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Revision history for FFmpeg-Command

0.19    Fri Jun 7
        Support for avconv
        Thanks to @espizo!

0.18    Tue Apr 17
        Current version of ffmpeg has global, infile and outfile options.
        So fix how to handling options.
        Thanks to @sumikawa and @SteveBz!

0.17    Tue Apr 10
        Fix to pullreq #2(
        Options before input files cause error in some version of ffmpeg.
        So I reverted the fix of #1.
        Thanks to sumikawa-san.

0.16    Wed Feb 22
        Fix to pullreq #1(
        This avoids processing/decoding the file when performing a seek for
	Thanks to c0decafe.

0.15    Tue Jun 8
        Fix to #58206.
        It seems that older version of ffmpeg returns exit code 1 instead
        of 0 when executing ffmpeg -version.
        Thanks to Jim Bacon.

0.14    Thu May 13
        Add STDIN support.
        Add coderef support to stdout and stderr methods.
	Thanks to Hiroya Itoh.

0.13    Sat Nov 14
        Fix a bug in composing $cmd.
        Thanks to Doran L. "Fozz" Barton.

0.12    Fri Nov 13
        Fix redirect in cheking existense of ffmpeg binary.
        Thanks to Gea-Suan Lin.

        You can specify more than one input file now.
        Thanks to Doran L. "Fozz" Barton.

0.11    Sun Jun 7
        Changed how to handle title, author and comment options
        because recent version of ffmpeg changed the way to handling these
        options. Thanks to hsbt.

0.10    Thu Mar 3
        Change audio_codec value from aac to libaac in %device_option
        because recent version of ffmpeg -acodec option doesn't recognize aac.
        Thanks to hsbt.

0.09    Mon Feb 23
        Fix for RT#43525.
        Now tests don't fail even if you don't have ffmpeg installed.
        Thanks to ANDK.

0.08    Sun Feb 15
        - Only set device options if a device name is supplied.
        - Only include output_file in the ffmpeg command line if we have
          supplied one.
        - Add 'command' accessor to make it easier to inspect the ffmpeg
          command line created by a call to execute()
        - Fix typo in POD
        Thanks to Will Hawes.

0.07    Wed Oct 10
        Support timeout(), stdout() and stderr() methods.
        Thanks to Yasuhiro Horiuchi.

0.06    Sun Sep 24
        Fix t/01-ffmpeg.t to succeed test with ffmpeg that comes with 3gp converter.

0.05    Fri Sep 22
        Change %option from 'my' to 'our'.

0.04    Wed Aug 30
        Change default video_codec from h264 to mpeg4.

0.03    Mon Jul 31
        Skip an output option if its value is undef.

0.02    Mon Jul 31
        Added checking routine of output_options keys.
        Added output_options (title, author, comment, frame_rate)
        Renamed size options to frame_size.(You can still use 'size.')

0.01    Thu Jul 27
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.