0.28 2017-02-27 Andrew Rodland <arodland@cpan.org>
    * 2+ years may not have been long enough for a trial release.
    * Fix startup failure in 0.27 (RT#120448).

0.27 2017-02-27 Andrew Rodland <arodland@cpan.org>
    * 2+ years seems like long enough for a trial release.
    * No changes since 0.26_02.

0.26_02 2014-11-27 Andrew Rodland <arodland@cpan.org>
    * Try again, with the OS name spelled properly.

0.26_01 2014-11-26 Andrew Rodland <arodland@cpan.org>
    * Trial version of Win32 support

0.25 2014-11-20 Andrew Rodland  <arodland@cpan.org>
    * Notice errors writing out the PID file and abort.
    * Make sure that children get independent random numbers by calling
      srand() after fork.

0.24 2011-10-04 Tomas Doran  <bobtfish@bobtfish.net>
    * Further fix to pm_wait routine to find the correct PID and remove it
      (fixing logical error introduced in the last release), noted by Vadim
    * Document (somewhat) FCGI::ProcManager::Constrainted

0.23 2011-09-27 Tomas Doran  <bobtfish@bobtfish.net>
    * Fix pm_wait routine to exit without a warning
    * Fix pm_wait to correctly detect child processes which have died.
    * Fix to return SIGCHLD handler to it's default state in the
      pm_manage loop so that loading code which sets SIGCHLD to ignore
      won't interfere with normal operation.
    * Add repository metadata.

0.22 2011-08-04 Tomas Doran  <bobtfish@bobtfish.net>
    * Ship a version of FCGI::ProcManager::Constrainted which actually
      works as advertised.

0.21 2011-08-02 Tomas Doran  <bobtfish@bobtfish.net>
    * Ship a working dist.

0.20 2011-08-02 Gareth Kirwan  <gbjk@cpan.org>
    * ProcManager::Constrained: Add a new FCGI::ProcManager::Constrainted
      subclass which will restart workers safely after a certain number of
      requests, or at certain memory thresholds.
    * ProcManager: Fix start_delay causing a permanent hang.

0.19 2009-07-22 Gareth Kirwan  <gbjk@cpan.org>

    * ProcManager.pm: Add a pm_title option to configure the process title
      assigned to $0

0.18 2007-12-18 James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

     * ProcManager.pm: Remove constraint that parent process cannot die.


	* ProcManager.pm: Remove constraint that process can't change pid.
	  This resolves the daemon exiting after first child dies
	  if the process id of the daemon has changed since starting.
	  This commonly happens when a script waits to check for the
	  socket being available and working before forking and exitting.
	  It can also happen in a race condition of fork && exit when
	  the exit is delayed until after the forked child has already
	  spawned the fastcgi handlers.

2001-04-23 18:12  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* ProcManager.pm: SIGHUP handler now issues SIGTERM to children but
	then proceeds normally. added documentation blurb about signal
	handling. we now use POSIX::sigaction() to avoid SA_RESTART during
	certain regions. added re-usable POSIX::SigAction members to toggle
	SA_RESTART. added sig_sub() -- necessary to pass name to
	POSIX::SigAction creation. 

	* README: added small blurb to consult FCGI::ProcManager

	* t/exporter.t:
	* t/procmanager.t: fixed pm_manage() test.

2001-03-13 18:12  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* ProcManager.pm: removed check for FCGI_ROLE.	now more
	transparent when undesired.

	* ProcManager.pm: detect when no FastCGI environment exists.

	* ProcManager.pm: only warn and sleep -- do not abort on fork

	* ProcManager.pm: now, we give notification to which processes we
	send a TERM signal.

2001-02-09 10:16  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* t/: exporter.t, procmanager.t: made it easier to manage
	sample_request_loop() for testing.

	* ProcManager.pm: modified some error messages.  added immediate
	notify of manager signal.

	* ProcManager.pm: added more documentation.  renamed
	pm_reap_server() to pm_wait().	fixed problem when ! MANAGER_PID
	that caused server to die immediately we now delete list of child
	PIDs from each child.  added mechanism to pm_exit() to send a
	SIGKILL to any remaining children.

2001-01-31 01:13  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* README: more documentation

	* ProcManager.pm: re-organized method layout.  separated manager
	vs. server vs. common moved more intialization into managing_init()
	and handling_init() created pm_die() to be called when manager
	should die.  cleaned up error messages and notifications.

	* t/: exporter.t, procmanager.t: revised test messages

2001-01-30 16:35  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* t/: exporter.t, procmanager.t: removed call to pm_state()

	* ProcManager.pm: removed sleep() call after testing

2001-01-30 12:49  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* ProcManager.pm: Cleaned up pm_manage().  removed signal
	registration routines.	replaced by direct %SIG access.  there is
	now a manager signal handler and a handler signal handler.  added
	checks to die when getppid() changes.

2001-01-20 02:06  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* MANIFEST: removed Changes from MANIFEST

2001-01-13 00:44  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* t/procmanager.t: corrected various recent method name changes. 
	removed calls to want_to_die().  added request loop hooks to
	pm_pre_dispatch(), pm_post_dispatch().	renamed sample_handler() to

	* ProcManager.pm: renamed request loop hooks to pm_pre_dispatch(),
	pm_post_dispatch().  when pm_manage() is called with
	n_processes==0, return through goto.  renamed pre_manage_init() to
	managing_init().  renamed post_manage_init() to handling_init(). 
	added received_signal() to remember that a signal was received. 
	signal handler simpler: now only notes signal and propagates

	* t/exporter.t: this uses non-OO calling mode.

	* MANIFEST: added t/exporter.t.

	* Changes: ChangeLog is where per-file changes are listed.

2000-12-22 05:58  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* ProcManager.pm: corrected logic error in self_or_default(). 
	changed all occurances of write_pid_file() to pm_write_pid_file(). 
	changed all occurances of remove_pid_file() to

2000-12-14 17:54  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* ProcManager.pm: corrected state() -> pm_state() method call.

2000-12-10 17:25  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* ProcManager.pm: corrected some method renaming issues.

2000-12-09 19:48  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* t/procmanager.t: effected the changes to these subroutine names.

	* ProcManager.pm: made this module OO/Exporter hybrid.	removed
	treatment of $ENV{PROCMANAGER_PROCESSES} from constructor.  changed
	several subroutine names.

2000-12-05 22:23  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* ProcManager.pm: made SIGHUP's do what SIGTERM's do

2000-11-20  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* Released first public version.