Revision history for Perl extension FTN::Log.

0.10  Fri Sep 21 2012 15:42
    - Remove t/boilerplate.t as it is no longer needed.
    - Change the name & type of '@text' variable to the scalar 'log_text'.
    - Explicitly return a '1' from the logging function to indicate success.
    - Add initial version of t/01-basic.t test script and update Makefile.PL.

0.09  Fri Sep 21 2012 14:08
    - Explicitly use '*' for opening STDOUT and STDERR.
    - Rewrite failure messages for when log file cannot be opened.
    - Use 'my' instead of 'local' for the filehandle variable in the logger

0.08  Fri Sep 21 2012 12:29
    - Remove usage of Autosplit from module as it not unneeded.
    - Change SEE ALSO link to point to site.
    - Useing @EXPORT_OK so do not need @EXPORT in lib/FTN/

0.07  Fri Sep 21 2012 11:18
    - Update the end year for the copyright years to 2012.
    - Cleanup of POD, white space, and tabs in lib/FTN/ file.
    - Change bare word file handle 'F' to a 'fh' variable.

0.06  Sat Aug 21 2010
    - Add LICENSE information to Makefile.PL
    - Change instances of $logfile to $log_file.

0.05  Wed Aug 18 2010
    - Rewrite the Makefile.PL file.
    - Move the TODO file to the doc/ directory.
    - Add .gitignore to the top level source directory.
    - Explicitly use warnings pragma in lib/FTN/
    - Correct the test count in 00-load.t and boilerplate.t.
    - Remove duplicate entry for 26 Dec 2001 from Changes file.
    - Reorganize and expand the POD documentation in the module.
    - Use the 'croak' function from the Carp module in lib/FTN/

0.04  Sat Aug 14 2010
    - Move source file to lib/FTN/
    - Add doc/FILE_ID.DIZ file to source repository.
    - Reword NAME section in POD.
    - Change Author email to
    - Update test directory (t/):  remove t/; add t/00-load.t,
      t/boilerplate.t, t/pod-coverage.t, and t/pod.t.

0.03  Sun Dec 21 2008
    - Add explicit return to the logging subroutine.
    - Update email address and home page info in README file.
    - Minor edits to POD documentation in

0.02  Sat May 13 2006
    - Derive initial version of FTN::Log from FTN::Utility v0.02, which
    contained only the logging function.  Keep the version number, since
    that is effectively the version of the function, as well as the
    history of changes including copyright.

0.02  Wed Dec 26 2001
    - in README;  added installation info & included '2002' in copyright

0.02  Sat Dec  16 2001; by R.J. Clay
    - Rewrite of logging subroutine
    - Corrected NAME reference in MakeFile.PL;  module now installs
    - removed unnecessary reference to t directory in MANIFEST.

      Sun Sep   2 2001
    - Initial add of logging subroutine; by R.J. Clay

0.01  Sun Jun  10 2001
    - original version; created by R.J. Clay