Revision history for Perl distribution File-Copy-Link.
$Id: Changes 354 2014-07-03 19:42:34Z robin $

0.14	2014-07-04
	Changed AUTHOR email - no longer 

	Fixed C<or> precendence issue with C<return> in File::Copy::Link,
	as reported on CPAN RT #87227

0.113	2011-09-23
	Fixed a typo in Cwd->VERSION() call in t/linked.t
	Added META.json, updated META.yml, changed author email.

0.112	2008-06-12
	Add examples/ and other changes to meet kwalitee metrics.
	Fixed a typo in error message when linked() fails, with test.

0.111	2007-12-30
0.110	2007-12-28
	Handle old Cwd, where abs_path only accepts directories

0.100 	2006-07-20
	Meet (some) Perl Best Practices, as indicated by perlcritic.

0.800	2006-01-12
	Add t/pod{,-coverage}.t and added POD to pass tests!
0.061	2005-02-25
	Reimplemented linked, chopfile, resolve, resolve_all 
	 using a File::Spec::Link object to store the path.
	 This avoids readlink('dir/') which may be causing test 
	 failures; ultimately trying to avoid cpan-testers failures.
	Rewrote README to update to 0.06 (can build using M::B)
	 and then marking 0.061 as tester fodder.

0.06	2005-02-01
	Added skip to tests for 'symlink' not implemented.
	Added resolve_path and resolve_all
	Build using Module::Build or make (ExtUtils::MakeMaker)

0.05	2003-08-10
	Added full_resolve, following email from Jasper Cramwinckel

0.04	2003-05-09
	Calculates dist VERSION using both File/*/
	Renamed copylink as safecopylink
	 and reimplemented copylink using open-and-delete.

0.02	2003-05-06
	Added File::Spec::Link->resolve
	Added tests (and renamed 1.t and copylink.t)
	Added documentation
0.01  Tue Apr 29 16:42:12 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-XAn File::Copy::Link