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Revision history for FTN-SRIF

0.09    Thu Sep 27 2012 19:54
    - Derive the function 'get_request_list' in lib/FTN/ from the function
      read_request_list in bin/ftn-srif.
    - Remove the read_request_list function from bin/ftn-srif script.
    - Add test script t/03-RequestList.t using the new module function.

0.08    Thu Sep 27 2012 16:48
    - Remove t/boilerplate.t as it is not needed.
    - Add the files t/FTN/BINKD.SRF and t/FTN/00000001.REQ for use in testing.
    - Add t/01-ParseRequired.t to test parsing of required keywords.
    - Add t/02-ParseOptional.t to test parseing of some optional keywords.

0.07    Wed Sep 26 2012 13:21
    - Do not use a bareword file handle in lib/FTN/
    - Do not use bareword file handles in bin/ftn-srif.

0.06    Wed Sep 26 2012 13:08
    - Update the end year for the copyright information to 2012.
    - Change to use the three argument form of open() in lib/FTN/ and

0.05    Wed Sep 08 2010 22:43
    - Change to using a configuration file for the ftn-srif script, handling
      the following configuration items:  Logfile, MagicFile, & DefaultFile.
    - Pull the parsing of the ftn-srif command line out of the commandline 
      subroutine back to inline code.
    - Add pod documentation to bin/ftn-srif;  including for the configuration
      file, and moving the doc/binkdcfg.txt and doc/ftn-srif.cfg into it.
    - Rewrite the pod documentation in lib/FTN/

0.04    Tue Sep 07 2010 11:01
    - Change to using the 'croak' function from the Carp module in the
      FTN::SRIF module, instead of using the 'die' function.

0.03    Mon Sep 06 2010 16:57
    - Changed to explicitly using warnings in ftn-srif.
    - Correct the filename variable being opened in
    - Clean up naming of variables and subroutines in ftn-srif.
    - Change to using the FTN::Log logging subroutine directly.
    - Correct usage of FTN::SRIF module in the ftn-srif script.
    - Correct use of hash reference for returned variables in ftn-srif.
0.02    Mon Sep 06 2010 14:09
    - Change to using the FTN::Log module in ftn-srif for logging.
    - Derive and move the SRIF parsing code from the ftn-srif script to the
      parse_srif subroutine in lib/FTN/
0.01    Sat Mar 06 2010
    - Derived FTN::SRIF v0.01 from version v0.2 of the script from the
      ftnpl project at, plus files generated by running
      module-starter for it.  Kept the Changes for  Moved the
      file to a bin/ directory and renamed it as ftn-srif. 

	 1 Jan 03
    - Corrected year numbers to 2003 for

	23 Feb 02
    - Added & populated the modules directory for Added doc/srifpl.cfg.

	30 Dec 01
    - Updated ToDo items for

	26 Dec 01
    - In README &;  included '2002' in copyright statement.
	14 Dec 01
    - Simplified the logging subroutine in

	 3 Dec 01
    - Initial import of into cvs at