:29
! Encode.pm  MANIFEST lib/Encode/Alias.pm
+ t/use-Encode-Alias.t
  Pulled: Fix loading Encode::Alias before Encode
! Makefile.PL
  Pulled: Fix gccversion Argument "630 20170516" isn't numeric
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm t/mime-header.t
  Pulled: Encode::MIME::Header: Fix parsing quoted-printable text
    in strict mode
! Encode.pm
  use define_encoding() instead of tweaking $Encode::Encoding{utf8}.

2.91 2017/06/22 08:11:05
! Encode.pm
  Addressed: RT#122167: use parent q{Encode::Encoding}; fails:
    Can't locate object 
! Makefile.PL
  Pulled: fix gcc warnings for older gcc < 4.0

2.90 2017/06/10 17:23:50
! Makefile.PL
  Pulled: Include all contributors into META
! bin/enc2xs bin/ucmlint encoding.pm
  lib/Encode/Encoding.pm lib/Encode/GSM0338.pm t/CJKT.t
  Pulled: Where possible do not depend on value of $@,
    instead use return value of eval
! Encode.xs
  Pulled: Fix more XS problems in Encode.xs file
! encoding.pm lib/Encode/Encoding.pm t/guess.t
  Pulled: Small fixes
! Encode.pm Makefile.PL
  Pulled: Load modules Encode::MIME::Name and Storable normally
! Unicode/Unicode.pm lib/Encode/Alias.pm lib/Encode/Encoding.pm
  Pulled: Remove no warnings 'redefine'; and correctly loaddependences
! Encode.pm Encode.xs Unicode/Unicode.pm Unicode/Unicode.xs
  Pulled: Remove PP stubs and reformat predefine_encodings()
! Encode.pm Encode.xs
  Pulled: Run Encode XS BOOT code at compile time
! Encode.pm Unicode/Unicode.pm lib/Encode/Encoding.pm
  lib/Encode/Guess.pm lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  Pulled: Use Encode::define_encoding and propagate carp/croak message
! t/truncated_utf8.t t/utf8messages.t
  Pulled: Fixes for older perl versions
! Encode.xs encoding.pm t/enc_eucjp.t t/enc_utf8.t
  Pulled: cperl fixes: encoding undeprecated, no strict hashpairs
  Pulled: Add missing tests into MANIFEST file
! Encode.xs t/fallback.t
  Pulled: Cleanup code for handling fallback/replacement characters

2.89 2017/04/21 05:20:14
! Encode.pm Encode.xs MANIFEST t/enc_eucjp.t t/enc_utf8.t
+ t/utf8messages.t
  Pulled: Fixes for Encode::utf8
! Encode.pm
  Pulled: Fix documentation about CHECK coderef
! Encode.xs
  Pulled: For efficiency use newSVpvn() instead of newSVpv()
    in do_fallback_cb()
! Encode.xs
  Pulled Call Encode callback function with integer argument correctly
! lib/Encode/CN/HZ.pm lib/Encode/GSM0338.pm lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm
  lib/Encode/KR/2022_KR.pm lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  lib/Encode/MIME/Header/ISO_2022_JP.pm lib/Encode/Unicode/UTF7.pm
  Pulled: Fix all Encode modules so their encode(undef) and decode(undef)
    calls returns undef
+ t/whatwg-aliases.json t/whatwg-aliases.t
  Pulled: New (failing) tests for aliases defined in WHATWG Encoding spec #92
! Encode.pm
  Pulled: Update documentation for UTF-8
! Encode.xs t/truncated_utf8.t
  Pulled: Consume correct number of bytes on malformed
! Encode.pm Unicode/Unicode.pm
  Pulled: document str2bytes and bytes2str
! Encode.xs t/fallback.t t/truncated_utf8.t
  Pulled: Fix appending correct number of Unicode replacement characters

2.88 2016/11/29 23:29:23
! t/taint.t
  Pulled: Fix test t/taint.t to pass when Encode::ConfigLocal is present
! Makefile.PL Unicode/Makefile.PL bin/enc2xs lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  t/Aliases.t t/enc_data.t t/enc_module.t t/encoding.t t/jperl.t   
  Pulled: various fixes
! t/mime-header.t
  Pulled: Fix test t/mime-header.t to pass on HP-UX 11.23/64 U
    with perl v5.8.3
! t/Encode.t
  Pulled: Extend COW tests for UTF-8 and Latin1
! Encode.xs Unicode/Unicode.xs
  Pulled: Rmv impediment to compiling under C++11
! Encode.xs Unicode/Unicode.xs
  Pulled: Do not use expressions in macros SvTRUE, SvPV, SvIV,
    attr and attr_true
! Unicode/Unicode.xs t/magic.t
  Pulled: Fix handling of undef, COW and magic scalar argument
    in Unicode.xs
! Encode.xs encoding.pm
  Fix 2 of 3 problems Steve Hay found.
  1. C89 compiler failures (patch attached).
  2. encoding.pm has changed slightly but has no $VERSION++
  Message-Id: <CADED=K6ve_DAzRXPX=EsjtUDnZppAaw+BP1Ziw_fU5f32k+Wyg@mail.gmail.com>

2.87 2016/10/28 05:03:52
! Encode.xs t/taint.t
  Pulled: Disable _utf8_on and _utf8_off for tainted values
! Encode.xs MANIFEST t/rt65541.t t/rt76824.t t/rt86327.t
  Pulled: Fix crash 'panic: sv_setpvn called with negative strlen'
! Encode.xs MANIFEST t/rt113164.t
  Pulled: Fix crash caused by undefined behaviour between
  two sequence points
! Encode.xs  MANIFEST lib/Encode/CN/HZ.pm lib/Encode/Encoder.pm
  t/decode.t t/magic.t t/rt85489.t t/utf8ref.t
  Pulled: Fix handling of undef, ref, typeglob, UTF8, COW and magic
  scalar argument in all XS functions
! Encode/_T.e2x t/at-cn.t t/at-tw.t t/enc_data.t t/enc_module.t
  t/encoding-locale.t t/encoding.t t/jperl.t t/mime-name.t t/undef.t
  Pulled: Fix unit tests
! Encode.pm lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm lib/Encode/MIME/Name.pm
  t/mime-header.t t/mime-name.t t/taint.t
  Pulled: Encode::MIME::Header clean up
! Encode.xs
  Pulled: Generate CHECK value functions with newCONSTSUB()
    instead with direct XS
! Encode.xs
  Pulled: Encode::utf8: Fix count of replacement characters
  for overflowed and overlong UTF-8 sequences
! Encode.xs t/fallback.t t/utf8strict.t
  Pulled: Encode::utf8: Fix processing invalid UTF-8 subsequences
! Encode.pm t/utf8ref.t
  Pulled: Fix return value of Encode::encode_utf8(undef)

2.86 2016/08/10 18:08:45
! encoding.pm t/enc_data.t t/enc_eucjp.t t/enc_module.t t/enc_utf8.t
  t/encoding.t t/jperl.t
  Fixed: #116196: [PATCH] Synchronize encoding.pm with blead
! Byte/Makefile.PL
  Patched: #111421: Won't build with statically built perls
! Encode.xs encoding.pm
  Pulled: Fixes for 5.8.x compilation failures
! Encode.xs
  Patched: RT#116817 [PATCH] Avoid a C++ comment

2.85 2016/08/04 03:15:58
! Encode.pm bin/enc2xs bin/encguess bin/piconv bin/ucmlint bin/unidump
  Pulled: CVE-2016-1238: avoid loading optional modules from .
! Encode.pm t/utf8warnings.t
  Pulled: Rethrow 'utf8' warnings in from_to as well #57
! Encode.xs
  Pulled and fixed:
    Encode::utf8: Performance optimization for strict UTF-8 encoder #56
! t/Encode.t
  s/use Test/use Test::More/
! t/Encode.t t/decode.t
  Skip tests that pass typeglobs to decode if perl < v5.16
! Encode.xs t/cow.t
  Patched: #115540 (from_to affecting COW strings)
! Encode.xs t/Encode.t t/decode.t
  Merged: RT#115168:
    [PATCH] Passing regex globals to decode() results in wrong result
! Makefile.pl
  Pulled: t/encoding-locale.t fails with Test::More@0.80 or before.
! Encode.pm
  Pulled: In-place modifications made explicit in docs for encode(),
  decode() and decode_utf8()

2.84 2016/04/11 07:17:02
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  Pulled: Encode::MIME::Header:
    Update description that this module is only for unstructured header
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm t/mime-header.t
  Pulled: Encode::MIME::Header: Fix valid_q_chars, '-' needs to be escaped

2.83 2016/03/24 07:49:54
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm t/mime-header.t
  Both decoder and encoder are rewritten by Pali Rohár.
  Encoder should be now fully compliant of RFC 2047.
  Decoder is less strict to be able to decode
  strings generated by old versions of this module.
! t/mime-header.t
  Add more test vectors from RFC2047, pp.11-12
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  merge: Autrijus -> Audrey

2.82 2016/02/06 20:17:24
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  Reverted to 2.80 upon the request of whom submitted pull/48

2.81 2016/02/06 19:25:22
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  Merged: Encode::MIME::Header: Fix decoder and rewrite encoder
  > Encoder should be now fully compliant of RFC 2047.
  > Decoder is less strict to be able to decode strings
  > generated by old versions of this module.
  ! t/mime-header.t
   merge t/mime-header.t @ https://github.com/asjo/p5-encode
  ! t/mime-header.t
    Add more test vectors from RFC2047, pp.11-12

2.80 2016/01/25 14:54:13
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm t/mime-header.t
  Address #111417: 2.79 breaks Email-MIME-1.936 tests

2.79 2016/01/22 06:44:53
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm t/mime-header.t
  Address: #88717:
    encode('MIME-Header') does not find word boundaries correctly
  By addressing this age-old bug, many other open RTs will be closed.
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  Address RT#107775: Inserts an empty line in an encoded header field
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  Pulled: Update Alias.pm
! Encode.xs Unicode/Unicode.xs
  Pulled: static funcs in Encode.xs and Unicode.xs
! Unicode/Unicode.pm
  Pulled: Unicode.pm: Fix POD error
- META.yml
  META.yml should not be included in the dist file.
  It is also obsolete.

2.78 2015/09/24 02:19:21
! Makefile.PL
  Mend pull/42 again.  This time correctly.
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  Applied: RT#107146: [PATCH] fix a spelling mistake

2.77 2015/09/15 13:53:27
! Unicode/Unicode.xs Unicode/Unicode.pm
  Address RT#107043: If no BOM is found, the routine dies.
  When you decode from UTF-(16|32) without -BE or LE without BOM,
  Encode now assumes BE accordingly to RFC2781 and the Unicode
  Standard version 8.0
! Makefile.PL encoding.t
  Mend pull/42
! Encode.xs Makefile.PL encoding.pm encoding.t
  Pulled: precompile 1252 table as that is now the Pod::Simple default

2.76 2015/07/31 02:18:28
! ucm/koi8-u.ucm
  Pulled: Fix 0x95

2.75 2015/06/30 09:59:53
! Unicode/Unicode.pm Unicode/Unicode.xs encoding.pm
  VERSION++'ed to make bleadperl happy
  Message-Id: <CADED=K4QjMxGFAOLEuZUx3OtN-d-hokhurr4BYBE2E3okoxA7g@mail.gmail.com>

2.74 2015/06/25
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
  Applied: #101486: [PATCH] reduce compiler warnings and stderr noise (again)
! bin/enc2xs
  Applied patch: #105471: make Encode build with -pedantic
! Byte/Makefile.PL
  Applied patch: #102826: non-deterministic Makefiles

2.73 2015/04/15 23:14:01
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  Addressed: RT#104422
     decode('MIME-header') does not properly join similar Q encoded-words

2.73 2015/04/15 23:14:01
+ t/isa.t
! Encode.pm
  Addressed RT#103253: Encode::XS does not inherit from Encode::Encoding
! encoding.pm
+ t/encoding-locale.t
  Pulled: Rewrite of encoding::_get_locale_encoding for more portability #40
! encoding.pm
  Pulled: encoding.pm: more inlining #39

2.72 2015/03/14 02:44:39
! encoding.pm
  Copied from bleadperl to be in sync with it again.

2.71 2015/03/12 00:03:52
! encoding.pm
  Pulled: Don't fail 'no encoding' on EBCDIC
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm t/Aliases.t
  Add cp65000 => UTF-7 and cp65001 => utf-8-strict
! encoding.pm
  Sync w/ bleadperl
! bin/encguess
  Pulled: show encguess example per #33

2.70 2015/02/05 10:53:00
! Makefile.PL
  add bin/encguess to EXE_FILES

2.69 2015/02/05 10:35:11
! bin/encguess
  Refactored so that
  * does not depend on non-core module (File::Slurp in particular)
  * PODified document
  * -s "encA encB" to -s encA,encB which is more shell-friendly
  * and more
+ bin/encguess
  Pulled: Added CLI wrapper for Encode::Guess
! Unicode/Unicode.pm
  Pulled: Bump $VERSION in module changed since Encode-2.60

2.68 2015/01/22 10:17:32
! Pulled: Fix C++ build on Windows with VC++
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm t/taint.t
  Pulled: maintain taint flag when encoding MIME on old perl
! Encode.pm
  POD fixes
! bin/enc2xs
  Addressed: RT#101345: [PATCH] reduce compiler warnings and stderr noise
  enc2xs no longer emits verbose messages to STDERR 
  unless -v switch or $ENV{ENC2XS_VERBOSE} is set.

2.67 2014/12/04 20:13:00
! t/taint.t
  Now skips nonexistent methods like Encode::Detect->encode() should
  that be installed.  This resolves RT#100105.

2.66 2014/12/02 23:30:34 $
! bin/enc2xs
  Resolved RT#100656: enc2xs -C fails if URL::Encode::XS is installed

2.65 2014/11/27 14:08:33
! Changes Encode.xs bin/enc2xs
  Applied 3 patches from jhi:
  Message-Id: <54753674.6070909@iki.fi>

2.64 2014/10/29 15:37:54
! t/utf8warnings.t MANIFEST
  Retouch pull #26 so it works with perl < 5.14
! Encode.pm
+ t/utf8warnings.t
  Pulled: Catch and re-issue utf8 warnings at a higher level
! Encode.xs
  Pulled: Validate continuations in the incremental UTF-X decoder

2.63 2014/10/19 07:01:15
! Encode.xs
  Applied: RT #99264: call_pv() can reallocate the stack
! Byte/Makefile.PL CN/Makefile.PL EBCDIC/Makefile.PL Encode.xs
  JP/Makefile.PL KR/Makefile.PL Symbol/Makefile.PL TW/Makefile.PL
  bin/enc2xs encengine.c        
  Pulled: add PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT to all dynamic libs

2.62 2014/05/31 12:12:39
! Encode.pm
  s/2013/2014/ on COPYRIGHT section
! Byte/Makefile.PL
  Merged from perl.git: "Fix Encode 2.60 with g++"

2.61 2014/05/31 09:48:48
! bin/piconv
  Applied: piconv nit
  + Better error handling when the encoding name is nonexistent
  Message-Id: <537139A0.1000503@iki.fi>
! Encode.xs
  Applied: RT #95466: 
   fallback definition of SvIsCOW() is wrong 
   (and hence breaks on 5.8.2 and earlier)

2.60 2014/04/29 16:25:06
! Byte/Makefile.PL 
  Applied: more Fix Windows build (of Encode) with VC++ 6.0
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
  Addressed: sign extension issue found by Coverity #21
! Encode/encode.h Encode.xs Unicode/Unicode.xs
  removed #define U8 U8

2.59 2014/04/06 17:23:55
! Byte/Makefile.PL
  Restored the signature of Encode_XSEncoding() to address RT#94478
  * While https://github.com/dankogai/p5-encode/pull/20
    pulls the symnames via argument thus breaks the compatibility
    with Encode::XX modules with *.ucm, the restored version
    pulls the symanmes via enc->name[0] so the added 2nd argument
    is no longer needed.

2.58 2014/03/28 02:37:42
! bin/piconv
  Addressed: piconv bug of decoding UTF-16 (with fix)
! Byte/Makefile.PL
  Pulled: Remap symname [RT #94221]
! Encode.pm
  Pulled: [doc] clarify that CHECK coderefs return octets #18

2.57 2014/01/03 04:52:36
! encengine.c
  Pulled: sun compiler (maybe others) doesn't like UTF-8 in the source
! bin/enc2xs
  Merged RT#91763: POD errors

2.56 2013/12/22 13:40:00
! Encode.pm t/Encode.t
  Merged RT#91569: [PATCH] decode_utf8 and non-PVs

2.55 2013/09/14 07:51:59
! Encode.pm
  replaced 'use base' with 'use parent'
    base.pm is an heavy module for what it is used for. 
    Fortunately it has a tiny replacement, parent.pm 
    that is on CPAN but also in perl core since 5.10.1.

2.54 2013/08/29 16:47:39
! Encode.xs
+ t/cow.t
  Addressed: COW breakage with _utf8_on()
! Encode.pm
  Reverted the document accordingly to #11
+ t/decode.t
  Unit test for decoding behavior change in #11

2.53 2013/08/29 15:20:31
! Encode.pm
  Merged: Do not short-circuit decode_utf8 with utf8 flags
  Merged: document decode_utf8 behaviour more precise
! Makefile.PL
  Added repository cpan metadata

2.52 2013/08/14 02:29:54
! ucm/*.ucm
    Unicode Mappping tables are missing Unicode Inc. license notification
    All files including "as long as this notice remains attached" now
    have that notice attached in the comment section.  (cp* and mac*
    do not since their source files do not include that notice)
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  Addressed: encoding "0" with MIME-Headers gets a blank string
! Encode.pm
  Addressed: Documentation buglet
! Byte/Makefile.PL CN/Makefile.PL EBCDIC/Makefile.PL
  Encode/Makefile_PL.e2x JP/Makefile.PL KR/Makefile.PL
  Symbol/Makefile.PL TW/Makefile.PL
  Applied: Patch to output #includes in deterministic order

2.51 2013/04/29 22:19:11
! Encode.xs
  Addressed: Encode.xs doesn't compile with Microsoft C compiler
  Addressed: t/taint.t missing

2.50 2013/04/26 18:30:46
! Encode.xs Unicode/Unicode.xs
  lib/Encode/Unicode/UTF7.pm lib/CN/HZ.pm lib/Encode/GSM0338.pm
  Addressed: Encode::encode and Encode::decode 
             gratuitously launders tainted data
  Taintedness now propagates as it should.
! encoding.pm
  Addressed: 5.18 deprecation
! bin/piconv
  Applied: Update piconv documentation

2.49 2013/03/05 03:12:49
! Encode.xs
  Addressed: Encoding objects leak memory if decoding fails

2.48 2013/02/18 02:23:56
! encoding.pm 
  t/Mod_EUCJP.pm t/enc_data.t t/enc_eucjp.t t/enc_module.t t/enc_utf8.t
  t/encoding.t t/jperl.t
  [PATCH] Deprecate encoding.pm
! Encode/Supported.pod
  Fixed: Pod errors
! Encode.pm t/Encode.t
  [PATCH] Fix for shared hash key scalars
! Encode.pm
  Fixed: Uninitialized value warning from Encode->encodings()
! Makefile.PL
  Install to 'site' instead of 'perl' when perl version is 5.11+
! Encode/Makefile_PL.e2x
  find enc2xs.bat if it works on windows.
! t/piconv.t
  Fix finding piconv in t/piconv.t

2.47 2012/08/15 05:36:16
! Encode.pm
  POD Fixes: Copyright and mail address
! Makefile.PL
  Added LICENSE => 'perl'
! lib/Encode/GSM0338.pm t/gsm0338.t
  REALLY fixed RT#75670: Wrong decoding for GSM 3.38 character \x09
  ucm/gsm0338.ucm is dropped from MANIFEST since 2.25
  but I was fixing the wrong file!

! 2.46 2012/08/12 05:49:30
! Encode.pm
  Fixed: RT#78917 for I18N-Charset: Fails with Encode 2.45
  To be more exact, 2.45 broke Encode->encodings(':all')

2.45 2012/08/05 23:08:49
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  Addressed RT#78125: Missed Mac Alias x-mac-ce
! lib/Encode/Unicode/UTF7.pm
  Applied the patch in RT#76711
! ucm/gsm0338.ucm
  Addressed RT#75670: Wrong decoding for GSM 3.38 character \x09
! Encode.pm
  Applied the patch in RT#72519
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
  Bug fixes in Unicode.xs by chansen
! Encode.pm
  various POD improvements by daxim

2.44 2011/08/09 07:49:44
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
  Addressed the following:
    Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 13:58:43 +0200
    From: Robert Zacek <zacek@avast.com>
    To: perl5-security-report@perl.org
    Subject: Unicode.xs!decode_xs n-byte heap-overflow
! Encode.pm encoding.pm
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm lib/Encode/Encoder.pm lib/Encode/Guess.pm
  Applied: RT#69735: patch for use constant DEBUG =>

2.43 2011/05/21 23:14:43
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  Addressed RT#68361: Encode::Bytes x-mac-... aliases missing
! Encode.pm
  Applied the 0001-Fix-typo-in-pod.patch
  Addressed RT#65796 Deep recursion error finding invalid charset
  Applied a jumbo doc patch by Tom Christiansen
  Message-Id: <14795.1304618434@chthon>

2.42 2010/12/31 22:48:48
! Encode.xs
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
  Applied: RT#64371: Update for 5.14 API changes

2.41 2010/12/23 11:05:58
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  Applied: RT#63387 encode of MIME-Header inserts too much whitespace
! t/Aliases.t lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  Applied: RT#63286: Various Encode::Alias improvements

2.40 2010/09/18 18:39:51
! Encode.pm Encode.xs
+ t/utf8ref.t
  Addressed: RT#59981: find_encoding("UTF-8")->encode crashes
    decode_utf8() is now a little faster, too.
! lib/Encode/Unicode/UTF7.pm
  Addressed: RT#56443 utf-8 flag is not turned off after calling
    Encode::encode('UTF-7', $string) to encode an ascii string
! t/utf8strict.t
  Addressed: RT#57799
! lib/Encode/Guess.pm
  Addressed: RT#46080: guess_encoding documentation
! ucm/nextstep.ucm
  Addressed: RT#59668: nextstep encoding is broken - missing ASCII characters
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm t/mime-header.t
  Addressed: RT#52103: Encode::MIME::Header encoded words not separated by
    white space
! t/guess.t lib/Encode/Guess.pm
  Addressed: Encode: silenced a warning by from_to(..., 'Guess', ...)

2.39 2009/11/26 09:23:59
! Encode.xs t/fallback.t
  $utf8 = decode('utf8', $malformed, sub{ ... }) # now works!
! t/CJKT.t t/guess.t t/perlio.t
  $ENV{'PERL_CORE'} tricks removed since they are no longer necessary.
  Message-Id: <20091116161513.GA25556@bestpractical.com>

2.38 2009/11/16 14:08:13
! Encode.xs
  Addressed: Encode memory corruption [perl #70528]
  Message-Id: <alpine.LFD.2.00.0911152328070.9483@ein.m-l.org>
! t/Unicode.t Unicode/Unicode.xs
  Patched: #51263: set magic is not applied when modifying encode arguments
! Encode.xs
  Patched: #51204: Callback CHECK not supported for UTF-8 decoder/encoder
! Byte/Byte.pm CN/CN.pm Changes JP/JP.pm KR/KR.pm TW/TW.pm 
  Unicode/Unicode.pm bin/enc2xs lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  Fix URLs
! t/CJKT.t t/guess.t t/perlio.t t/piconv.t
  $PERL_CORE trick is now off for perl 5.11 or better.
  Message-Id: <b77c1dce0909070245s59b294bq8a8a8166e7342793@mail.gmail.com> 
  Message-Id: <E7FADA6C-D5A7-4ECA-BE4C-85911A97677E@dan.co.jp>
  Message-Id: <20090907154908.GS60303@plum.flirble.org>
  Message-Id: <20090907161509.GN8057@iabyn.com>

2.37 2009/09/06 14:32:21
! Encode.xs
  fixed: compilation failure on compilers not supporting C99

2.36 2009/09/06 09:03:07
! Encode.xs
  fixed: 'find_encoding("utf8")->decode(undef)' causes segmentation fault

2.35 2009/07/13 02:06:30
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  Addressed RT #40027:
   decode of MIME-Header removes too much whitespace
! t/piconv.t
  Addressed by CSJEWELL: t/piconv.t loops infinitely on Win32

2.34 2009/07/08 13:34:15
! bin/piconv
  duplicate-BOM problem now fixed.
  Message-Id: <10ECB9B7-006E-4570-9EB6-51C49F04ADCF@dan.co.jp>
! bin/piconv
+ t/piconv.t
  patches and tests by SREZIC
  Message-Id: <4A5366DA.8050801@iconmobile.com>
! Makefile.PL
  man* removed on behalf of blead
  Message-Id: <20090326135219.GU18164@plum.flirble.org>

2.33 2009/03/25 07:55:57
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  Decontaminated $& which sneaked in on 2.31.
  Message-Id: <67FC9F3A39C746DA95AAB6BB01539099@robmhp>
  Message-Id: <693254b90903242352x2dc26ba6p5e68deb871fa88ae@mail.gmail.com>

2.32 2009/03/07 07:32:37
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm t/Alias.t
  Encode now resolves 'en_US.UTF-8' to utf-8-strict like 'ja_JP.euc'
  Those who set locale on their shells should be happier now.
  added tokuhirom
! Encode.pm
  "encode(undef, 'str') should die earlier"

2.31 2009/02/16 06:18:09
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  "Revert [29767] and [29771] since it breaks perl 5.8" by miyagawa

2.30 2009/02/15 17:44:13
! encoding.pm
  fixed regexes, et cetera. by drry
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  Addressed: Encode::MIME::Header::decode should respect CHECK

2.29 2009/02/01 13:14:37
! Encode.pm
  VERSION++ just to make PAUSE happy
  Message-Id: <877i4anwwt.fsf@k75.linux.bogus>

2.28 Date: 2009/02/01 12:30:18
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
  Latest refactoring broke the backward compatibility 
  w/ Perl 5.8.6 and before now restored
  Message-Id: <1233185156.DABa130.74940@basic2.hostingcompartido.com>
  Message-Id: <693254b90902010027x277a5d0fm4f5700ba2f276239@mail.gmail.com>
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  Addressed: Split header lines are joined incorrectly

2.27 2009/01/21 22:55:07
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm t/mime-header.t
  Addressed: Encode::MIME::Header MIME-Q encoding truncates 
    trailing zeros in some circumstances
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  Added alias: unicode-1-1-utf-7
! Encode.pm
  Documented: _utf8_on() does not work for tainted values
! bin/enc2xs
! lib/Encode/Guess.pm t/guess.t
  Addressed:Empty file should produce an error message
! Unicode/Unicode.xs AUTHORS
  Refactored by Alex Davies
  Message-Id: <7637669B2E3D46B187591747DA27F4C8@Amelie>

2.26 2008/07/01 20:56:17
! Encode.pm
  Absense of Encode::ConfigLocal no longer carps no matter what.
! lib/Encode/JIS7.pm
  use encoding 'utf8' and 'iso-2022-jp' glitches on perl 5.10
  Thanks, MIYAGAWA
  Message-Id: <693254b90807011224h3ab50d76v50c6fea87baf223c@mail.gmail.com>
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm t/Aliases.t
  macintosh' not recognize as MacRoman
! Makefile.PL
  s{INC => "-I./Encode"}
   {INC         => '-I' . File::Spec->catfile( '.', 'Encode' )}
  To prevent some platforms from forgetting to include Encode/encode.h.  

2.25 2008/05/07 20:56:05
! Encode.pm
  added ':default' to Exporter option.
! lib/Encode/GSM0338.pm
  GSM0338 now handles coderef in CHECK
! Makefile.PL
  Perl 5.10/Encode 2.24: Tiny typo in Encode's Makefile.PL arg processing
  Message-Id: <961C2A4F-92B3-416D-A9F9-E7B0ADA9F134@fsck.com>
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  "This fix for Encode::Alias should make Solaris happy:"
  Message-ID: <47D886D9.6060001@iki.fi>

2.24 2008/03/12 09:51:11
! lib/Encode/Config.pm
  adds and  fixes also adds cp858 support.
! Encode.pm encoding.pm lib/Encode/Alias.pm ucm/cp858.ucm
  Merged perl@33486.
  > Change 33486 by rgs@scipion on 2008/03/12 08:50:11
    An unfortunate side-effect of Encode and Encode::Alias use'ing each
    other, and Encode::Alias exporting functions into Encode for it to use
    as methods, broke the loading of the find_alias() Encode method in some
    cases since 5.10. Breaking the recursive inheritance fixes it.
  Message-Id: <b77c1dce0803120151o4166c3a0gfcfd14681ab7e10d@mail.gmail.com>
! Encode.pm
  POD fix by tels
  Message-Id: <200711281835.36125@bloodgate.com>
! bin/ucmlint
  Fix by MIYAGAWA via CodeRepos
! encoding.pm t/mime_header_iso2022jp.t
  ported back from Perl 5.10-RC1

2.23 2007/05/29 18:15:32
! Encode.xs
  got rid of global fallback_cb; encode_method() now takes one more
  argument which is a coderef to fallback.  This should make
  encode_method() thread-safe.
! Encode.pm
  Added perluniintro, perlunifaq, and perlunitut to POD
! Encode.xs
  Plug a memory leak in Encode -- by rgs
  Message-Id: <b77c1dce0705290858v2be239c3o2d726e3d59091493@mail.gmail.com>
! Unicode/Unicode.pm
  POD fixes on UTF-16LE
! Makefile.PL
  man page generation is now conditional; yes by default but no if $PERL_CORE
  Message-Id: <b77c1dce0705290237h5c4667cdlf79a48b839170add@mail.gmail.com>

2.22 2007/05/29 07:35:27
! Encode.pm
  from_to() does not honor the check while decoding.  That's a feature.
  To make sure it is a feature it is mentioned in the POD.
! Makefile.pl
  Encode used to suppress man page generation.  Now it does.
! Encode.pm Encode.xs t/fallback.t
  Addressed: (de|en)code("ascii", "\x{3000}", sub{ $_[0] }) segfaults
  Reported by MIYAGAWA

2.21 2007/05/12 06:42:19
+ lib/Encode/MIME/Name.pm t/mime-name.t
! Encode.pm Encode.xs lib/Encode/Encoding.pm
  new method: mime_name()
  inspired by: MIYAGAWA
! t/encoding.t
  Subject: Re: Compress::Zlib, pack "C" and utf-8 [PATCH]
  From: Marc Lehmann <schmorp@schmorp.de>
  Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 08:41:53 +0200
  Message-ID: <20070412064153.GA22475@schmorp.de>
! Unicode/Unicode.pm
  POD fix.
  Message-Id: <20070417220547.GA11999@zetta.zet>

2.20  2007/04/22 14:56:12
! Encode.pm
  Pod fixes.  Now find_encoding() is explained more in details.
+ lib/Encode/GSM0338.pm
- ucm/gsm0338.ucm 
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod lib/Encode/Config.pm Bytes/Makefile.PL t/gsm0338.t
  ETSI GSM 03.38 support is relocated from Encode::Byte to Encode::GSM0338.
  This encoding is so kaputt it is unfit for Encode::XS!
  Though it was okay for general cases and escape sequences,
  '\0' => '@' IFF '\0\0' => '\0' had gliches.
  So kaputt even t/gsm0338 wrongly interpreted that.
  ref. http://www.csoft.co.uk/sms/character_sets/gsm.htm
! encoding.pm t/Aliases.t
  Imported from bleedperl #31015

2.19 2007/04/06 12:53:41
! lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm
+ t/jis7-fallback.t
  encode('iso-2022-jp') fallback support added by MIYAGAWA++
  decode()'s fallback remains unchanged (FB_PERLQQ) since UTF-8
  contains all characters in iso-2022-jp so there's no need for fancy stuff.
  Message-Id: <693254b90704060526s6d850320h71cdda50dfbf7eba@mail.gmail.com>
! Encode.pm
  #25216 ([PATCH] Encode.pm: postpone the load of Encode::Encoding)
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm t/mime-header.t
  #24418 (Encode::MIME::Header: wrong encoding with latin1 characters)
! Encode.pm
  #23876 (Add documentation for LEAVE_SRC)
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm t/Aliases.t
  #20781: Thai encoding needs alias for tis-620
! bin/piconv AUTHORS
  #20344: piconv: wrong conversion of utf-16le encoded files (with PATCH)
! Encode.pm Encode.xs bin/enc2xs encoding.pm t/Aliases.t t/utf8strict.t
  Imported from bleedperl's 2.18_01

2.18 2006/06/03 20:28:48
! bin/enc2xs
  overhauled the -C option
  - added ascii-ctrl', 'null', 'utf-8-strict' to core
  - auto-generated Encode::ConfigLocal no longer use v-string for version
  - now searches modules via File::Find so Encode/JP/Mobile is happy
! Byte/Byte.pm CN/CN.pm EBCDIC/EBCDIC.pm JP/JP.pm KR/KR.pm Symbol/Symbol.pm
  use strict added; though all they do is load XS, it's
  still better a practice
! *.pm
  use warnings added to all of them for better practices' sake.

2.17 2006/05/09 17:10:09
! encode.pm
  'chin' =~ /^zh_CN|chin(?:a|ese)?$/i is true
  but chin is not china or chinese.
! Encode.xs
  Integrated maintperl change (27824|27824) which I overlooked
  -- sorry, Nicholas and Coverity Scan.
  Message-Id: <200604152115.k3FLF1Ar014538@smtp3.ActiveState.com>
  Message-Id: <200605091615.k49GF1gJ016777@smtp3.ActiveState.com>

2.16 2006/05/03 18:24:10
! bin/piconv
  --xmlcref and --htmlcref added.
! Encode.pm
  Copyright Notice Added.
! *
  Replaced remaining ^\t with q( ) x 4. -- Perl Best Practice pp. 20
  And all .pm's are now perltidy-ed.

2.15 2006/04/06 15:44:11
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
  Addressed: UTF-16, UTF-32, UCS, UTF-7 decoders mishandle illegal characters
! Encode.pm
  added str2bytes() as an alias to encode() and  bytes2str() as an alias 
  to decode()
! Encode.xs
  Change 26922: Avoid warning with MS Visual C compiler.
  Message-Id: <200601231245.k0NCj2dw009484@smtp3.ActiveState.com>
! t/perlio.t
  Change 26067: As using -C to turn on utf8 IO is equivalent to the open pragma
  Message-Id: <200511092227.jA9MRcYD009025@smtp3.ActiveState.com>

2.14 2006/01/15 15:43:36
! Makefile.PL 
  Change 26295: Don't build manpages for Encode and Unicode::Normalize
  Message-Id: <200512071540.jB7Fe4Gt017960@smtp3.ActiveState.com>
! Encode.pm
  Change 26081: Pod nit in Encode.pm, found by Marc Lehmann in RT #36949. 
  Message-Id: <200511110357.jAB3vZcP023647@smtp3.ActiveState.com>
! Encode.xs Encode/encode.h bin/enc2xs encengine.c
  Change 25821: Mark more static Encode data structures as const.
  Change 25823: use more 'const' in the Encode data structures.
  Message-Id: <200510221243.j9MChTSu027711@smtp3.ActiveState.com>
  Message-Id: <200510221343.j9MDhTk9001245@smtp3.ActiveState.com>

2.13 2006/01/15 15:06:36
  Miyagawa's mail address updated
  Message-Id: <693254b90601150535o767e10bai4f4732c275b4ebe0@mail.gmail.com>
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  #16413: Encode::MIME::Headers patch to solve what is probably someone else's bug
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm t/mime-header.t
  Applied: RT #16258: Support for RFC 2184 language tag
! Encode.pm
  Fixed RT #14559: fix for #8872 introduces new "bug"
! Encode.pm
+ t/from_to.t
  from_to() now makes use of $check more naturally.
  Message-Id: <693254b90601150535o767e10bai4f4732c275b4ebe0@mail.gmail.com>

2.12 2005/09/08 14:17:17
! Encode.xs Encode.pm t/fallback.t
  Now accepts coderef for CHECK!
! ucm/8859-7.ucm
  Updated to newer version at unicode.org
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  More POD typo fixed.
! encoding.pm
  More POD typo leftover fixed.
  Message-Id: <b77c1dce05080615487f95314@mail.gmail.com>

2.11  2005/08/05 10:58:25
  To reflect changes below
! Encode.pm encoding.pm 
  lib/Encode/Alias.pm lib/Encode/PerlIO.pod lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  Typo fixed by Piotr Fusik in Change 25261 & 25266
  Message-ID: <001401c595bd$dccb5d80$0bd34dd5@piec>
! Encode.xs
  Addresses "BUG REPORT: panic in Encode.xs".
  Message-Id: <42EDDA97.2010608@hyper.to>
+ lib/Encode/MIME/Header/ISO_2022_JP.pm mime_header_iso2022jp.t
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm lib/Encode/Config.pm
  Encoding 'MIME-Header-ISO_2022_JP' is introduced by Makamaka
  Message-Id: <200507311557.j6VFvE2K034605@www231.sakura.ne.jp>
! Encode/encode.h Encode.pm Encode.xs
  PerlIO's "encoding(utf-8-strict)" got a problem w/ partial character.
  Found and addressed by KONNO Hiroharu <hiroharu.konno@bowneglobal.co.jp>
  See also ext/PerlIO/encoding/encoding.pm   
  Message-Id: <E1DineE-00068X-TB@yok-gs-workman.asia.bgsinternal.com>

2.10 2005/05/16 18:46:36
! Encode.pm
  fixed decode_utf8() accordingly to RT#8872
! Encode.xs AUTHORS
  s/SvIVX/SvIV_set/ by Steve Peters.
  Message-Id: <2297.>
  GAAS was missing!
! Encode.pm
  New Pod section: "UTF-8 vs utf8"; explains utf-8-strict
+ t/utf8strict.t
  Tests utf-8-strict, accordingly to 
  UTF-8 decoder capability and stress test" by Markus Kuhn
  Note that malformed and overlong sequences are not test here
  because perl already does that for you, utf-8-strict or not.
! Encode.pm Encode/encode.h t/fallback.t
  Addressed "encode(..., Encode::LEAVE_SRC) does not work".
  you can (en|de)code constant strings with these fallbacks.
! Encode.pm Encode.xs lib/Encode/Alias.pm t/Aliases.t
  Make Encode.pm support the real UTF-8, by GAAS
  Message-Id: <lrfz2mcngd.fsf@caliper.activestate.com>
  Message-Id: <lr4qizbvvm.fsf@caliper.activestate.com>
! Encode.pm Encode.xs
  post-2.09 comment patches from GAAS applied.
  Message-Id: <lroehacz6q.fsf@caliper.activestate.com>
  Message-Id: <lrk6rycymu.fsf@caliper.activestate.com>

2.09 2004/12/03 19:16:53 
! Encode.pm Encode.xs
  Addressed " :encoding(utf8) broken in perl-5.8.6".
  Message-Id: <lrllcfeank.fsf_-_@caliper.activestate.com>
! Encode.pm
  Addressed "(de|en)code($valid_encoding, undef) does not warn".
! Encode.pm t/Encode.t
  Addressed "Can't encode URI".  When a reference is fed to (en|de)code,
  Encode now stringifies instead of returning undef.
! Encode.xs t/fallback.t
  Addressed "FB_HTMLCREF and FB_XMLCREF for the UTF-8 decoder".
! Encode.pm
  Addressed "s/digit/number/".
! Encode.pm
  Addressed "while (defined(read )) { ... } is an infinite loop".
! Encode.pm
  Addressed "What the heck is UCM?".
  Document fixed so that it no longer contains "UCM-Based Encodings".

2.08 2004/10/24 13:00:29
! Encode.xs lib/Encode/Encoding.pm  Unicode/Unicode.{pm,xs}
  Resolved the issue that was raised by 2.07 --  Encode::utf8 fallbacks
  that was introduce messed up  PerlIO::encoding.
  * To do so, ->renew() is renewed and ->renewed() was introduced to
  tell whether the caller is PerlIO or not.
  Message-Id: <94B2EB12-25B7-11D9-9E6A-000A95DBB50A@dan.co.jp>

2.07 2004/10/22 19:35:52
! lib/Encode/Encoding.pm
  "Remove Carp from warnings.pm" that influences Encode, by Tels.
  Message-Id: <200410161618.29779@bloodgate.com>
! Encode.xs AUTHORS t/fallback.t
  Now Encode::utf8's fallbacks are compliant to Encode standard.
  Thank Bjoern Hoehrmann for persistently convincing me.
  Message-Id: <41a61aea.638409494@smtp.bjoern.hoehrmann.de>
! Encode.pm
  POD further revised.

2.06 2004/10/22 06:23:11
! ucm/mac*
  RT #8083 reports that MacThai mapping was obsolete
  Updated all mac* encodings accordingly to the URI below.
  One remaining mystery is that MacRomanian vs. MacRumanian.
  MacRumanian is not found in unicode.org...
! Encode.pm t/Encode.t
  Fixed RT #8081: "decode(..., bless{},'x') segfault"
  Two more tests added to test that.
! Encode.pm
  POD revised accordingly to RT #7966
! Unicode/Unicode.pm
  POD updated explaining why Encode::Unicode always croaks on error
  rather than giving users choices.

2.05 2004/10/19 04:55:01
! encoding.pm
  "unnuke" jhi's patch in bleedperl, with minor correction by dankogai.
  Message-ID: <41210A84.6060506@iki.fi>
  Message-ID: <20041018233442.7418113f@r2d2>
  Message-Id: <2BA3DAC4-218A-11D9-906D-000A95DBB50A@dan.co.jp>

2.04 2004/10/16 21:22:44
! Makefle.PL 
  From:   craigberry@mac.com
  Subject: [PATCH ext/Encode/Makefile.PL] make Encode.c dependency explicit
  Message-Id: <41716868.7000102@mac.com>

2.03 2004/10/06 05:07:20
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
    Resolved some alias case sensitivity glitches reported via RT.
! bin/piconv
    Resolved Win32 glitches reported via RT. 
    (Fixed by dankogai and tested by Steve Hay)
! JP/JP.pm lib/Encode/Alias.pm lib/Encode/Supported.pod AUTHORS
    /\bwindows-31j$/i is now an alias of CP932, by Steve Hay.

2.02 2004/08/31 10:55:34
! ucm/big5-hkscs.ucm AUTHORS t/big5-hkscs.enc t/big5-hkscs.utf
  New map submitted by Deng Liu and Autrijus.  Test data needed
  to be upgrade as well, done by dankogai
  Message-Id: <20040824204828.GB6999@aut.dyndns.org>
! bin/ucmsort
  Now works for characters U+10000 and above.  This fix was needed
  to "tidy" the original map that was submitted.
! bin/enc2xs
  "ucmsort" now mentioned in pod

2.01 2004/05/25 16:27:14
! bin/enc2xs AUTHORS
  From:   domo@computer.org
  Subject: [PATCH] Correct statistics from enc2xs
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  Addressed "False [] range "\s-" in regex;" in Encode::Alias.pm

2.01 2004/05/25 16:27:14
! lib/Encode/CN/HZ.pm lib/Encode/Unicode/UTF7.pm
  "If someone thinks utf8::upgrade($1) should be croaked like 
  chom?p($1),please try the following patch for Encode.pm."
  -- sadahiro-san

2.0 2004/05/16 20:55:15
* version updated to 2.00
   -- sorry, no big feature change.  I just hate version 1.100 :)
! lib/Encode/Guess.pm
  addressed  UTF-(8|32LE) + BOM misguessing
! Encode.pm
  s/is_utif8/is_utf8/ in POD
! Encode/lib/Encode/CN/HZ.pm 
  Fixes "make test" failure after the patch to pp_hot.c
  by Sadahiro-san
  Message-Id: <20040222182357.6B39.BQW10602@nifty.com>
! bin/piconv
  From:   autrijus@autrijus.org
  Subject: [PATCH] "piconv -C 512" badly broken
  Message-Id: <1072870210.769.5.camel@localhost>

1.99 2003/12/29 02:47:16
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
  find_encoding("UTF-16BE")->encode("abc") now null terminates
! Encode.pm
  prototype bug in decode_utf8() fixed
  Message-Id: <600A4CDA-F004-11D7-B570-000393AE4244@dan.co.jp>
! Encode.pm /MANIFEST encoding.pm lib/Encode/Supported.pod 
  t/at-cn.t t/at-tw.t  t/gsm0338.t ucm/gsm0338.ucm
+ t/gsm0338.t
  Merged from maintperl@21987

1.98 2003/08/20 11:15:31
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm AUTHORS t/mime-header.t
  Dave Evans has found and corrected a bug in Encode::MIME::Header.
  Test suite added by Dan Kogai.
  Message-Id: <3F43440B.7060606@rudolf.org.uk>
! encoding.pm
  Typo fixes rolled back in from bleedperl
! t/at-cn.t t/at-tw.t
  v-strings, now depreciated in perl 5.8.1, is replaced by sadahiro
  Message-Id: <20030805002313.9880.BQW10602@nifty.com>
! bin/enc2xs
  argv case nit for VMS by Craig
  Message-ID: <3F2B02DE.10207@mac.com>
! t/enc_eucjp.t t/enc_utf8.t AUTHORS
  Encode test fixes for VMS by Peter Prymmer
  Message-ID: <OFBD4A7559.D7CF9517-ON85256D6B.00534853-85256D6B.00538131@factset.com>
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm t/Aliases.t
  koi-8 aliases bug detected and patched by sadahiro.
  Further fix and test suite by dankogai
  Message-Id: <20030713102228.C76A.BQW10602@nifty.com>

1.97 2003/07/08 21:52:14
! encoding.pm lib/Encode/Guess.pm lib/Encode/Alias.pm 
  lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm lib/Encode/Encoder.pm Encode.pm
  $DEBUG replaced with DEBUG() so perl optimizes better,
   by Rafael with further fixes by dankogai
  Message-Id: <20030705222023.1f24e041.rgarciasuarez@free.fr>
! lib/Encode/Aliases.pm
  Was: define_alias( qr/\bGB[-_ ]?2312(?:\D.*$|$)/i => '"euc-cn"' );
  Now: define_alias( qr/\bGB[-_ ]?2312(?!-?raw)/i => '"euc-cn"' );
  So new hash seeding introduced in bleedperl works.
  Message-Id: <20030629100937.GD20285@vipunen.hut.fi>
! lib/Encode/Guess.pm
  $Encode::Guess::NoUTFAutoGuess is added so you can turn off
  automatic  utf(8|16|32) guessing -- originally by Autrijus
  Message-Id: <20030626162731.GA2077@not.autrijus.org>
! Encode.pm
  Addressed the following;
  Subject: [perl #22835] FB_QUIET doesn't work with Encode::encode 
  Message-Id: <rt-22835-59975.6.8650775354304@rt.perl.org>

1.96 2003/06/18 09:29:02
! lib/Encode/JP/JP.pm t/guess.t
  m/(...)/ in void context then $1 is considered a Bad Thing
  Message-Id: <B5AB34D0-A019-11D7-AF03-000393AE4244@dan.co.jp>
! Encode.pm
  Mentions in POD that as of perl 5.8.1 utf8::is_utf8() is
  also available.
! encengine.c
  More typecast from maintperl@19739
  Message-Id: <200306110645.h5B6j5D2009640@smtp3.ActiveState.com>
! t/perlio.t
  Tests 37 & 38 failed on Win32 -- yet another CRLF issue
  Message-Id: <200306090733.h597XQPA031646@smtp3.ActiveState.com>
! t/Encode.t
  Now skips for EBCDIC platform.
  Message-Id: <OF44B38062.A3998148-ON80256D27.004CF379@portsmouth.uk.ibm.com>
! t/perlio.t
  Craig's patch applied that addresses "Many systems (DOS, VMS) cannot
  have more than one C<.> in their filenames." -- perlport.
  Message-Id: <3ED79E01.8050401@mac.com>
! bin/piconv
  Found and fixed the back that -p,--perlqq does not work.
  Induced by the change from Getopt::Std to Getopt::Long.
! encoding.pm
  Addressed [cpan #2629] Wrong assumption in numeric comparison
  Message-Id: <rt-2629-7326.19.5700583232515@cpan.org>
! Encode.pm Encode.xs Unicode/Unicode.pm Unicode/Unicode.xs
 lib/Encode/Encoding.pm t/perlio.t
 ! API Change: ->new_sequence() => ->renew()
 + Encode::Unicode makes use of it so it can handle BOM on PerlIO
 + Encode::XS and Encode::utf8 now supports ->renew()
 + Encode::Encoding now documents this with examples
 - Non-XS (en|de)code stripped out of Encode::Unicode
 Message-Id: <146957DB-8C39-11D7-9C91-000393AE4244@dan.co.jp>

1.95 2003/05/21 08:41:11
! ucm/8859-*.ucm
  Since bogus entries were found in iso-8859-6, all entries are
  re-generated once again out of
  Thank David Graff <graff@unagi.cis.upenn.edu> for the discovery
  Message-Id: <200305201819.h4KIJRRU013746@unagi.cis.upenn.edu>
+ lib/Encode/Unicode/UTF7.pm
! lib/Encode/Config.pm lib/Encode/Alias.pm Unicode/Unicode.pm t/Unicode.t
  UTF-7 support is now added.  With this Encode now has all transcoding 
  methods in Unicode::String.

1.94 2003/05/10 18:13:59
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  A more sophisticated solution for double-encoding by dankogai
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm AUTHORS
  Two bugs fixed by Bjoern Jacke
  * "Double Encoding" was not possible
    i.e. encode("MIME-B" => "=?UTF-8?B?w4RwZmVs?=")
  * encode("MIME-Q") had UTF-8 flag on
  Message-Id: <rt-22166-57077.2.12980078979811@bugs6.perl.org>
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm AUTHORS
  Two occurances of "croak ()" fixed as "croak qq()".
  Simon Cozens is added to AUTHORS as a result.
  Message-Id: <20030509103708.GA30664@deep-dark-truthful-mirror.pad>
! bin/piconv
  POD fixes that reflect enhancements by jhi
! bin/piconv
  Two enhancements by jhi.
  + Now uses Getopt::Long so it accepts long name options 
   (--from for -f, for example)
  + New option: -r,--resolve
  Message-Id: <20030505114149.GA227075@kosh.hut.fi>
  META.yml added upon request of Schwern
  Message-Id: <F3B0BD2C-7BCB-11D7-A488-000393AE4244@dan.co.jp>
  Enache Adrian removed upon request -- to live longer than Encode
  and/or FreeBSD (toy-)?thread :)
  Message-Id: <20030425015701.GA2069@ratsnest.hole>
! t/enc_module.t
  "close STDOUT unless $^O eq 'freebsd';" once again relocated
  to keep VMS happy in which case "$^O eq 'freebsd'" is required
  to keep FreeBSD+thread happy.  Sigh.
  Message-Id: <3EA88ADC.3000300@mac.com>

1.93 2003/04/24 17:43:16
! t/enc_eucjp.t
  added "no warnings 'pack'" in for loop to keep bleedperl from
  complaining "Character in 'C' format wrapped in pack".
! Makefile.PL
  More elegant perl core detection inspired by Ilya Zakharevich
  (but further elaborated for general cases).
! lib/Encode/Encoding.pm lib/Encode/PerlIO.pod
  POD fixes.
! t/euc-jp.ucm
  like cp9??, \x80-\x9F (control + 0x80) are zapped so they
  are less likely to be confused w/ ISO-8859-*
! t/CJKT.t
  RT tests added (vendor encodings are exemplified) 
  -- that successfully found a flaw on iso-2022-kr before the patch.
! lib/Encode/CJKConstants.pm lib/Encode/KR/2022_KR.pm
  decode("ISO-2022-KR") has been buggy but no one ever sited
  that since no one seems to be using it.  Bugs discovered by
  Message-Id: <20030416231757.A545.BQW10602@nifty.com>
! lib/Encode/CN/HZ.pm t/perlio.t
  HZ is now perlio_ok, thanks to SADAHIRO-san. perlio.t modified
  so it adds test for HZ.
  Message-Id: <20030416231757.A545.BQW10602@nifty.com>
! lib/Encode/Guess.pm
  Now guesses UTF-(16|32)(BE|LE) when the string contains \x00.
  So long as the string contains \x{00}-\x{ff} it does not fail.
  See perldoc for details.
  Message-Id: <D2F9BB3C-6DC8-11D7-8F19-000393AE4244@dan.co.jp>

1.92 2003/03/31 03:27:27
! ucm/big5-eten.ucm ucm/big5-hkscs.ucm
  Extraneous single-byte chars in range \x80-\xA0 and \xFA-\xFF
  removed.  FYI, IBM's ICU has none of these for java-Big5-1.3_P.ucm
  but glibc-BIG5-2.1.2.ucm does.
  Message-Id: <20030325215213.4CA1.BQW10602@nifty.com>
! ucm/cp932.ucm ucm/cp936.ucm ucm/cp949.ucm ucm/cp950.ucm
  Maps regenerated again but this time based upon
  (But where is THE DOCUMENT by MICROSOFT?)
! t/enc_module.t AUTHORS
  failure with threaded Perl on FreeBSD addressed.
  Enache Adrian <enache@rdslink.ro> is added to AUTHORS for this.
  Message-Id: <20030322230131.GA813@ratsnest.hole>  
! lib/Encode/Guess.pm
  Some POD fixes.
! t/CJKT.t
  Change 18989: Make the :bytes conditional on PerlIO.
  further Modified by Dan Kogai
! t/enc_module.t
  Chnage 18966: another fix for failing test on windows ("use encoding" 
  puts  STDIN in :raw mode, so chomp() wasn't stripping the CR), by gsar
  Message-Id: <200303140545.h2E5j5B08856@smtp3.ActiveState.com>
! t/CJKT.t
  Change 18970: Hopefully this works also in Win32, by jhi
  Message-Id: <200303140745.h2E7j6B22729@smtp3.ActiveState.com>
  Change 18965: fix CJKT.t failures on windows due to incorrect 
  binmode(), by gsar
  Message-Id: <200303140530.h2E5U5B07046@smtp3.ActiveState.com>

1.91 2003/03/09 20:07:37
! encoding.pm
  even more proofread by jhi.
  Message-Id: <20030309194323.GT20843@kosh.hut.fi>
! t/enc_module.t
  -use lib 't';
  +use lib qw(t ext/Encode/t ../ext/Encode/t);
  Message-Id: <20030309182057.GR20843@kosh.hut.fi>
  s/Hirohito/Hiroto/ig;  Sorry, Hiroto-san.
  Message-Id: <20030309181748.GP20843@kosh.hut.fi>
! encoding.pm
  Message-Id: <20030309181907.GQ20843@kosh.hut.fi>

1.90 2003/03/09 17:32:43
! encoding.pm
+ t/enc_data.t
  Inaba-san has added a patch for perl 5.8.1 or later that makes
  encoding.pm work for <DATA> filehandle.  t/enc_data.t is to test
  that.  POD is further revised.
  Message-Id: <200303091515.h29FF6B03903@smtp3.ActiveState.com>
! encoding.pm t/enc_module.t
  encoding vs. ${^UNICODE} resolved.  POD revised accordingly.
  Message-Id: <20030306112940.GN20652@kosh.hut.fi>

1.89 2003/02/28
! Encode.xs
  signed vs. unsigned issue discovered by Craig on OpenVM
  Message-Id: <a05200f12ba81fe9d6298@[]>
! encoding.pm AUTHORS
+ t/Mod_EUCJP.pm t/enc_module.enc t/enc_module.t
  Because  binmode() stacks layers instead of overwrite, you have to 
  ":raw :encoding()" in encoding.pm or your are in trouble when you 
  call encoding.pm multiple times.  There are several workarounds
  but Inaba-san's idea is in. SUGAWARA Hajime <sugawara@hdt.co.jp>, 
  who was the first to address this problem was added to AUTHORS.
  The test suites was added for this, which is a modified version
  of SUGAWARA-san's scripts
  Message-Id: <3E5CF695.6AE07852@st.rim.or.jp>

1.88 2003/02/20 14:42:34
! Encode.xs
  one signedness nit for Encode by jhi
! ucm/viscii.ucm
  VISCII map was incorrect; fixed by Sadahiro-san
  Message-Id: <20030216120828.47D3.BQW10602@nifty.com>
! t/enc_eucjp.t t/enc_utf8.t AUTHORS
  You can't unlink files that are opened in cygwin but the last
  file handle opened in t/enc_*.t left open.  Patch submitted
  by Yitzchak and he was added to AUTHORS.
  Message-Id: <iN0Q+gzkgmZN092yn@efn.org>
! t/CJKT.t
  now works with 'LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 PERL_UTF8_LOCALE=1'
  Message-Id: <20030206104513.GA11081@kosh.hut.fi>  
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
  For 1.88: Unicode.xs =~ s/regog/recog/ -- jhi
  Message-Id: <20030206045153.GA6826@kosh.hut.fi>

1.87 2003/02/06 01:52:11
  * Inaba "Sensei" Hirohito added (I thought I have done so a long 
  ago but apparently I did not).
  * SUZUKI Norio added for verious and useful bug reports.
! Byte/Byte.pm KR/KR.pm Unicode/Unicode.pm
  lib/Encode/Encoder.pm lib/Encode/CJKConstants.pm
  podchecked so all warnings are gone except for L<http://>.
! encoding.pm t/enc_eucjp.t
  * t/uni/tr_utf8.t now t ok on maintperl (sorry, jhi)
  * Filter option overhaul
  * POD revision	   
! Encode.pm Encode.xs encengine.c Encode/encode.h 
  lib/Encode/Encoding.pm lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm
  Merged inaba-san's patch that fixes "use encoding 'shiftjis'"
  without filter.  podchecked by Dan Kogai.
  Message-Id: <3E3BC46B.6C687CFD@st.rim.or.jp>
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  decode('alias', $1) went wild because of local $_ in find_alias()
  the evil local $_ is eradicated but that changes find_alias()
  format for coderef aliasing.  See Encode::Alias for details
  Message-Id: <200302051704.AA00042@kipp0.nifty.com>

1.86 2003/01/22 03:29:07
! encoding.pm
  * Don't forget to canonize when you attempt an exact match!
  Message-Id: <73E7F801-2DAA-11D7-BF9A-000393AE4244@dan.co.jp>
  * ${^ENCODING} exception is off for $] > 5.008
  Message-Id: <20030122110617T.inaba.hiroto@toshiba-it.co.jp>
! t/enc_utf8.t
  $] check commented out so it runs on 5.8.0
1.85 2003/01/21 22:19:14
! encoding.pm
  ${^ENCODING} exception is now explicit rather than handled by regex.
+ t/enc_eucjp.t t/enc_utf8.t
  Test suite for the better "encoding" pragma support for bleedperl.
  On 5.8.0, they will just be skipped.

1.84 2003/01/10 12:00:16
! encoding.pm
  ${^ENCODING} is no longer set for utf so encoding is no longer fun :)
  (That is to prevent duplicate encoding first by IO then ${^ENCODING})
  Message-Id: <20030108213737.GK331043@lyta.hut.fi>
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
  %_ fixes saves the resulting .so .05% smaller, by NC
  Message-Id: <20021226225709.GF284@Bagpuss.unfortu.net>
! Encode.pm
  Silence Encode on undef, by Andreas
  Message-Id: <m3smwrohd1.fsf@k242.linux.bogus>
  Message-Id: <m3of7fo7np.fsf@k242.linux.bogus>
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
  s/regognised/recognised/ .  British spelling left intact to pay
  respect to two British Nicks :)
  Message-Id: <20021203020454.GK2274@kosh.hut.fi>

1.83 2002/11/18 17:28:49
! Encode.xs lib/Encode/JIS7.pm
  Even more patches from Inaba-san has been applied.  With this
  patch t/uni/tr_7jis.t and t/uni/t_utf8.t of bleedperl will work.
  Message-Id: <20021115105514D.inaba.hiroto@toshiba-it.co.jp>

1.82 2002/11/14 23:06:12
! Encode.xs
  Encode::utf8 (XS Version) assertion botch first found in Cygwin, 
  later found in perls w/ -Dusemymalloc was fixed by NC.
  Message-Id: <20021114210349.GA288@Bagpuss.unfortu.net>

1.81 2002/11/08 18:29:27
! Encode.pm Encode.xs
  Non-XS version of Encode::utf8 is back (with XS being default).
  Encode::predefine_encodings(0) to turn off XS.
  This is primarily to cope w/ Cygwin smoke but Sadahiro-san has
  found that it was Test::More causing the problem, not Encode.
  But I have already made it configurable so it may be useful in
  some rare cases....
  Message-Id: <20021107210110.2EE4.BQW10602@nifty.com>, et al.
! bin/enc2xs
  The ingenious patch by Nicholas Clark that reduces shlib sizes by
  50% with no penalty and backward compatibility preserved, is in.
  Message-Id: <20021103231324.GE288@Bagpuss.unfortu.net>

1.80 2002/10/21 20:39:09
! Encode.xs t/mime-header.t
  Even more patches from NI-XS regarding Encode::utf8->decode().
  And one more test to t/mime-header.t to prove it
  Message-Id: <E183i0Y-0003mo-00@mserv1c.vianw.co.uk>

1.79 2002/10/21 06:05:37
! Encode.xs
  Further patches from NI-XS.  Encode::utf8->decode() now checks the
  value of utf8 flag of the argument.  As a result, the fix to
  lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm is no longer neccessary but since it did
  no harm (even speedwise) I'll leave it unreverted.
! ucm/cp949.ucm ucm/cp950.ucm
  were missing as a result of 1.78. Discovered by Moriyama-san.
  Moriyama-san has also developed a test script that compares
  (en|de)coded results to the corresponding Win32 API result and
  all cp9?? maps are now verified.
  Message-Id: <20021021025220.3AED.MSYK@mtg.biglobe.ne.jp>

1.78 2002/10/20 15:44:00
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  fixed so that it works with new Encode::utf8
! Encode.pm Encode.xs
  Encode::utf8 is now in Encode.xs by Nick In-XS.  This allows
  :encoding(UTF-8) to handle partial chars at end of buffers
  Message-Id: <20021020134935.2079.3@bactrian.ni-s.u-net.com>
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  More nitpickings applied.
+ t/rt.pl MANIFEST
! t/CJKT.t
  Moriyama-san has discovered a serious bug in t/CJKT.t; its roundtrip
  tests were completely useless.  To redeem that and get the peace of
  mind again, I wrote t/rt.pl to test ALL '|0' ENTRIES in all
  ucm/*.ucm Since this script takes too long to finish (30 seconds on
  PIII-800MHz, FreeBSD), it is deliberately excluded from 'make test'
  but you can easily run that by either renaming it or:
    perl -Mblib t/rt.pl
  Message-Id: <20021019065420.0C48.MSYK@mtg.biglobe.ne.jp>
! ucm/cp936.ucm ucm/cp949.ucm ucm/cp950.ucm
  Other CJKT cp9?? also updated according to the URI below;
+ bin/ucmsort MANIFEST
  ucmsort is a crude utility that sorts CHARMAP entries in UCM files
  to proper order.  intended for hardcore develpers only.
! ucm/cp932.ucm JP/JP.pm AUTHORS
  CP932 mapping which was based upon the mapping file at unicode.org 
  was found obsolete by MORIYAMA Masayuki msyk@mtg.biglobe.ne.jp>.  He
  has also supplied the patch so he was added to AUTHORS.
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  ISO-8859-11 != TIS 620
              == TIS 620 + \xA0 (&nbsp;)

1.77 2002/10/06 03:27:02
! t/jperl.t
  * Modified to accomodate up and comming patch by Inaba-san that
    will fix tr/// needing eval qq{}
    Message-Id: <9F78A19C-D6C3-11D6-BAC6-0003939A104C@dan.co.jp>
! encoding.pm 
  * pod fixes/enhancements to reflect the changes above
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  "Encode::TW is correct, Encode::Alias not." - /Autrijus/
  Message-Id: <20021001015648.GB18710@not.autrijus.org>

1.76 2002/08/25 15:09:51
! t/big5-eten.utf
  To reflect ucm change by Autrijus.  t/big5-eten.enc was regenerated
  but naturally identical to previous version -- dankogai
! ucm/big5-eten.ucm
  Codepoint fixes -- autrijus
  Message-Id: <20020805040236.GC5220@not.autrijus.org>
= *
  copied everything under perl-5.8.0/ext/Encode to make sure Encode
  is in sync w/ perl core
! t/CJKT.t t/guess.t
  Change 17175 by jhi@alpha on 2002/06/10 23:24:42
  Now that binmode(FH) does implicit ":bytes" revisit
  the failing tests.  The worrisome one is the Digest::MD5
  test-- how will it fare in CRLF lands now?
! t/CJKT.t t/guess.t
  From: Radu Greab <radu@netsoft.ro>
  Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 00:40:34 +0300
  Message-Id: <200206092140.g59LeYn15745@ix.netsoft.ro>
  Fixes for en_US.UTF-8 failures, all but ext/PerlIO/t/fallback.t
  ones which I cannot figure out.
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  Subject: [Encode PATCH] spurious warning
  From: Nicholas Clark <nick@unfortu.net>
  Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 20:26:22 +0100
  Message-ID: <20020602192619.GA320@Bagpuss.unfortu.net>

1.75 2002/06/01 18:07:49
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm t/Alias.t lib/Encode/Supported.pod TW/TW.pm
  glibc compliance cited by Autrijus.
! bin/enc2xs bin/piconv
  Subject: Re: forewarning: usedevel and versiononly
  Message-Id: <20020529081515.D570.H.M.BRAND@hccnet.nl>

1.74 2002/05/28 18:33:15
+ ucm/null.ucm ucm/ctrl.ucm
! Makefile.PL bin/enc2xs lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  "null" and "ascii-ctrl" encodings added upon the request of Autrijus
  Subject: Re: unicode -> &# notation
  Message-ID: <20020518193704.GB40272@not.autrijus.org>

1.73 2002/05/28 17:26:18
! */Makefile.PL Makefile.PL bin/enc2xs Encode/Makefile_PL.e2x AUTHORS
  Chris Nandor has fixed Encode so that it works w/ MacPerl --
  at least w/ PPC (68k need static linking which does not work due to
  64k limit).  pudge is added to AUTHORS (I'm surprised he was not
  there in the list).  Encode/Makefile_PL.e2x was additionally fixed
  by dankogai to reflect changes in other Makefile.PL
  Message-Id: <p0510030ab9195ed230ff@[]>
! t/mime-header.t
  Subject: Change 16746: -Mutf8 cleanup.
  Message-Id: <200205222345.g4MNj7e10597@smtp3.ActiveState.com>

1.72 2002/05/20 15:49:56
! Makefile.PL
  Subject: [PATCH] Encode should be in perl-core library path
  Message-Id: <86r8k7h738.wl@mail.edge.co.jp>
  Message-Id: <20020520161201.A11019@alpha.hut.fi>
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
  Subject: [PATCH] Encode::MIME::Header
  Message-Id: <86sn4nh7a8.wl@mail.edge.co.jp>
! Encode/Makefile_PL.e2x
   Subject: [PATCH] Make Makefile_PL.e2x happy on MSWin32
  Message-Id: <20020519201031.GA1603@not.autrijus.org>
! CN/Makefile.PL Byte/Makefile.PL JP/Makefile.PL TW/Makefile.PL
  Symbol/Makefile.PL KR/Makefile.PL EBCDIC/Makefile.PL Makefile.PL
  @16628 and @16652 from Vadim. Vadim was added to AUTHORS.
  Subject: [PATCH] good day for WinCE port of perl.
  Message-ID: <001301c1fc68$e808e560$a95cc3d9@vad>
! Encode.xs
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
  Even more linting by Robin via @16532
! Encode.xs
  Even more typecast by Sarathy in @16460

1.71 2002/05/07 16:22:42
! Encode.xs
  even more typecasts by Robin
  Message-Id: <200205071513.QAA05846@tempest.npl.co.uk>
! bin/enc2xs
  A very strange bug that was causing a bugus ucm -> C table
  generation that was revealed by a UCM file that Andreas was
  working.  This is the king of wierdest bug I've encountered
  in the course of Encode maintenance.
  Message-Id: <6C04F0FA-61D4-11D6-B164-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>

1.70 2002/05/06 10:26:48
! encoding.pm
  Made more 'module-safe' with conjunction w/ 'no encoding'.
  Message-Id: <EAB48C16-60DA-11D6-9982-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>
! lib/Encode/Encoding.pm
  'require Encode' because ->Define uses Encode::define_encoding();
  problem and solution addressed by Miyagawa-kun
  Message-Id: <86znzdfvuh.wl@mail.edge.co.jp>
! t/Unicode.t
  Cuts the frill to make djgpp happier, as suggested by Laszlo
  Message-Id: <20020506105819.H17012@libra.eth.ericsson.se>
! bin/enc2xs
  enc2xs no longer overwrites files w/ -M option, as suggested by Andreas
  Message-Id: <m3bsbug48n.fsf@anima.de>

1.69 2002/05/04 16:41:18 
! lib/Encode/MIME/Header
  Floating-point coerced for UNICOS (in integer arithmetics it folds 
  line one character too early).  Verification by Mark is pending.
  Message-Id: <C670F60D-5F4F-11D6-A5CA-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>
! Unicode/Unicode.pm
  more doc patch from Elizabeth
  Message-Id: <>
! Encode/Makefile_PL.e2x
  More platform-independent patch from Benjamin
  Message-Id: <3CD31BE0.69F79B06@earthlink.net>
! lib/Encode/Guess AUTHORS
  split regex fix by Graham Barr.  Adds him to AUTHORS.
  Message-Id: <20020504085419.E95940@valueclick.com>
! Encode/Makefile_PL.e2x
  enc2xs script discovery made smarter and more sensible, first cited
  by Miyagawa-kun and further suggestions by Rafael and Andreas
! Encode.pm lib/Encode/Guess.pm t/fallback.t t/guess.t t/mime-header.t
  "The EBCDIC remapping of the low 256 bites again" #16372 by jhi

1.68 2002/05/03 12:20:13
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm lib/Encode/Supported.pod t/Alias.t AUTHORS
  UCS-4 added to aliases of UTF-32 by Elizabeth Mattijsen.  Alias.t
  and Supported.pod modified to reflect the change.  Elizabeth added
  to Authors.  And H.M. is also added for forwarding her patch among
  other contributions (I was rather surprised to find his name was not
  there yet!) 
   Message-Id: <20020503114901.D639.H.M.BRAND@hccnet.nl>

1.67 2002/05/02 07:33:09
! Encode.xs
  Error message now consistent w/ perlqq (\N{U+} -> \x{})
  done in perl@16308 but Philip linted me further.  Now the error
  messages are macronized as ERR_ENCODE_NOMAP and ERR_DECODE_NOMAP
! lib/Encode/Guess.pm
  Sanity check for happier -w by Autrijus

1.66 2002/05/01 05:41:06
! Encode.xs t/fallback.t
  WARN_ON_ERR no longer assumes RETURN_ON_ERR so you can issue a warning
  while fallback is in effect.  This even came with a welcome side-effect
  of cleaner code with less nests!  Thank you, NI-XS.  t/fallback.t is
  also modified to test this.
  And of course, the corresponding varialbles to UV[Xx]f are appropriately
  cast.  This should've concluded NI-XS homework.
! Encode.pm
  encode(undef) does warn again!  Repented upon suggestion by NI-XS.
  Document for unless vs. '' added
  Message-Id: <20020430171547.3322.13@bactrian.elixent.com>

1.65 2002/04/30 16:13:37
! Encode.pm
  encode(undef) no longer warns for C<Use of uninitialized value in 
  subroutine entry>.  Suggested by Paul.
  Message-Id: <AIEAJICLCBDNAAOLLOKLMEEEEJAA.Paul.Marquess@ntlworld.com>
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  Encode::MIME::Header and Encode::Guess mentioned
  Updated for Encode::HanExtra 0.05 and Encode::JIS2K
! lib/Encode/Guess.pm
  POD fix by Miyagawa-kun
  Message-Id: <86k7qqx8p7.wl@mail.edge.co.jp>

1.64 2002/04/29 06:54:06
! ucm/euc-jp.ucm
  Now decodes euc-jisx0213 also.  CAVEAT: encode("euc-jp"...) and
  encocde("euc-jisx0213") are still DIFFERENT.
  Message-Id: <A5DFA5CA-5B3C-11D6-A54F-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>
! Encode.xs
  A few white spaces corrected by NI-XS via PerlIO integration to 
  Subject: Change 16247: Integrate perlio;
! Encode.pm
  Document fixes by Andreas
  Message-Id: <m3k7qsf1we.fsf@anima.de>

1.63 2002/04/27 18:59:50
! lib/Encode/Encoding.pm
! Encoding.pm Unicode/Unicode.pm lib/Encode/Guess.pm lib/Encode/CN/HZ.pm 
! lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm lib/Encode/KR/2022_KR.pm 
  Make use of the Encode::Encoding base class!
  And other cleanups in Encode.xs upon NI-XS suggestions
  Message-Id: <20020427160718.1290.15@bactrian.ni-s.u-net.com>

1.62 2002/04/27 11:17:39
! Encode.pm
  encodings() now just check %ExtModule instead of eval{require}
  all of them for ":all" to conserve more memory.
! Encode.xs
  more "%x" -> "%" UVxf stuff.
! Encode.pm
  s/=over2/=over 2/g # oops.

1.61 2002/04/26 03:02:04
! t/mime-header.t
  Now does decent tests besides use_ok()
! lib/Encode/Guess.pm t/guess.t
  UI streamlined, document added
! Unicode/Unicode.xs
  various signed/unsigned mismatch nits (#16173)
! Encode.pm
  POD:  utf8-flag-related caveats added.  A few sections completely 
! Encode.xs
  Thou shalt not assume %d works, either!
  Robin Baker added to AUTHORS for this
  Message-Id: <200204251132.MAA28237@tempest.npl.co.uk>
! t/CJKT.t	   
  "Change 16144 by gsar@onru on 2002/04/24 18:59:05"

1.60 2002/04/24 20:06:52
! Encode.xs
  "Thou shalt not assume %x works." -- jhi
  Message-Id: <20020424210618.E24347@alpha.hut.fi>
! CN/Makefile.PL JP/Makefile.PL KR/Makefile.PL TW/Makefile.PL To make
  low-memory build machines happy, now *.c is created for each *.ucm
  (no table aggregation).  You can still override this by setting
  Message-Id: <00B1B3E4-579F-11D6-A441-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>
+ lib/Encode/Guess.pm
+ lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm
  Encoding-autodetect (mainly for Japanese encoding) added.  In a
  course of development, JIS7.pm was improved.
+ lib/Encode/HTML/Header.pm
+ lib/Encode/Config.pm
  MIME B/Q Header Encoding Added!
! Encode.pm Encode.xs t/fallback.t
  new fallbacks; XMLCREF and HTMLCREF upon Bart's request.
  Message-Id: <20020424130709.GA14211@tanglefoot>

1.59 $ 2002/04/22 23:54:22
! Encode.pm Encode.xs
  needs_lines() and perlio_ok() are added to Internal encodings such
  as utf8 so XML::SAX is happy.  FB_* stub xsubs are now prototyped.

1.58 2002/04/22 23:54:22
! TW/TW.pm
  s/MacChineseSimp/MacChineseTrad/ # ... oops.
! bin/ucm2text
! t/*.t
- t/*.euc t/*.ref
+ t/*.enc t/*.utf
  Now all CJKT encodings go thru round-trip test via t/CJKT.t.
  t/(CN|TW).t by Autrijus are renamed at-(cn|tw).t
  t/(JP|KR).t are aggregated to t/CJKT.t
  test data are all remade via bin/ucm2text.
  And ....  They are no longer skipped for -Uuseperlio !

1.57 2002/04/22 20:27:30
! t/JP.t t/KR.t t/perlio.t
  unless (find PerlIO::Layer 'perlio') ... line is back again.
  t/JP.t and t/KR.t were supposed to work but maybe '>:utf8' lines
  need PerlIO.  Sigh....
! Encode.xs Unicode/Unicode.pm lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm t/perlio.t
  ->perlio_ok now does eval{ require PerlIO::encoding } there so
  it correctly returns 1 when PerlIO::encoding is yet loaded.
! Encode.xs
  perl-current patch #16072 reflected

1.56 2002/04/22 09:48:07 
! Encode.pm encoding.pm t/perlio.t t/jperl.t
  New PerlIO::encoding 0.04 compliance met

1.55 2002/04/22 03:43:05   
! Encode.pm Encode.xs Unicode/Unicode.pm
  needs_lines() defined so Encode::Encoding is no longer needed
  for perlio

1.54 2002/04/22 02:50:01
! Encode.pm! Encode.xs! Unicode/Unicode.pm t/perlio.t
! lib/Encode/Encoding.pm lib/Encode/CN/HZ.pm
  now perlio_ok is true by default if PerlIO::encoding->VERSION is
  0.03 or larger.  POD in Encode::Encoding revised to reflect this.
  Encode::XS and Encode::Unicode now has perlio_ok() method.
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  s/UP-UX/HP-UX/ by jhi
! AUTHORS Byte/Byte.pm CN/CN.pm Encode.pm JP/JP.pm KR/KR.pm README
! Symbol/Symbol.pm TW/TW.pm Unicode/Unicode.pm bin/enc2xs bin/piconv
! bin/ucmlint encoding.pm lib/Encode/Alias.pm lib/Encode/CN/HZ.pm
! lib/Encode/Config.pm lib/Encode/Encoder.pm lib/Encode/Encoding.pm
! lib/Encode/KR/2022_KR.pm lib/Encode/PerlIO.pod
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  Huge document fixes by Philip.
! t/JP.t
  s/compare\(/compare_text\(/o by Sarathy.  Adds him to AUTHORS
! t/perlio.t
  binmode() after "<:encoding" to make Win32 happy, by Mattia.
  Mattia added to AUTHORS file
  Message-Id: <3CC3150F.5798.22A05AE@localhost>

1.52 2002/04/20 23:43:47
! t/perlio.t
  TODO: is now SKIP:, as NI-XS requested.  Also adds more
  eraborate failure analysis added.
! bin/enc2xs
  A note on how to make sure of round-trip safety added to POD
  section (so Autrijus is happier)
! ucm/big5-hkscs.ucm ucm/big5-eten.ucm t/TW.pm
  big5-(eten|hkscs) is round-trip safe again!
  Message-Id: <A2C949CC-54AC-11D6-A5FB-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>
! encoding.pm
  Typo fixes by Andreas
! Encode.pm Encode.xs Unicode/Unicode.xs Encode/Encoding.pm
! lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm lib/Encode/KR/2022_KR.pm t/perlio.t
  PerIO coodination patches from NI-XS.
  Message-Id: <2769E572-54A1-11D6-B7E2-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>

1.51 2002/04/20 09:58:23
! t/TW.t
  Updated test suite by Autrijis so "make test" is happy again
  Message-Id: <20020420082104.GA25037@not.autrijus.org>
+ ucm/big5-eten.ucm
! ucm/big5-hkscs.ucm lib/Encode/Alias.pm 
- ucm/big5.ucm
  TW/TW.pm TW/Makefile.PL
  Updates by Autrijus.  'big5' is no longer a canonical but an
  alias to 'big5-eten'. big5-hkscs is now in 2001 edition.
  Message-Id: <20020419195346.GA19597@not.autrijus.org>
! Encode.xs
  Fix by NI-XS that fallback may cause SEGV w/ Perl/TK
  Message-Id: <20020419184509.1924.1@bactrian.ni-s.u-net.com>
! Encode.pm
  PerlIO detection a little bit smarter; no longer uses eval qq{}
  but eval {}.

1.50 2002/04/19 06:13:02
! ! Encode.pm Encode.xs Encode/encoding.h
+ t/fallback.pm
  New Fallback API imlemented and documented.  See "perldoc Encode"
  for details
! lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm Encode.pm
+ lib/Encode/PerlIO.pod t/perlio.t
  API compliance met.  However, it still does not work unless perlio
  implements line buffer.  See BUGS section in perldoc Encode::PerlIO
  As a sensible workaround, perlio_ok() added to Encode.
! encoding.pm
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  Doc fixes from jhi
  Message-Id: <20020418174647.J8466@alpha.hut.fi>
! CN/CN.pm
  Doc fixes from Autrijus
  Message-Id: <20020418144131.GA10987@not.autrijus.org>
! Encode.pm
  perlqq mode documented
! t/JP.t
+ t/jisx0201.euc t/jisx0201.ref
! t/jisx0208.euc t/jisx0208.ref
  t/JP.t tests more rigorously and with other encodings
  t/jisx0201.* added to test JIS7 encodings.  jisx0208 is now PURELY
  in jis0208 (used to contain jisx0201 part).
! Encode/Makefile_PL.e2x
  The resulting Makefile.PL that "enc2xs -M" creates now auto-discovers 
  enc2xs and encode.h rather than hard-coded.  This allows the resulting
  module fully CPANizable.
! encoding.pm t/JP.t t/KR.t
  PerlIO detection simplified (checks %INC instead of eval{})
! Encode.xs Encode/encode.h
+ Unicode/Makefile.PL Unicode/Unicode.pm Unicode/Unicode.xs
- lib/Encode/Unicode.pm
  (en|de)code_xs relocated to where it belongs.  Source reindented
  to my taste
! bin/enc2xs
  Additional (U8 *) cast added as suggested by jhi
  Message-Id: <20020417165916.A28599@alpha.hut.fi>

1.42 Date: 2002/04/17
- lib/Encode/XS.pm
  no-op module;  Thought of adding a pod there but enc2xs has
  one so gone.
! encoding.pm
! t/JP.pm
! t/KR.pm
  correct mechanism to detect Perlio::encoding layar installed.
! Encode.xs
  PerlIO Layer detached.

1.41 2002/04/16 23:35:00
! encoding.pm
  binmode(STDIN|STDOUT ...) done iff PerlIO is available
! t/*.t
  Cleaned up PerlIO skip conditions to prepare for the upcoming
  Encode - PerlIO forking.
! Encode.pm
  exported functions are now prototyped.
! lib/Encode/CN/HZ.pm
! bin/enc2xs
! Encode.xs
  fallback implemented # was /* FIXME */
  affected programs revised to fit (only HZ was using the try-catch
  approach which needed to be fixed for API-compliance).
! Encode/Config.pm
! Encode/KR/2022_KR.pm
! Encode/KR/KR.pm
  can find =head1 NAME now, jhi
  Message-Id: <20020416083059.V30639@alpha.hut.fi>
! encoding.pm
  s/\{h\}/{$h}/g ;)
! Encode.xs
  now complies with less warnings with the pickest compilers.
  Suggested by Craig, fixed by Dan.
  ! Encode/Makefile_PL.e2x
! bin/enc2xs
  A bug that fails to find *.e2x in certain conditions fixed

1.40 2002/04/14 22:27:14
+ Encode/ConfigLocal_PM.e2x
! lib/Encode/Config.pm
! bin/enc2xs
  "enc2xs -C" now generates/updates Encode::ConfigLocal. 
  ConfigLocal_PM.e2x is a skelton thereof.
! lib/Encode/Config.pm
! CN/CN.pm
  "use  Encode::CN::HZ;" was missing.
! t/Unicode.t
! t/unibench.t
  More rigorous tests added to test XS, especially on memory allocation.
! Encode.xs
! lib/Encode/Unicode.pm
  NI-S implemented an XS version -- merged
  Message-Id: <20020414154857.2066.4@bactrian.ni-s.u-net.com>
! encoding.pm
! t/jperl.t
  Source filter option added.  With this option on, you can write
  perl 5.8-savvy scripts (such as UTF-8 identifiers) in legacy
  encodings.  t/jperl.t enhanced to test this feature.
! t/Unicode.t
  ok() gotcha addressed by Benjamin fixed.  Though I didn't exactly
  apply his suggestion, this degree of nitting is enough to add him
  to AUTHORS list. 
  Message-Id: <3CB93223.291E5E2E@earthlink.net>
! JP/JP.pm
+ lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm
- lib/Encode/JP/JIS.pm
- lib/Encode/JP/2022_JP.pm
- lib/Encode/JP/2022_JP1.pm
  7bit-jis, iso-2022-jp and iso-2022-jp1 are all aggregated to
  JIS7.pm for better maintainability and performance
! encoding.pm
  Added caveat for non-ascii identifiers.
! encoding.pm
  fixes by jhi, the original author of this pragramtic module.
  Message-Id: <20020413231527.V1826@alpha.hut.fi>

1.34 2002/04/12 20:23:05 (Unreleased)
! Encode.pm
! t/Unicode.t
  EBCDIC fixes addressed by jhi.
  Message-Id: <20020412161844.D9383@alpha.hut.fi>
! lib/Encode/Encoder.pm
  POD fix by Miyagawa-kun
  Message-Id: <86bscqq4hu.wl@mail.edge.co.jp>

1.33 2002/04/10 22:28:40
  Philip's mail address corrected.
! t/Encoder.t
! lib/Encode/Encoder.pm
  s/ = shift;/ = @_;/ # trivial but a common idiomatic typo :)
  This adds Miyagawa-kun to AUTHORS. 
  * encoding() no longer exported by default but on demand
  * t/Encoder.t updated to test all these
  Message-Id: <86hemjpdn4.wl@mail.edge.co.jp>
! lib/Encode/Unicode.pm
! lib/Encode/Supported.pm
  Further doc fixes by Anton

1.32 2002/04/09 20:06:15
+ bin/ucmlint
+ t/bogus.ucm
- ucm/macDevanaga.ucm   Unicode Character Map
- ucm/macGujarati.ucm   Unicode Character Map
- ucm/macGurmukhi.ucm   Unicode Character Map
  A utility to check integrity of .ucm files. t/bogus.ucm is a
  ucm that is deliberately bogus. unused Indic mappings are removed
  for the time being.
! Encode.pm
  resolve_alias() added as suggested by jhi.  Same as
  find_encoding("alias")->name.  For convenience.  This one is
  defined in Encode.pm instead of Alias.pm.
  Message-Id: <20020409215846.H17022@alpha.hut.fi>
! Encode.xs
  Memory Allocate but detected during the devel of ucmlint -- fixed.
  Message-Id: <C0DDCE16-4BE7-11D6-9204-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>
! lib/Encode/Unicode.pm
  valid_ucs2(0) is false but must be true.
  3 patches from NI-S as follows.  This also has fixed the incident
  Andy has reported. 
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  find_alias() recursion prevention
! t/Aliases.t
  Checks for the patch above
! t/Encode/Unicode.pm
  An extra "F" that causes valid_ucs2() return a bogus value fixed
  Message-Id: <20020409133927.17803.1@bactrian.elixent.com>
  Message-Id: <Pine.SOL.4.10.10204091338220.10390-100000@maxwell.phys.lafayette.edu>
  2 Small Patches from jhi as follows:
! Encode.pm
  Encode->encodings() lists in case-insensitve order (as it was)
! bin/piconv
  -l option prints avaiable encodings to STDOUT instead of STDERR
! lib/Encode/Aliases.pm
  Message-Id: <200204082306.CAA21033@alpha.hut.fi>
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
! lib/Encode/Unicode.pm
  POD revise by Philip Newton.  This adds Philip to AUTHORS list.
  Thank you for the exact quote of Douglas Adams :)
  Message-Id: <22s3bu4gpvhhsses64nj3afuu0lo927rv3@4ax.com>

1.31 2002/04/08 18:08:07
! lib/Encode/Encoder.pm
+ t/Encoder.t
  Encode::Encoder, once just a placeholder of an idea, is now much more 
  practical.  See t/Encode.t to find how practical it can be.
+ lib/Encode/Config.pm
! Encode.pm
  my false laziness at Encode.pm is fixed.  Now %ExtModules are set
  in Encode::Config and they are all literally, not programatically
  set.  My false laziness was resulting many encodings missing from
! lib/Encode/Unicode.pm
! t/Unicode.t
  BOM for 32LE was bogus as noted by Anton.  t/Unicode.t is fixed
  so that it does not rely Encode::Unicode for BOM values
  Message-Id: <FFEC33E9-4AFB-11D6-B415-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>

1.30 2002/04/08 02:34:51
+ lib/Encode/Encoder.pm
  Object Oriented Encoder.  I reckon something like this is in need.
! Encode.pm
! t/Unicode.pm
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  * autoloading bug that prevented upper-case canonicals such as UTF-16
    is fixed.  Now even UTF/UCS are autoloaded!
  * encodings() is now more intuitive.
  * t/Unicode.t fixed to explicitly use Unicode.pm -- BOM values are
    stored therein.
  * Obligatory fixes to the POD.
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  Patch from Anton applied.
  Message-Id: <66641479.20020408033300@motor.ru>
! Encode.pm
! lib/Encode/Unicode.pm
  Cosmetic changes: "bless $obj, $class" => "bless $obj => class"

1.28 2002/04/07 18:58:42 
+ t/Unicode.t
+ t/grow.t
  Just a MANIFEST for those missing files.

1.26 Date: 2002/04/07 15:22:04
! JP/Makefile.PL
! t/Aliases.PL
  Schwarn's patches against Makefile.PL has zapped jis*.ucm.  Restored.
  And t/Aliases.t fixed to make sure they all exist.

1.25 2002/04/07 15:01:25 (Unreleased)
! Encode.pm
! lib/Encode/Unicode.pm
  More POD fixes....
! Encode.pm
- lib/Encode/UTF_EBCDIC.pm
- lib/Encode/Internal.pm
- lib/Encode/utf8.pm
  Integrated into Encode.pm as closures.  That way "one package, one file" 
  rule is preserved yet less files to require.
! encoding.pm
  commented out binmode(STDERR ...
! Makefile.PL
! Byte/Makefile.PL
! CN/Makefile.PL
! EBCDIC/Makefile.PL
! JP/Makefile.PL
! KR/Makefile.PL
! Symbol/Makefile.PL
! TW/Makefile.PL
! Encode/Makefile_PL.e2x
  Schwarn's MM-compliance patch merged
  Message-Id: <20020406082609.GA28758@blackrider>
! Encode.pm
! lib/Encode/Unicode.pm
+ lib/Encode/UTF_EBCDIC.pm
+ t/Unicode.t
- lib/Encode/10646_1.pm
- lib/Encode/ucs2_le.pm
  (UCS-2|UTF-(16|32))(LE|BE)? implementation and cleanups.  Instead of
  per-module based (en|de)code,  I saved a number of .pm by
  reorganizing it as per-object base (Well, this is what Encode::XS
  does under the hood).  See Encode::Unicode for details.
  The original Unicode.pm is now correctly renamed to UTF_EBCDIC.pm.
  This module is used only on EBCDIC environments.

1.21 2002/04/05 14:46:34 (Not Released)
! JP/JP.pm
! Encode.pm
+ ucm/jis0201.ucm
+ ucm/jis0208.ucm
+ ucm/jis0212.ucm
  Are back to make Perl/Tk happy  Smile, NI-S.
! t/Alias.pm
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
! lib/Encode/Supported.pm
! lib/Encode/10646_1.pm
! lib/Encode/ucs2_le.pm
  UCS-16BE is now canonical for UCS-2/ISO-10646-1.
  Leftover implicit aliases in ucs2_le.pm removed.  Tests and documents 
  updated to reflect changes.
  essage-Id: <20020405114024.1290.17@bactrian.ni-s.u-net.com>
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
! lib/Encode/Supported.pm
  Anton's revision commited.  Added Dan's own fixes as well.
  Message-Id: <159103166906.20020405161134@motor.ru>
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  <                 qr/^UCS2-le$/i    => '"UCS-2"', );
  >                 qr/^UCS2-LE$/i    => '"UTF-16LE"');
  Sigh.  Thank you, Anton.
  Message-Id: <14567692196.20020405062020@motor.ru>
  Message-Id: <69FEC0B4-483E-11D6-A045-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>

1.20  2002/04/04 19:50:52
+ bin/unidump
  the last minute addtion.  Just give it a try.  Docs remains to be done.  
  Not installed by default.
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  Enhanced Greatly.
! t/Alias.t
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
! lib/Encode/utf8.pm
! lib/Encode/10464_1.pm
! lib/Encode/ucs2_le.pm
  Canonical name for 'UCS-2le" is now "UTF-16LE".  UCS-2 left
  unchanged but UTF-16BE is added as an alias.  Implicit aliases
  move to Encode::Alias so init_alias() works more as expected.
  Also, 'utf8' is now canonical with 'UTF-8' being an alias.  
  Though pedantically wrong, This should make perl mongers happier.
  t/Alias.t is enhanced to test all these.
  Message-Id: <9C39BD58-47AF-11D6-9D82-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>
! Byte/Makefile.PL
  Now all .ucm are stacked in byte_t; They all share ascii part so 50%
  of the codepoints are common.  CJKT left as is because the saving is
  not significant.
! Byte/Makefile.PL
! CN/Makefile.PL
! EBCDIC/Makefile.PL
! Encode.xs
! Encode/Makefile_PL.e2x
! JP/Makefile.PL
! KR/Makefile.PL
! Makefile.PL
! Symbol/Makefile.PL
! TW/Makefile.PL
! bin/enc2xs
  All occurance of _def.h replaced with .exh so djgpp works happily
  ever after!  To credit this amazing discovery, Laszlo is now in
  AUTHORS list
  Message-Id: <20020403181424.GA8778@freemail.hu>
  Message-Id: <B5BF0C6F-4732-11D6-B13D-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>
! Makefile.PL
! */Makefile.PL
! Encode/Makefile_PL.skel
  No more @INC fiddling!  Uses $ENV{PERL_CORE} instead
  Message-Id: <20020401222744.GX2000@blackrider>, et al.
! t/encoding.t
  Two more tests by added jhi
  Message-Id: <200204020000.DAA25121@alpha.hut.fi>
+ t/grow.t
! Encode.xs
  The showstopper fixed -- Memory reallocation bug was causing
  Encode::XS to fall into infinite  loop on certain conditions.
  t/grow.t tests that.
  Message-Id: <9572CAC4-463C-11D6-ABA5-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>, et al
+ bin/txt2ucm
! */Makefile.PL
! */*.ucm
! */XX.pm
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  Vendor encodings rebuilt out of original map files at unicode.org.
  Indic languages such as MacDevanagali remain unspported do to the
  shortcoming of encengine capabilities (they need algorithmical
  conversion and I have no knowledge on that!).  Pods fixed for added
  Oh, macJapan.ucm renamed to macJapanese.ucm.
  macROMnn is macRomanian and macRUMnn is macRumanian.
  txt2ucm is a crude script that is used to convert them.
! bin/enc2xs
  Unicode Compound Characters (used extensively on Mac) supported
! bin/piconv
  Typo fixes and improvements by jhi
  Message-Id: <200204010201.FAA03564@alpha.hut.fi>, et al.

1.11 2002/03/31 22:12:13
+ t/encoding.t
+ t/jperl.t
  Missing files from the MANIFEST fixed.
  Message-Id: <20020401010156.H10509@alpha.hut.fi>
  Version incremented just to make CPAN happy.

1.10  2002/03/31 21:32:42
! Makefile.PL
  INSTALL_UCM option added to Makefile.PL so you can install *.ucm
  if you want.  This should make Autrijus happy.  Also, piconv
  is added to default install.
+ Encode/*.e2x
! bin/enc2xs
  Here-documented files that enc2xs generates are now exported
  to *.e2x.  Much cleaner and easier to debug.
! encoding.pm
  encoding enhances so you can make it act more like such 
  (now prehistoric ) "localized" variations of perl like Jperl.
+ t/jperl.t
  Further test for encoding.pm.  Written in euc-jp
+ encoding.pm
+ t/encoding.t
  Taken over form jhi.
  Message-Id: <20020330174618.B10154@alpha.hut.fi>
- Encode/*.ucm
+ ucm/*.ucm
! Makefile.PL
! */Makefile.PL
  *.ucm relocated to ucm/ so MakeMaker will not install'em by default.
- ucm2table
+ bin/ucm2table
! Byte/Byte.pm
! Encode.pm
! Encode/macIceland.ucm
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  MacIceland fixes and Pod Typo fixes.  This adds Andreas to AUTHORS.
  Message-Id: <m3lmcavhjt.fsf@anima.de>

1.01  2002/03/29 20:59:39
! Makefile.PL
! Makefile.PL
  installs enc2xs by default for external Encode:: modules in CPAN, 
  such as Encode::HanExtra
! t/*.t
  More sensible perl core detection via $ENV{PERL_CORE}
  suggested by Spider
  Message-Id: <200203291007.FAA07329@Orb.Nashua.NH.US>
! bin/enc2xs
  Perl core ditection via $^X =~ m/\bminiperl$/o
  Message-Id: <A5C7B0CA-42F1-11D6-B5AD-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>

1.00  Wed Mar 29 2002
! *
  The version of all files is updated to 1.00 via "ci -f -l1.00",
  commemorating version 1.00.  All files, including *.ucm are now
  under version control.
- encode.h
+ Encode/encode.h
  encode.h moved to Encode/ so it will be installed for the later
  use by enc2xs
! enc2xs
  h2xs-like feature added via "h2xs -M Name *.(enc|ucm)"
! Makefile.PL
! */Makefile.PL
- compile
+ bin/enc2xs
  compile renamed to enc2xs.  
  Affected Makefle.PL updated
- lib/CN/2022_CN.pm
  "Punt it. HanExtra can take care of that later." -- Autrijus
  Message-Id: <20020328154338.GA7351@not.autrijus.org>
! Encode/johab.ucm
! Encode/euc-kr.ucm
! Encode/ksc5601.ucm
! lib/Encode/CJKConstants.pm
! lib/Encode/KR/2022_KR.pm
  Table patches for Euro Signs, 2022-KR fixups by Jungshik
  Message-Id: <Pine.LNX.4.44.0203280616190.2259-200000@www.ykga.org>
! Makefile.PL
+ bin/piconv
  bin/ added for example scripts.  They are not installed by default.
  to install them, "perl Makefile.PL USE_SCRIPTS".
  piconv is iconv reinvented in perl.  in addition to all features
  of iconv, it also adds perlish features.  See L<piconv/1> for more
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  qr/^ replaced with qr/\b so it directly matches locale names
  such as en_US.US-ASCII
! t/Aliases.t
  Patch by MJD to fix the following problem applied.
  Subject: [PATCH 5.7.3 Encode]
    Aliases.t not properly skipped when Encode extension not built
  Message-Id: <20020328091850.18677.qmail@plover.com>
! lib/Encode/KR/2022_KR.pm
! lib/Encode/CJKConstants.pm
  Another patch from Jungshik to make iso-2022-kr actually work
  Message-Id: <Pine.LNX.4.44.0203271745210.30462-200000@www.ykga.org>
! Encode/Encode/euc-kr.ucm
+ Encode/Encode/johab.ucm
! Encode/Encode/ksc5601.ucm
! Encode/KR/KR.pm
! Encode/KR/Makefile.PL
! Encode/lib/Encode/Alias.pm
! t/Alias.t
  Johab support and complete revision of Korean Encoding by Jungshik
  Message-Id: <Pine.LNX.4.44.0203271105060.30462-200000@www.ykga.org>
+ Encode.pm
  Revised to make up with now-dropped Encode::Details.
- lib/Encode/Details.pod
  Dropped.  Besides being obsolete, the topics are now covered in
  respective pods now. 
! t/Alias.t
  Korean aliases fixed thanks to Jungshik Shin
   /ks[-_ ]?c[-_ ]?5601-1987$/i => cp936
  Message-Id: <Pine.LNX.4.44.0203262102250.1237-100000@www.ykga.org>
! *.pm
  =head1 NAME added to all modules to make buildtoc happy
  Message-Id: <20020327041151.A10618@alpha.hut.fi>
- lib/Encode/CJKguide.pod
  Too controversial and dropped from the dist.  Will be available
  separately on the web.
! Encode/*.ucm
  RCS tags added so table debugging gets easier (should that be
  needed!  I hope they all stay 1.00!)
+ lib/Encode/CJKguide.pod
  A detailed guide to mainly, but not limited to, CJK multibyte
- Encode/roman8.ucm
+ Encode/hp-roman8.ucm
! Byte/Makefile.PL
! Encode/Supported.pod
  All occurance of "roman8" replaced with "hp-roman8" to avoid 
! Encode/Supported.pod
! Encode/mac*.ucm
! t/Alias.t
  Mac Encodings now comply the Inside Macintosh
! t/Alias.t
  Test for '-raw' conventions added.
! Encode/Alias.pm
  aliased  gb2312 -> euc-cn, ksc5601 -> euc-kr
! Encode/gb12345.ucm
! Encode/gb2312.ucm
! Encode/ksc5601.ucm
  "-raw" appended to canonical names.
  File mames stay unchanged thanks to UCM format.
! lib/Encode/CN/HZ.pm
  Patch from Autrijus to fix gb2312 -> gb2312-raw + code linting
  Message-Id: <20020326035210.GA2091@not.autrijus.org>

0.99  Tue Mar 26 2002
- lib/Encode/JP/Const.pm
+ lib/Encode/CJKConstants.pm
+ lib/Encode/CN/2022_CN.pm
+ lib/Encode/KR/2022_KR.pm
+ t/KR.t
+ t/gb2312.euc
+ t/gb2312.ref
+ t/ksc5601.euc
+ t/ksc5601.ref
+ t/table.euc
+ t/table.ref
+ ucm2table
  * Support for ISO-2022-KR and ISO-2022-CN added.
  * t/KR.t added!
  * more t/*.{euc,ref} added, which was autogenerated from ucm2table
  * ucm2table autogenerates character table out of UCM files.
- engine.c
+ encengine.c
- lib/Encode/Supports.pod
+ lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  Names reverted due to popular demand.
  8.3 rule applies only when there is a conflict.
  Message-Id: <20020325095924.GD44120@not.autrijus.org>
! */Makefile.PL
- Encode/*.enc
+ Encode/*.ucm
- lib/Tcl*
- lib/Encode/Format/Enc.pod
- t/Tcl.t
  * Character tables is now 100% ucm. 
  * All files under Encode/ is now 8.3-compliant
  * some of missing encodings added (i.e. gsm0338 and nextstep)
  * Vendor mappings aggregated with appropriate national std in
    Makefile.PL, resulting smaller *.so especially for CJK.
    Following is result on Dan's FreeBSD box.
                                                  Now        Then
  blib/arch/auto/Encode/Byte/Byte.so          157,279     171,042
  blib/arch/auto/Encode/CN/CN.so            1,634,476   1,626,685
  blib/arch/auto/Encode/EBCDIC/EBCDIC.so       18,476      18,476
  blib/arch/auto/Encode/Encode.so              27,791      27,791
  blib/arch/auto/Encode/JP/JP.so            1,408,056   1,832,811
  blib/arch/auto/Encode/KR/KR.so            1,156,518   1,329,587
  blib/arch/auto/Encode/Symbol/Symbol.so       23,940      20,990
  blib/arch/auto/Encode/TW/TW.so*             948,761   1,316,437
  Total                                     5,375,297   6,343,819
  Saving                                      968,522
  * As a result of ucm-transition, Encode::Tcl dropped because
  Encode::Tcl demands *.enc.
  Encode::Tcl will be supplied in a separate tarball with *.enc.
  Message-Id: <C024E294-3FC3-11D6-8347-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>
  Files renamed 8.3 filename compliance.  Affected modules/scripts revised.
- lib/Encode/JP/Constants.pm
+ lib/Encode/JP/Consts.pm
! lib/Encode/JP/JIS.pm
! lib/Encode/JP/H2Z.pm
  Version nit problem and 8.3 rule fix.
  > Package namespace         installed    latest  in CPAN file
  > Encode::JP::Constants          0.92      1.02  J/JH/JHI/perl-5.7.3.tar.gz
  was noted by jhi then Dan discovers "Constants.pm" does not comply 8.3
  rule.  Contants.pm renamed to Consts.pm and affected modules are fixed
  accordingly.  In addition, legacy "use vars qw()..." are replaced with
  Message-Id: <20020325011248.D1561@alpha.hut.fi>
  Message-Id: <41023D51-3FB5-11D6-8347-00039301D480@dan.co.jp>
! JP/JP.pm
- lib/Encode/JP/ISO_2022_JP.pm
- lib/Encode/JP/ISO_2022_JP_1.pm
+ lib/Encode/JP/2022_JP.pm
+ lib/Encode/JP/2022_JP1.pm
  8.3 naming conflict for vanilla fat addressed by jhi
  Message-Id: <20020324201931.V22596@alpha.hut.fi>

! Encode.xs
  Typecast fix addressed by jhi
  Message-Id: <20020324185540.T22596@alpha.hut.fi>

0.98  Mon Mar 25 2002
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  Further pod fixes
+ lib/Encode/JP/ISO_2022_JP_1.pm
! lib/Encode/JP/ISO_2022_JP.pm
! lib/Encode/JP/JIS.pm
! JP/JP.pm
  Now Encode::JP is more strict on the difference between ISO-2022-JP
  and ISO-2022-JP-1.  See JP/JP.pm for details.  I hope this move
  makes Anton happier :)  FYI the previous version implements 
  ISO-2022-JP as ISO-2022-JP-1 since it had X0212 support.
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  Further pod fixes
! Encode.xs
  Avoid core-dump in Encode with PERLIO=mmap by NI-S
  Message-Id: <20020324104139.1326.7@bactrian.ni-s.u-net.com>
! CN/CN.pm
! JP/JP.pm
! KR/KR.pm
! TW/TW.pm
! lib/Encode/Suppoted.pod
  pod fixes to replace F<http://...> to L<http://...>, 
  as suggested by Autrijius in:
  Message-Id: <20020324083943.GA14901@not.autrijus.org>
! lib/Encode/Suppoted.pod
  fixes and enhancements by Anton
  Message-Id: <10632060120.20020324103753@motor.ru>
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  > define_alias( qr/^GB[- ]?(\d+)$/i => '"gb$1"' );
  added.  Suggested by Anton then deobfuscated by Autrijius
  Message-Id: <20020324064455.GA3667@not.autrijus.org>
! compile
  Further fix by Nicholas Clark
  Message-Id: <20020323145840.GD304@Bagpuss.unfortu.net>
- lib/EncodeFormat.pod
+ lib/Encode/EncFormat.pod
  File renamed as suggested by Autrijius
! Encode.pm
! lib/Encode/Details.pod
! lib/Encode/Supported.pod    Sun Mar 24 13:29:35 2002
! Encode.pm   Sun Mar 24 13:43:47 2002
  pod fixes by Autrijius.
  Message-Id: <20020324062804.GA3595@not.autrijus.org>
  Message-Id: <20020324075627.GB11986@not.autrijus.org>
! t/Alias.t
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
! Encode.pm
  now more EBCDIC conscious;
  %ExtModules on EBCDIC system excludes CJK so that you don't
  have to worry about the matched alias resulting cloaking.
  t/Alias.t also revised to reflect changes.  Verified by jhi
  Message-Id: <20020324022929.D22596@alpha.hut.fi>

0.97  Sun Mar 24 2002
! CN/CN.pm
! KR/KR.pm
! TW/TW.pm
  EBCDIC detection mechanism installed as in JP/JP.pm
  Message-Id: <20020323211847.G19148@alpha.hut.fi>
! Byte/Makefile.PL
! CN/Makefile.PL
! EBCDIC/Makefile.PL
! JP/Makefile.PL
! KR/Makefile.PL
! Symbol/Makefile.PL
! TW/Makefile.PL
  Now all table files used by compile are postfixed '_t' to avoid
  namespace collisions in case insensitive file systems once for all!
  inspired by:
  Message-ID: <58290227735.20020323195659@familiehaase.de>
! t/Aliases.t
  Since the Encode::JP is unsupported under EBCDIC we
  cannot run this test (aliases as such should work fine) -- jhi
  Message-Id: <20020323202119.D19148@alpha.hut.fi>
! Byte/Makefile.PL
  duplicate occurance of ascii.ucm and 8859-1.ucm
  causes MacOS X dlyd to cloak
! t/CN.t
! t/Encode.t
! t/JP.t
! t/TW.t
! t/Tcl.t
  <     chdir 't' if -d 't';
  >     if (! -d 'blib' and -d 't'){ chdir 't' };
  When you are "make test"-ing on Encode/ directory, you  must not 
  change $ENV{PWD}.  t/JP.t has been fixed before but others somehow 
  remain unchanced.  Also the situation detection was made simpler 
  in t/JP.t, which was originally;
  > chdir 't' if -d 't' and $ENV{PWD} !~ m,/Encode[^/]*$,o;
! Encode.pm
  "Use of uninitialized value in string eq at Encode.pm line 96."
! Symbol/Makefile.PL
! EBCDIC/Makefile.PL
  -- Problem on case insensitive file systems
  "coexist of ebcdic.c <> EBCDIC.c on Cygwin not possible"
  Message-ID: <88254111953.20020323095503@familiehaase.de>
! compile
  "So I think it's a bug in gcc, not perl. But it still needs to be 
   worked around."
  Message-Id: <20020323145840.GD304@Bagpuss.unfortu.net>
  Message-Id: <20020323170509.C96475@plum.flirble.org>

0.96  Sat Mar 23 2002
!     TW/TW.pm
!     lib/Encode/Encoding.pm
!     lib/Encode/Alias.pm
!     lib/Encode/Supported.pod
!     KR/KR.pm
  Pod Fixes by Michael G Schwern <schwern@pobox.com> via jhi
  Message-ID: <20020322073908.GB10539@blackrider>
! Makefile.PL
! Encode.pm
  "...I think we should include ISO 8859-1 as well." -- NI-S
  Message-Id: <20020322120230.1332.8@bactrian.elixent.com>
! JP/JP.pm
! CN/CN.pm
! KR/KR.pm
! TW/TW.pm
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  alias definitions  relocated to Encode::Alias so module autoloading
  works for aliases also.
! Encode.pm
  encodings() now accepts args to check ExtModules.
+ Byte/Byte.pm
+ Byte/Makefile.PL
+ EBCDIC/Makefile.PL
+ Symbol/Makefile.PL
+ Symbol/Symbol.pm
! Encode.pm
! Encode.xs
  Latin and single byte encodings are reorganized so they are
  demand-loaded like Encode::XX.  Now only ascii is compiled into
  Encode itself. 
! lib/Encode/Alias.pm
  for my $k (keys %hash){ delete $hash{$k}; }
   is depreciated; fixed.      

0.95  Fri Mar 22 2002
  In this update, pod rewrites and alias fixes are the main issues
+ lib/Encode/Supported.pod
  Describes supported encodings
! Makefile.PL
  streamlined compiled-in encodings.
! lib/Encode/Description.pod -> lib/Encode/Details.pod
+ Encode/ibm-125?.ucm
  Added from icu distibution with any occurance of
   "IBM-125?" to "cp125?".  Filenames remain unchanged to pay
   some respect to icu staff, however.
+ lib/Encode/Alias.pm
! Encode.pm
  Alias difinitions in Encode.pm relocated.
! Encode.xs
  packWARN patch from Paul Marquess via jhi
  Message-Id: <20020321010101.O28978@alpha.hut.fi>
  Paul added to AUTHORS as a result.
! t/CJKalias.t -> t/Aliases.t
  Renamed.  Checks even more aliases and alias overloading
! Encode.pm
! CN/CN.pm
  duplicate alias for ujis => euc-jp removed (Encode::JP has one)
  gbk => cp936 relocated to CN.pm
! t/CJKalias.t
  Test::More with plans (by jhi)

0.94  Thu Mar 21 2002
+ lib/Encode/Description.pod
! lib/Encode/Encoding.pm
  Now the pod in Encode.pm is abridged as programming references.
  lib/Encode/Description.pod contains the original, detailed description
  and Encode::Encoding explains how to write your own module to
  add new encodings.  So far, lib/Encode/Description.pod contains
  the whole pod once in Encode.pm.  This is intentional.
! Encode.pm
  Pod revisions by Anton Tagunov
  Message-Id: <517178431.20020320174824@motor.ru>
! lib/Encode/Tcl.pm
  all occrance of Encode::Tcl::Extended removed including pod
! t/CJKalias.t
  test now checks $encoding->name only; $encoding->{name} are
  no longer check to find the canonical name.
! lib/Encode/JP/JIS.pm
! lib/Encode/JP/ISO_2022_JP.pm
  ->name() added to be more compliant with API  
! CN/CN.pm
! JP/JP.pm
! KR/KR.pm
! TW/TW.pm
! t/CJKalias.t
  Patch by Autrijus to add aliases to TW and fixes to POD
  Message-Id: <20020320090619.GA24774@not.autrijus.org>
  SADAHIRO Tomoyuki added as should.  My apologies.

0.93  Wed Mar 20 2002
* First release to be uploaded to CPAN.  For prehistoric changes,
  please see Changes file of perl distibution as well as 
  perl-unicode@perl.org archive, available at:

  Changes Since 0.92 includes;
+ Changes
! Encode.pm
  + Mention to perl-unicode@perl.org added
! JP/JP.pm
  + Encoding aliases added so you can feed locale names
    and MIME Charset="" directly.
  - Mention to JISX0212 removed because it's fixed
! CN/CN.pm
! KR/KR.pm
  + Encoding aliases added.  Note TW is left untouched because
    euc-tw is not implemented in TW but in Encode::HanExtra.
    Autrijus, you may fix Encode::HanExtra.
+ t/CJKalias.t
  + to test encode aliases added