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2004-01-23   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.04

   Restore compatibility with perl5.004 and perl5.005.

2004-01-08   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.03

   Documentation fixes by Paul Croome <>.

   Use more Fcntl constants instead of hardcoded values.

2003-11-21   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.02

   Gurusamy Sarathy found that the 'race' test failed on platforms
   which don't manage to autoflush before fork.  The workaround
   applied is to enable perl level autoflush in that test script.

2003-10-06   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.01

   Various fixes by Jan Dubois to make the module work better on Windows.

        - Unlock the file before croak()ing in dec() method
        - seek() after reading to EOF.  Otherwise we cannot write (on Windows)
        - unlink() counterfile at the beginning of tests to protect against
          leftovers from previous failures
        - test for fork() availability in race.t
        - warn on failed unlink() because Windows will not unlink open files

2002-07-30   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.00

   Fix possible race condition if multiple processes tries to create
   the counter file at the same time.  Based on patch from
   Philipp G├╝hring <>.

1998-06-09   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 0.12

1998-05-16   Gisle Aas <>

   Fix problem with 'Ambiguous use of {value} resolved to {"value"}' warnings
   when the module is reloaded.

1998-03-25   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 0.11, unbundled from libwww-perl-5.22.