Revision history for Perl module File::Copy::Recursive::Reduced

0.006 Fri Apr 20 10:21:48 EDT 2018
    - File::Copy::Recursive 0.41 has been released to CPAN and
      addresses the problem which was the focus of
      File::Copy::Recursive::Reduced.  Hence, FCR2 is now

0.005 Thu Apr 19 21:03:28 EDT 2018
    - Implement copying of symlinks within all three public functions.
      At this point we should be able to make substitutions for
      File::Copy::Recursive's fcopy(), dircopy() and rcopy() functions
      in a large proportion of toolchain libraries, particularly in
      test suites.

0.004 Thu Apr 19 11:20:52 EDT 2018
    - Introduce rcopy(), a stripped-down replacement for
      File::Copy::Recursive::rcopy().  (But no support for symlinks
      yet in this or any other exportable function.)

0.003 Tue Apr 17 09:14:19 EDT 2018
    - No changes in functionality; changes only to documentation.

0.002 Mon Apr 16 17:51:13 EDT 2018
    - Object-oriented interface replaced; module now exports
      fcopy() and dircopy() on demand.

    - Should be usable as replacement for File::Copy::Recursive
      in the test suite for CPAN-Reporter.

0.001 Tue Apr 10 22:03:22 2018
    - Original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.56;
    - Not yet ready for use.