# $Id: CHANGELOG,v 5.2 2014/08/18 16:55:53 ronisaac Exp $

# Copyright (c) 2001-2014, Morgan Stanley.
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
# Please see the copyright notice in Modulecmd.pm for more information.

CHANGELOG FOR Env::Modulecmd

1.0, 2001/06/04

  - Initial release

1.1, 2003/08/14

  - Smart parsing of STDERR output, to handle warnings & fatal errors
  - Defaults for PERL_MODULECMD and MODULEPATH at build time
  - Better error message from test suite when modulecmd isn't found
  - waitpid() after each call to modulecmd, to avoid leaving zombies

1.2, 2004/05/07

  - Support for modulecmd on MS Windows
  - Better handling of perl warnings that occur inside eval'ed
    modulecmd output

1.2a, 2004/05/28

  - Fixed installation problem under certain shells
  - (No functionality changes)

1.2b, 2004/06/09

  - Fixed the improved error handling in the test suite when modulecmd
    isn't found
  - (No functionality changes)

1.3, 2014/07/22

  - Fixed a possible hang on MS Windows 7 and up
  - Updated test suite to avoid false failure reports from CPAN
    testers who don't have modulecmd installed (which is nearly all of